Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wisdom God abbt Born


We all follow the same process from birth to adulthood. All of us. We get born, we learn stuff and somewhere during that process we make a decision about where and how our lives should go. We make choices consciously and unconsciously; but we still make them whether we acknowledge them or not. My point exactly with that preamble is that with said choices…. Were you fooled into the choices?

I remember hearing a story about a woman who always cut the hind end of her ham off before she cooked it. When asked why she did that, her answer was “That’s the way my mother taught me to cook it.” Those hind ends were discarded for decades in her kitchen. Her mother who was still alive was asked why she taught her daughter to cook a ham in that manner. Her mother’s response was, “I don’t have a pan big enough to hold all of the ham.”

The point of the above story is that we as people have a lot of ways and actions for which we were fooled into believing are accurate. They took the information on face value rather than being the supreme person in their ciphers and doing the knowledge for Self. I’m not saying that even with all the knowledge in the world folks will make proper decisions. But with knowledge they will make informed decisions for themselves and their families. But allowing other folks to do it for you makes you not the “Supreme Being” It makes you the herb….

So as you continue to birth yourselves… Ask yourself if you have swallowed the KoolAid without even check for the color or if you are making proper decisions for yourself.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

As for me and my House.....


I have been holding this for a minute. A long daggone minute. I heard another God, not too long ago make a public statement that we cannot force this way of life on our children. Because if we do they will rebel and leave the culture. That is some ridiculous shit right there. How can you say that and then say, “Please Educate Allah’s Children Equally”?

I’m certain he didn’t mean it how it sounded. He’s not the type of individual to advocate that our children not be taught. But I’m thinking he didn’t think it completely out before speaking. And you know how bossy the Gods can get, especially when challenged by a woman… Out of everything parents must teach their children… and you do know that IS the main job of a parent is to teach children rather than befriend them… They aren’t going to teach them OUR Original culture???

How does that work? So… you are gonna let them be Xians? Are you gonna let them be Jews or Jehovah Witnesses? You gonna do Santa Claus and the Easter bunny? When you go to the parliament are you gonna find a baby sitter because you don’t want to expose them to Allah’s World Manifest? You gonna stop going to Show and Prove because you don’t want to unduly influence them? Are you gonna name them Molly and Bob because you don’t want them to have righteous names? How far is this gonna go?

And what else are you not going to influence them in? They don’t need to wear coats in the winter if they don’t want to. They don’t have to go to school if they don’t want to. They can stay up as long as they want otherwise they will rebel and work night shifts. They don’t have to eat vegetables if they don’t want to. Nope. Damn their health if they want to eat a McDonalds McRib everyday, will you pay for it?. Buy them some regular Doritos too. Wash it down with an orange soda. It’s all about letting these kids do what they want because we want them to grow up to be whatever they want to be.

Did I rebel? I’ll say yes when it comes to my mother’s religion. My father said he was a xian, I didn’t see real evidence of that. My mother on the other hand, yes she was a xian and kept me in church all the damn time. You can say I rebelled… But it was a shitty rebellion because it didn’t happen until I was 37 and tried a bunch of other stuff.

Now I don’t have children. So this is all conjecture. But I was a child and I had parents that didn’t play that isht. Yes I am no longer a xian, but my parents saw that coming. They sent a Protestant child to a Catholic school. I also spent Hoodoo summers with the old folk. Yeah…. That was never gonna work. I learned to be a free thinker and I found out a LOOONG time ago that lightening bolts weren’t coming for my head. No one could ever tell me EXACTLY what blaspheming of the Holy Spirit was. I assume I’ve done it. I’ve broken every other commandment.

My parents were serious about what they were serious about. And that thing was EDUCATION. They gave me and my brother the best education they could afford. We went to private school and both were college bound. I completed a grad school bid. That was what was important to my parents. When I was a little girl, choosing so many different careers to be when I grew up; my mother clearly and calmly explained that in order to be anything, medical school was a prerequisite.

“Mommie I want to be a ballerina.”
“You can study dance in med school.”

“Mommie I want to be a singer.”
“They have those classes in med school.”

“Mommie I want to be an anthropologist.”
“And medical school can prepare you for that.”

Yeah, she got me. I rebelled and did not go to med school. I went to dental school instead. Take that Mommie!

My point is this…. We need to teach more and our children need to be the little sponges that suck it up if we want our Nation to grow. Hell, maintain. People aren’t teaching like they used to in the 80’s and 90’s. The internet is preventing true Nation Scholarship. If we are going to continue, we need to train our children up in this life. Not just give them strange names. If I got a strange name with no science behind it…. I’d be mad too. And so what if some of them leave as many of us left xianity. Look how many xians stay! We need to make it a priority to make sure our children get this and get it correctly. The God and I have already said should we have children; this culture will flow through them like water. We aren’t cipher God and Earth. We both are all God/Earth, all the time. At home and abroad. Our children will have 120 by the age of 16 and Supreme Math and Alphabet by age 7. And should they choose when they are grown enough to support themselves to leave this way of life, when they visit, they will know how to conduct themselves in our home.

Now, I’m a bite mystery book but with a righteous remix….
“But if living in truth seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day how you will live, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of him/devil, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will live the truth!”


Monday, January 7, 2013

11:AF/Beaver Moon


Making this one up. The computer ate my build!

November’s Full Moon is called the Beaver Moon. And the corresponding Actual Fact is there are 1760 yards in a mile and 5280 feet in a mile.

Beavers are interesting animals. Folks can eat their meat but most people use beavers for their fur. I have a beaver coat and it’s lovely, warm and water repellant. They live in water as well as on land. What’s interesting is they don’t hibernate. So for the folks that eat their meat, this becomes a viable food source when other sources are absent. So they have multiple functions.

That is the same with the knowledge Knowledge degree in the Actual facts 1=1. 5280 feet = 1760 yards.

I draw this combination of information up to mean there is more than 1 way to accomplish a goal. 6 in 1 half ½ a dozen in another.

So many people get caught up in thinking that there way is the ONLY way to do something. There is a saying in the dental industry… “What ever works in your hands…” Essentially it means that some folks will have a proficiency with one product or method and another might not have but that same person might use a different product or procedure that does the same thing. At the end of the day the patient gets what they need. I’m old school with my injections. I use the long needles. I haven’t missed a block since 1994 and my patients don’t feel them because I’m good at distracting them and I do this pre-anesthesia thing and they just never feel it. Also I believe in honesty. Some shots just hurt and I tell folks this up front and let them come to grips with it. Now there are newer ways. But I’m not good with those ways. And in the back, I think why should I have to learn that when my way works fine?

I carry this into my non professional life as well. I don’t look at others and say, I want exactly that. I have said that and done that before. I didn’t get what I expected because that wasn’t for me and my particular set of circumstances. That whole I’ll do me and you do you…. people say it… but they don’t mean it. Folks always want to put there values and opinions on you. Do let them do it to you. Because what worked for them may not work for you in your situation.

EXAMPLE: My parents believed that education was the answer to a lifestyle upgrade. The thought that it could be a trap was beyond their reasoning. You see education did in fact upgrade their lives and gave me a very blessed childhood. But that same blueprint didn’t work for me. The people of my parent’s generation… they were the education pioneers. My parents had degrees in an era when most people didn’t finish high school. Black or white. But now… everybody has degrees! I have a doctorate and that doesn’t make me special. Everyone has them. It’s not nearly impressive now as it was in the 50’s. And I am struggling to pay off student loans that I swear will haunt me until I retire and die. I live a good life, but my mother makes more than I do retired than I do working!

This happens to everybody. You may go to the mall one way, but your spouse prefers another way for whatever reason, shorter trip, nicer views, etc. I see this a lot with Gods and their degrees. For some reason Gods think the only way to teach this is to do it they exact way they got it. I understand the tradition part, but as a former teacher, I recognize that every student learns different. You need to adjust your teaching so that they can understand. Otherwise you have just have a bunch of parrots who don’t Understand how to manifest this life in Peace and beauty. There are many reasons why people make choices different from yours. About as many as there are people. Everybody is different and it should be that way. That’s how progress happens. Be mindful of this next time you jump on another person’s build. Just lay in the cut and take the best part.


PS: I ain't lying... I'm glad this challenge is over!!!!!!! I will think more carefully next time I challenge myself like this....

12:AF/Cold Moon


I have a bunch to catch up on. We had death in the family and Kwanza was a bust. Always taking the best part means we don’t have to buy candles next unless I use them for some reason. November’s AF build disappeared…. And I cannot find it. I notice a lot of things I do from this computer goes missing. But I am going to finish what I started.

December’s full moon is called the Cold Moon. That takes NO imagination to figure out why it is called that. The 12th or Knowledge Wisdom Actual Fact for is the Artic Ocean is 390,000 square miles. 390,000 borns 12 ant that is abbt 3… Just like 12 it’s coordinate. Makes it truly nice and neat.

December is a cold month. And many people hate it for that. The Artic Ocean is the coldest of the Oceans listed in the AF’s. I don’t see many people booking passage on cruise ships leading to that destination. Most folks don’t like the bitter cold. That’s not saying that people don’t live in bitter cold. The God has family in Alaska. Folks can deal with it. But that’s what they are doing Dealing.

I, personally, find winter unpleasant. Even here in GA. I know we get mild winters. The winters aren’t mild per se. They are just as intense as my native NJ winters just shorter and without snow. My problem with the cold is all that comes with it: heavier clothes, ice, heat bills, the eczema, not being able to enjoy the outdoors or wash my hair like I want. I just feel trapped at my job, trapped in my car and trapped in my home for 3 months. But as always…. I take the best part (Understanding). I use the down time to learn something useful (knowledge). I plan my escape from the winter. And about halfway into the cold punishment I start putting (Wisdom) my plan into action. This year I’m planning a vegetable garden, getting my thoughts together about another fast I do every year right before spring and Rosetta Stoning Spanish. Those 3 things will bring forth (Born) something. I think I know what, but age has taught me that plans are TRULY tentative.

And on that I will say …….