Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wisdom God abbt Born


We all follow the same process from birth to adulthood. All of us. We get born, we learn stuff and somewhere during that process we make a decision about where and how our lives should go. We make choices consciously and unconsciously; but we still make them whether we acknowledge them or not. My point exactly with that preamble is that with said choices…. Were you fooled into the choices?

I remember hearing a story about a woman who always cut the hind end of her ham off before she cooked it. When asked why she did that, her answer was “That’s the way my mother taught me to cook it.” Those hind ends were discarded for decades in her kitchen. Her mother who was still alive was asked why she taught her daughter to cook a ham in that manner. Her mother’s response was, “I don’t have a pan big enough to hold all of the ham.”

The point of the above story is that we as people have a lot of ways and actions for which we were fooled into believing are accurate. They took the information on face value rather than being the supreme person in their ciphers and doing the knowledge for Self. I’m not saying that even with all the knowledge in the world folks will make proper decisions. But with knowledge they will make informed decisions for themselves and their families. But allowing other folks to do it for you makes you not the “Supreme Being” It makes you the herb….

So as you continue to birth yourselves… Ask yourself if you have swallowed the KoolAid without even check for the color or if you are making proper decisions for yourself.