Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today's Degree in the 1-36


The office for which I have worked for the last 9 years has always been 80% Original. Our patient pool reflects the same demographic. For some reason out of the blue, the boss decided to hire, unbeknownst to us, a new person. She is a devil. Now in the past, when hiring someone new, we all get to be involved in the process. He lets it be known that he is looking for someone, allows us to make suggestions. When a candidate comes in for interview, they not only interview with him but with all of us. This didn’t happen with this individual. One day she was just here.

Now clearly I feel some kind of way about that, but that’s not what this build is about. It’s about the other 3 Original people that work in this office and some of the patients. I never knew that they had this “Step-and-Fetch-It” thing going on. Actually I’m shocked.

I don’t’ do Step-and-Fetch-It. I never saw my parents do Step-and-Fetch-It. I do my job. I keep my concerns to myself. And yes, I might do other work while at work; I make sure that no one sees what I’m doing. Even though I am certain they know…. They have no proof. What kills me is how the addition of this devil has changed the people in this work cipher. All the other Original people go out of their way to say Good Morning. None of us, or the boss are morning people and usually we get a passing grunt. We brighten during as the day passes. But they make a special trip to her office to speak to her. When she makes loud and unprofessional jokes, they laugh nervously. They have even fallen for some of her pyramid schemes. My question is why? 120 gives me my answer….

“He likes the devil because the devil gives him nothing.”

Why is it Original people will extend the devil a level of respect that we don’t give to each other? I have heard folks say that they don’t automatically just respect someone on general principle. That respect must be earned. But apparently if you are a devil, you get it without earning it.

Nothing she says or does affects anyone’s job (except mine). So why do these people just fall in line with her bs? I don’t. When I see it going on with them I always have a sheer look of incredulity on my face. One of the others told me to just smile, nod and go on with my business. I do the last part. I don’t engage. I never learned the Negro-shuffle.