Wednesday, March 13, 2013

10% Shit


This is some bullshit. This church is in a declining neighborhood. It takes up ½ a city block. In a neighborhood where 80% of the homes are boarded up and people are out wilding out. This church is the nicest building in the neighborhood. Hmmm…. If churches are supposed to be about the people, then it should reflect the people that live in the community. The people who attend said church should be community members. You know why? Because it is the neighborhood that pays to support the church.

The church is taking up the span of about 6 homes or businesses. Those homes or businesses would have to pay taxes which support schools, roads, law enforcement, etc. Churches actually use resources because they may require police to direct traffic. There is a church in Lithonia that has it’s own exit off the interstate. FOR REAL. The church pays none of that. So the homes in the neighborhood have to support said activities; which means their taxes go up. These people in this neighborhood can’t afford to have a church in this neighborhood.

Now I wouldn’t be complaining if the church gave back to the neighborhood. But that’s not what churches do these days. They no longer reach out. They preach the “Gospel of Prosperity.” The more you give, the more the mystery god gives to you. How is that working for you?

If you know me personally, you know I don’t dislike church. I get why it’s important and potentially useful. For those that are mentally dead, it serves as a civilizing agent. For the fear of divine retribution, or eternal damnation, people will pretend to have good sense. And if that keeps you from robbing, molesting or committing crimes I will do the Holy Ghost dance with you. But the church, the Black Church in particular, has a greater responsibility to its community.

The Black church used to be a community center. There were after school, and literacy programs, girl/boy scout troops, had leagues, summer camps, senior centers, etc. They even had dances. My first dance with a boy was in the basement of my church while a bunch of old people and preachers watched us. You were socialized in churches. Old people pressed money in your hand when you came home from college. You got encouraged and chastised. It was a family. Not so much these days. These changes are one of the many reasons I left. Nowadays folks have to audition for the choir. The pastor doesn’t know you or your story. Hell, he probably doesn’t know who you are unless you give a big check. I have seen people who worked all their lives in a church to die and the pastor doesn’t even comfort the family or perform the service.

Churches, y’all have to do better, or stop leeching off the community. Some of y’all are no better than pimps. But if you are sick of that foolishness…. Allah’s Nation got you.