Friday, March 8, 2013

Today's degree in the 1-14


The question is, “Why does the devil keep our own people apart from his so-called social equality?” It’s such a good question.

I live in a Black neighborhood… on purpose. I chose this job because it had a majority Black patient base and staff. When I went to church, it was a Black church. I went to a Black college. All on purpose. I don’t consider myself racist. I have lived long enough to know that there is a level of safety and comfort in numbers. The things I require to be happy are easily accessible in my neighborhood were other people require the same thing.

I have lived in white neighborhoods. I got pulled over regularly by the police. They checked a bunch of things for me. My tags, my lights, my trunk, my breath… just everything. Oh, and if I had company, we had a police escort! They were so concerned about my welfare. I went to a white grad school. They were just peachy. Me and my other 3 Black classmates (out of 90) was randomly drug tested 12 times. Every semester and summer session they did one. Most of the class was never tested. Wasn’t that nice of them to check on my health like that? I have worked for caucasion institutions and companies. I had to pay Black tax like a mug and don’t forget the police escort until I got back to my side of town. Me having to carry a see through purse. Seriously, they instituted that on my hire and it wasn’t retroactive to the people hired before me. But that was alright, it just put me on my game. I’m being tongue-in-cheek but for a lot of Black people the right way to do something is the way white folks do it. I don’t feel that way

But the degree does NOT lie. Their social Equality is neither social nor equal. Social would imply that they take in consideration the Wisdom of other people and cultures. Not just to appropriate but to respect. They have decided that they are the default and everything else is savage for the super melaninated or exotic for the lightly melaninated. SMH. No equality there. I supposed that is why it is “so called.”

“Because he does not want us to know how filthy he is in all his affairs, he is afraid that once we learn about him we will run him from amongst us…..”

How embarrassing for the people who have deemed themselves as the civilizers to not be so. HA! But spend quality time with them and you will come to learn that just because the individual is white, doesn’t mean he is superior. I know on a mental level we have all been taught that we are all equal. Ok…. But just because you say that... even believe it (see why I don’t do belief), doesn’t make it so. For example, I knew eventually we’d have a Black president, especially in my lifetime, I really wasn’t expecting it in 2008. Now when I tell my nephew that he could be president, I actually mean it. White folks live their lives. It’s not better than any one else and it’s not worse.

White folks get assistance too. The current term is “entitlements.” They just don’t live in the projects. But Black folks don’t tend to live in trailer parks. And there are trailer parks everywhere…. All nice and tucked in. Do you think if ONLY Black folks were on assistance the government would keep it? Especially now during this sequestration? Black folks aren’t all on food stamps. C’mon Sun. And the myth that there are more Black men in jail than in college is misleading bull. Men of any age can be incarcerated. Not that men can’t be any age in college at any age, but there is a 18-22 age of most college age. So you are comparing a statistic 18-22 to 14-90. Really! GTFOOH!

There is a county here in the metro Atlanta area that used to pride itself on being “lily (100%) white.” They were even on Oprah. Black folks could work there, but they had to be out by sun down. And this was as close as the mid-late 80’s. One of my aunts was visiting and she wanted to go to the county and see it with her own eyes. She said something that has stayed with me. “Umph… You would think since we not living here, they would be living better than this.” WOW! Took me a long time to mull that one over. And I’m still not sure I understand it. But it perfects this degree.

Basically the bottom line is we all live. Nobody lives better than anyone else. No race gets more gimmes than another.

Happy Bornday to my Physical Clarence!