Thursday, April 21, 2016



Prince died today! I'm a moderate Prince fan. I had plenty albums... yes albums! But for some reason, folks made you choose between Prince and Michael Jackson and I chose MJ. It is what it is. I stayed following Prince because he never got any stranger than he already was. Even through those "Artist" years. We all know that MJ went way to the left...

But the point of my build is this.... DEATH is the true litmus test to how much of a 5%er you are.

My sister-in-law and I had a conversation a few years ago that crystallized this for me... She asked me where did 5%ers believed they went when they died? I said we don't have an afterlife and when you die your dead. I also pointed out that we don't have a mystery god to give us the illusion of comfort. She got super quiet and said... "I don't like that!" Folks know religion is a gaffle but they find comfort in the illusion. a lot of us, talk the talk... but when shit gets real... we flip flop. If that's you... we aren't alike.

When my father died, I was new in this Culture. About 3 months along. I was looking for comfort something that never came. Finally I had to accept that my daddy was gone and I will never see him again. That shit hurt. But I didn't break. When my brother died.... I was years into the Culture. I already knew. And I was okay with it, because I had to be. Death is inevitable and there isn't a damn thing I can do to intercede. When you're gone... you're gone. Be respectful... but accept it.

"...In all the history of Islam it has never been revealed of a man returning from a physical death...."


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Wisdom


Y'all.... I lost my job. I'm pissed but not really pissed. I'd been working there for 13 years, so I had a semblance of job security. HA! But the job was beneath me. I took this job in 2004 because I wanted to get back into the working world. My 1st husband died in 2003, and when he died I wasn't working. I started this job a year after my late husband died, just to get back to the regularity of going to work every day. I only meant to be there 6 months... Then the economy tanked, and I was stuck there. I had been applying for jobs the whole time I was employed. Here is the funny thing about Georgia... They don't want to consider you for a job if you have a job. I know... go figure.

I say this job was beneath me, because it is a job that only requires a high school diploma. I have 2 degrees; one of which is a doctorate! I was REALLY wasting my time there. But as much as I felt like it was beneath me... you know what is even more beneath me? Being homeless and hungry. Not being able to pay my bills and have stuff... To have to live with my mother.... The job allowed me to remain autonomous. I'd rather work, than not work.

So this is my mathematics.... After taking a week to plot all kind of evilness against my former employer, including a voodoo doll I made in his likeness... I have gotten to the point where I have organized a job search. Georgia unemployment is 14 weeks. 14 WEEKS!!! That's 3 1/2 months!!! and its not a lot of money. I will be living close to the cuff. I have done the Knowledge. I've decided my next job will make use of the degrees I earned. That's the most important thing for me. What was the point of all my education? It took a long time to earn and I am still paying for the doctorate. I've made a list of the places where I would like to work. I'm going to use the resource of the unemployment office to do the things that I cannot do at home. Like make copies and such. I'm not too good to use the unemployment office. My actions will be rooted in the Knowledge that I am a qualified applicant for all the jobs I'm applying. The Understanding will come with the manifestation of my new job. I won't be willing to take another shit job until week 12. Then all bets are off. I've got grown woman bills to pay....


Monday, April 11, 2016

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Knowledge


Today's Supreme Math is Knowledge Knowledge abbt to Wisdom. I see that to mean, Be sure of what you know before you act on it. Acting on it is often done via speech. It so pisses me off when people who don't know what they are talking about, talk.... and keep talking.

You gonna tell me about my Culture? Okay... why? Because your mama's old boyfriend from the 1980's was righteous? Awww.... Isn't that sweet. Oh your going to tell em how to sew? So helpful... But you don't know that there are different feet out there nor do you know how to make 1 adjustment. Oh you didn't know you can make adjustments??? Puddin'..... You gonna tell me how to run my office? But you don't know how to work the software or how to run at least 1 report. You've been working here what 2 years and I have been working here 15? So thoughtful. Oh, you're gonna tell me how to get along with my mother? You haven't met her and you assume that in my ENTIRE life I've never tried to have a conversation with her? Right..... Oh, you're gonna tell me how to keep my man? But you don't have one? So sweet. Oh, your going to tell me how to care for my natural hair? But you JUST went natural 3 months ago and now you're an expert. Oh, You're going to advise me on how to cook raw food, but first you need to borrow my vitamix?

Sometimes taking the best part means just to keep your mouth closed.