Monday, April 11, 2016

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Knowledge


Today's Supreme Math is Knowledge Knowledge abbt to Wisdom. I see that to mean, Be sure of what you know before you act on it. Acting on it is often done via speech. It so pisses me off when people who don't know what they are talking about, talk.... and keep talking.

You gonna tell me about my Culture? Okay... why? Because your mama's old boyfriend from the 1980's was righteous? Awww.... Isn't that sweet. Oh your going to tell em how to sew? So helpful... But you don't know that there are different feet out there nor do you know how to make 1 adjustment. Oh you didn't know you can make adjustments??? Puddin'..... You gonna tell me how to run my office? But you don't know how to work the software or how to run at least 1 report. You've been working here what 2 years and I have been working here 15? So thoughtful. Oh, you're gonna tell me how to get along with my mother? You haven't met her and you assume that in my ENTIRE life I've never tried to have a conversation with her? Right..... Oh, you're gonna tell me how to keep my man? But you don't have one? So sweet. Oh, your going to tell me how to care for my natural hair? But you JUST went natural 3 months ago and now you're an expert. Oh, You're going to advise me on how to cook raw food, but first you need to borrow my vitamix?

Sometimes taking the best part means just to keep your mouth closed.