Tuesday, March 15, 2016



I know I've been quiet. I've been fasting/cleansing. And whenever I do that I like to get into a quiet space to do some personal contemplation. I use the revelations to carry me over to the next cleansing event. This season... Not many new revelations. But the 10:36 always, Always, ALWAYS comes to mind.

I've been sick this past year. Sick enough to submit myself to western medicine. But guess what? They found nothing. They said I was stressed and overweight. That is really not a useful diagnosis. That is what they tell people when they have no idea what's wrong with you. I know this to be true because I have practiced western medicine. But there is a certain comfort in knowing that my issues cannot be identified by the physicians. It means my cure does not lie with them.

I've been a pescatarian for nearly 20 years. That's a long time. I currently don't have the problems that a person of my age has. No early signs of diabetes.... no high blood pressure... no cholesterol.... no arthritis... no nothing. That confused the physicians more than my symptoms. That is because I eat the right foods.

Food is an integral part of a given Culture. By choosing to not eat the way most Americans eat, and to not eat fast food, I have stepped out of standard American Culture. And instead of being punished for it, I have been rewarded. Justice. But I have not completely stepped out of Standard American Culture. I may not dress like American women, But I do work a lot. I stress over the acquisition of wealth, and I probably watch more TV than righteous folks would agree is healthy. I strike the balance. So I don't have a lot of the problems that are plagued by Standard Americans. But I do have some.

As far as my health is concerned, I took it back to the root. Making my diet even more stringent. And using treatment modalities that are specific for my race and gender. Not there yet, but it's coming.



Anonymous said...

I definitely need to fast ...
And get back to eating right
I kind of fell off Smh
Im Freedom knowledge years old so everything i do ( eat ) either goes for me or against me...
I got the knowledge so young ( age 13 in '88 ) that i had a early start as far as learning dietary law.
So even though people think I'm 29, i still feel the effects of not eating right Smh
B.u.t. when i see other Gods and Earths fasting and being on point, it gives me motivation!
Peace, i check this page every other day to see if you wrote anything
I be needing these builds to help keep me mentally
Sometimes i go through phases where i dont see the benefit in continuing to build and be a " 5%er " no more
I be like Fuck It, what's the use?
It's so many fake people in this " Nation " and plus it dont seem like Black people even really want to wake up!
Then i have to really to realize that 5% is just that
5 out of 100
Especially being from LA
Now i rest in C-Medina
Other Gods and Earths like yourself keep me in the game.
I see how you apply the lessons to your cipher
And i see how much you love the culture, and I'm able to see God and Earth culture from different angles and perspectives
And it gives me hope lol
The fact that you were a Christian for so long, and how you compare your life Now and opposed to Then
It's amazing how this knowledge can affect a person's life
Anyway Peace to you and the God Precise
Yall both have a profound effect on some of us in this Nation !!!

Phoenix Blacc said...

I struggle with weight too. Have you had your thyroid checked? I had mine checked years ago and I do take medication for that. An underactive thyroid can make it harder to lose weight, which is why I asked. I found out that I had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis five years, which is an autoimmune form of hypothyroidism, basically my antibodies attack my own thyroid. There are so many things in our environment and what we eat that affect our bodies and throw everything off kilter. The fluoride in our water damages our thyroid among other things. We thought what was going on in Flint was bad, but many of us would be shocked to know that our own tap water is barely drinkable.

Penelope White said...

Your comments are most appreciated. Seriously. I blog and most of the time I don't get any responses. I often feel like I am isolated in this corner of the internet. The only time I get a response is when someone feels like I have called them out... what are you gonna do? I find blogging cathartic. So I'm a keep doing it.