Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friendly Advice from this Earth....

Peace Y’all,

Lately I have been humbled by Earths contacting me and asking me to build. They see me as an example of a true and living Earth. Where as I say all the time to anybody who cares to listen that “I am a True and Living Earth” I am awed that other folks see that in me.

Thank You!

I am by no means an authority. I’m just me doing my thing. I will add on with just a bit of what helped me that 1st year. I will preface this with the fact that I wasn’t completely clueless with regards to my Nation. I was Earth in the late 80’s for maybe a summer. But I don’t count that much because the God in question was a bad person. I’m still a bit scarred. But I kind of knew what I was in for.

Since I’m from Paterson, NJ, I grew up around the Gods and the Earths. My brother built with the Gods but couldn’t give up the swine. My mamma loves her pork! My best friend was a teenaged Earth until she was about 22 and we spoke (and still do) about a lot about all the things she experienced. She actually took me to my 1st rally at age 15 where I witnessed my 1st NGE beatdown. So I knew this Culture could be rough. She’s now a Christian, but that’s another story. So I knew how Earths were supposed to dress and why. I also knew that 120 wasn’t an Earth requirement.

IMHO, men and women don’t consider each other. Meaning… men see through their view and don’t think women think differently than they do; and women do the same. I’m guessing a lot of Gods don’t teach their women because they just don’t think it’s good for them. If the Earth revolves around them, then we need to trust the course that they select for us? Without SM, SA, and 120 women are demoted to breeding and feeding purposes because they can’t mathematically add on. That is MY opinion, not gospel.

My 1st enlightener was a cool God. He was willing to each an Earth that wasn’t his girlfriend and didn’t try to sleep with me. But he wasn’t consistently around. When I had questions there was no one and no where to go other than online. He was good about answering my questions when he was available, but he would often disappear for months. He didn’t want me to add on with the local cipher until I had more experience. So coupled with my internet research and my previous experiences, I began to create my reality of the Earth I wanted to be.

So let’s start with where my head is…. From my previous experiences, I knew that for me… 120 was a must! Having been denied 120 in previous relationships, made me hungry for them daggone degrees. So that was always primary for me to be Earth. I even threatened myself by vowing to leave Allah’s Nation if I didn’t have it memorized in 1 year. And I memorized 120. But I had to do it over because I started adding on with my present God, Precise. I needed to reflect him and not the previous educator. Plus, we are building and sharing a Universe. We needed to be on the same page with degrees especially if we had children.

Now I had to decide how I wanted to present myself to others. Earths come in many currents. I’ve seen Earths dress themselves like NOI MGTs. My best friend used to do that. She’d be walking down the street in an all white, long sleeved, floor dusting tunic that she made herself with a matching headwrap. No makeup. Then there are Earths who never cover their heads. I’ve seen Earths at S&P with boob popping dresses and makeup with perms and/or weaves. Then there are the hippy Earths who wear every African print they can fine with an Erika Badu headwrap up to the sky, with a ring in her nose and brass bracelets up to her shoulder. Also there are those corporate Earths who rock business suits. There is no one way to dress the Earth. The planet Earth has mountains, jungles, cities, plains, and so forth. All the terrain of the planet doesn’t all look the same. And neither do we. I encourage Earths to find there own personal style and consider it through the lens of Supreme Mathematics and our curriculum. As long as you can show and prove, you will keep yourself out of uncomfortable situations.

Uncomfortable situations…. Imagine being at a rally and a God you don’t know walks up to you and aggressively asks you why your head isn’t covered. When you stutter, he looks you over and asks you, “Who/Where is your God.” Your God is not there. Now what? Or what happens when you find that you have a cipher reputation because some Gods saw your breast tatt or you’ve been too friendly with Gods that aren’t yours? Now mind you this has never happened to me. I do the knowledge and stay out of harms way.

Me, personally, I stopped wearing pants years before I became righteous. I too tomboyish. I wasn’t comfortable with that. Also women’s jeans have always been very form fitting. If their not, then you have “mom jeans” or baggies. Neither option worked for me. Additionally, low rise jeans were all the rage. No one should get to see the shape of my body unless we are moving in that direction. Not wearing pants decreased my need to wear tennis shoes and put me in heels. Heels forced me to behave ladylike. I don’t like my knees. That kept the bottoms mid-calf in length. That was all pre-NGE. So the 3/4ths was never a problem. I was doing it anyway.

I cover my head 100% of the time while abroad. If you see me without something on my head, something has gone very wrong. Help me; I must have had a stroke! The truth is… I really never consciously decided to do this. My boss did it for me. I have been working at the same job since becoming righteous. If my boss knew that he had a choice in how I presented myself, he would have made Knowledge Born regarding his preference and EXPECTED me comply. I have never discussed my Culture with him. He’s an elder devil. But he recognizes that changes have occurred. And he’s used to it now. Because I work most days of the week and that’s generally what’s causing me to leave the house, I have gotten used to wearing my head wrapped. I feel naked without it. Also, the God likes the fact that other men have never seen my hair. It is totally different from when I wore it out. We built about it and I never realized how differently men see things. Ladies Build with your Gods. They are very intriguing.

The Knowledge Culture degree of the 1-14 is often seen as a guide for the behavior of Earths. OK. That’s fair. But everyone should pay attention to this degree, not just women. I have sewed since I was 13 years old. My father taught me. I daily cook from scratch. And I like to think I keep a nice house and treat my God well. But that is all up to the eye of the beholder. And again, I was doing that pre-NGE.

And doing fall victim ti the rumors that you will be less desirable to men or that you won't be able to find a job. That's bull. I still get male attention. But now it's respectful. Men just don't roll up on me and say offensive shit. They approach me like they should have been all along. And As far as my job goes, there are Muslims, Africans, Indians, Jews, etc. that are gainfully employed. If they can work while representing their Culture, so can we. It's illegal for employers to ask your religious affiliation or judge you on that basis. If they do, you don't need to work because you can sue the hell out of them. To claim otherwise, you just don't want to do it. I work in a corporate/healthcare environment and its not a problem.

The degrees are basic Knowledge. You just don’t commit them to memory; you keep them constantly before you. Meaning, don’t just memorize them to say, “I know them.” You have to become intimate with them like you would your spouse or your checking account. Put them to work for you day in and day out. You have to stroke them, think about them consider them all day long. There are degrees in mouth all the time. I remember where I was when one of the degrees became reality and not just something I was memorizing…

I was with a non-righteous girlfriend who loved and only dates devils (6:36). She decided that I should try cream in my coffee and set me up without my permission. Since these men were paying I didn’t leave. A free meal in a nice restaurant is worth a little aggravation. But I made my position clear to all at the table. I wasn’t interested in dating him/devils. The man for me started getting rude. He couldn’t handle my rejection because he considered himself above me simply because he was a white man... Yeah... Instantly 1:14 was in my head. Then came 2,4:10 in comparison with 1,3:10. I just had 1-10 and the 1-14 at that point. So it’s important to keep your degrees fresh in your mind no matter where you are in the curriculum and daily consider your day’s Supreme Mathematics. Everyday some fresh insight comes to me. Especially when I’m going through something. If I am having trouble sleeping I start with “Who is the Original Man?” I never make it to Pluto.

So what advice do I have for newborn Earths? (1) Study your lessons!!!!!!! (2) Do the Knowledge to other Earths and see how they roll. They are your allies. (3) Share social Equality with other righteous people. This is how you learn the language and how to interact with the Gods and Earths. Trust me; there are many unspoken rules and regulations. (4)Decide on the Earth that you want to be. (5) Work your program. (6) Consistently add on with the main Cipher and not just the Earth Ciphers. Make sure that local people know you. When folks know you, they become friendlier to you. Being known by the locals is proof that you are building (or destroying). (7) Walk and talk this Culture 100% of the time. Be All Earth, all the time! Not just when it’s convenient. Don’t worry about the 85 and devil ciphers. If you let folks know this is non-negotiable they will fall in line. (8) Be mindful of your behavior. You may be the only 5%er someone ever meets. Don't leave a bad taste in their mouth. And you represent all those in your tree that have come before you. You shame your educator when you act savage. And this might be controversial, but it works for me… (9) Be selective who you share information with. Don’t bother with old people. A lot of old people aren’t open to this Culture. My own mother (not ole Earth because she is pure 85’er) thinks I’m a Muslim no matter what I tell her. Fuck it. She’s too old (God Cipher years) to change. Don’t try to build with the sanctified religious people that are covered with the blood of Jesus. Them jokers will literally fist fight you because you reject their Jesus. They won’t and can’t listen. If they do their spooky god will punish them. They will also try to slip you pork in an effort to invalidate you. Like if you eat pork a giant “P” forms on your forehead and all the Gods and Earths will shun you. Puleeese! And devils. Most devils and she-devils will be offended when they find out that we consider them grafted. That just can’t be a good for business. Now if any of these individual come to you asking questions, build with them. You just might spark something in them. But for the most part focus your energies awaking people who aren’t already dead.

This was way longer than I meant it to be. I tried to edit and couldn’t leave anything out. And all Earths please feel free to add on. If you don’t want to publicly leave a question, message me or ANY Earth.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth

Monday, May 23, 2011

Work Your Understanding

Peace Y’all!

I’m in an exceptionally good mood today. It’s Monday and I’m always in a good mood on Mondays. I expect Mondays to suck and suck royally, so I have nothing but horrid expectations for a Monday. When it happens I am not disappointed. When Great things happen or even ordinariness, I am pleasantly surprised. So Bully for me!

In that same vein, I’m in love with my Nation. I am. I really love Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths today. And let me tell you why….. Because we encourage debate and discussions!

This weekend’s failed rapture had me thinking about various religions. It’s a hobby of mine to study religions. I want to know why people feel so strongly about something improbable and un-provable that they are willing to give their lives for it. Even when I was a Christian I recognized that I had limits. Yeah I would sing, “…I promised him that I, would follow him until I died…” but I didn’t literally mean it. I went to Catholic school and read about many martyrs. If presented with the choice of denouncing Christianity or be fed to lions, I’m thinking I would be whatever they wanted me to be. Then I got to thinking about Jim Jones and the Heaven’s Gate ministries. Those people voluntarily committed suicide for heir faith. Again… I ain’t doing that.

The thing that allows religions to have this choke hold over their followers is because their followers aren’t allowed to ask questions or deviate in any way or form the dogma. They don’t encourage study of other faiths either. Trust me, I bare witness on this. There was a question on Family Feud that asked, “Name a place where you get thrown out of.” And the woman answered “church.” Steve Harvey was flabbergasted and said, “Church is where they let you come after you have done anything.” But it isn’t. I have been asked to leave several congregations because I think differently than the average Christian and they just weren’t amenable to my point of view.

In our Nation, you are allowed to have your own view or “Cee” on things. You just have to Show and Prove. I have heard what I would consider frank foolishness come out of the mouths of righteous people, but…. Their logic was impeccable. What can you say at that point? To argue with logic means that your feelings have gotten involved, and feelings instantly invalidates your case. We accept that we don’t have to all agree with what is being said. Occasionally the God and I don’t see eye to eye and that’s cool too. He’s my God and educator; but he encourages me to have my OWN thoughts and actually wants to hear them. I just love it when individuals with different sees on a subject sit down and discuss their thoughts. We don’t try to sway those who are already righteous to cee things like we cee them. But it can spark new understanding and new ideas. That’s nothing but benefit.

Now… You knew there had to be a fly in the ointment… I have noticed that in some kingdoms, Gods don’t like it when their Earths disagree with them. Okay, I can sort of see that. But an Earth having a different opinion on something doesn’t make the God a cultivated pussy. Again this is my cee. But some Gods (a) don’t teach their Earths 120 for whatever reason and/or (b) do not want their Earth to have a different point of view from them. They want their Earth’s mouths to be parrot beaks repeating everything the exact way the God has told them without any change. How can said Earth have any Understanding?

Understanding is unique to every individual. But that’s my cee. Like I mentioned earlier, my God encourages me to contemplate life through the lens of Supreme Mathematics and the curriculum. That’s why I can write my lovely and informative blog!


Saturday, May 21, 2011


Peace Y'all,

This is a quickie. I don't generally blog on the weekend.

I rest here in Allah's Garden (Metro ATL) which is the the heart of the Bible belt. These clueless people here think that Christianity reigns supreme here. Even though there are mosques,Baha'i churches, Muslim temples, HUGE Hindu and Buddhist temples and never mind all the Pagans. But folks here actually believe the world will end as we know it this evening at 6pm. The Rapture is upon us y'all.

I'm not worried or concerned. I'm hoping that this will be the impetus for our own people to wake up and see that they have to stop following the white man blind. The white man in charge of this movement is disregarding their own Bible. When our righteous brother Jesus allegedly comes back for his folks, he will come like a thief in the night as per Isaiah 29:5-6. The devil can't even follow his own rules.

I'll build with y'all tomorrow. I'll be here.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stop the Nonsense!


I was listening to Michael Baisden last night. I don’t normally listen to his show. The music they play during the program is cool, but the conversations are always whack. He is always talking about relationships between Black men and women. Now some folks can do that, he can’t. His position is clear. No matter what is going on, it’s the Black woman’s fault and problem. His solutions are always, what the Black woman can do to fix the problems of the Black world, since she is the one who started them all by herself. I don’t buy into his foolishness. He has also written a few whack books too. I read one. It was the same bullshit. Black women get into trouble without any external assistance and it is their own problem to get out of it.

The sick bullshit he was pushing on May 18th of 2011 around 5:30 was, “There are good men in prison. And Black women don’t need to turn up their noses at jail house relationships.” WTF? Then he said it again and his sidekick agreed! Both of these men have daughters. Oooooooh I fast and pray Allah, that these men have to go to the booty house to meet their future sons-in-laws.

Baisden plays the insecurity card that a lot of Black women have. Loneliness. And we do not need to fall victim to that foolishness. Baisden claims that there is a Black male shortage. There isn’t. Baisden advocates dating devils. Don’t do it. Baisden also advocates polygamous and open arrangements. Really? People, please understand that just because you read or hear something a bunch of times doesn’t make it true. But if you internalize misinformation, eventually your ways and actions will match that frequency and it will become your reality.

I just finished listening to Malcolm X’s build on Youtube titled “Who taught you to hate yourself?” And I must say for me, by and large, it was not the devil that taught me to do destructive things to myself. It was my own people. It was my mother who held me down while I screamed through my 1st perm. It was a classmate who told me my eyebrows were too bushy and took me to have them waxed. It was my grandmother who told me that I was to dark to play in the sun. I was my 1st boyfriend who told me my value was not between my ears and/or between my lungs, but between my legs. Yes. Many seeds have been planted and some have been allowed to grow. But add an “N” to the “grow” and what do you get? GROWN. That’s what I am Now. And I am ending that cycle of bullshit. I am the gardener tending my crops. These crops will sustain me. I will pull every one of those weeds out and replace it with a plant that will benefit me. I encourage other women to get GROWN and do the same.

Why isn’t the devil settled on the Best part of planet Earth? Because the Earth BELONGS to the Original man. And knowing that the devil is weak and wicked, he knew there would be no peace amongst them. So why aren’t more Original men doing more to keep the devil only on the worst part of the planet Earth? Why is it, the Earth has to fend for herself? And I’m not just speaking about men woman partner in relationship with, but ALL the Original men. Our fathers, our brothers, our sons, our friends. You wouldn’t shit all over your home and belongings and then go to your enemy’s rest and scrub it down would you? If you would, this build is lost on you.

My question is why are Black women such a target for bullshit. And by everybody, Original and devil. Is it because we are worthy opponents? I want to plead to my sisters to stop. Stop believing bullshit. Stop letting others define you. Stop putting your ownself last. Stop allowing people to degrade you. And start working on your own plan. Your plan for walking effortless in beauty. And then do it. The only person that can hold you back is you.

And to the Original men, I ask if you can’t find it with self to bring your ownself to support the Black women in your own ciphers, then leave us in peace and don’t fuck with us. If you can’t be our friends then don’t become our enemies.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Test Me, Damnit!

Peace Y’all!

I have eluded before that I work with a woman who is crazy. Notice I didn’t call her a devil since she is Original. But she is still a looney 85er. But what makes her hilarious to me is that she is a self-proclaimed DEVOUT Christian. The reason I find her so funny is because (a) she is a hater, (b) doesn’t quite understand what ‘devout’ entails and (c) she is a sheep. She has no real reason to dislike me because I have yet to do anything to her. It’s true, I don’t respect her. And that might sound terrible, but when I don’t respect people they become non-issues. I am polite enough to say hello and good bye and I don’t engage her beyond that. I learned that from the devil.

I label her a hater because when she finds out something pleasant about me she can’t be apathetic. She must be evil. Dig this… Last week, my coworker lost his aunt. The whole office turned out to the wake. I brought the God. That’s what you do when you are in a relationship. Everyone else brought there partners if they had one. He had never met my coworkers and we have been sharing an address for almost a year. All my coworkers were kind enough to speak when I introduced him. Because that’s what you do when you are introduced to someone. You speak to those who speak to you. But she refused. She wouldn’t even look at me. Oh well. The next day she asked a coworker who was the man with me, and the coworker told her. She balled her face up at me and refused to speak to me for the rest of the week. Now it ain’t like we build or even lunch together. But we do work with the same patients and communicating is a must. The boss asked her what her problem was and she told him! WTF? She’s VERY petty and this is the main reason I lost respect for her years, months and days ago.

Back to the build…. This morning I was in my own head as I was preparing for the morning. And I was reciting degrees under my breath. She walked up on me, heard me and asked what I was doing. Really? Remember, we are hi and bye. I waited a second and told her I was meditating on degrees. She said that was a stupid thing to do. (You see, she was clearly goading me into a confrontation for some reason.) I smiled and said that she should refer to Joshua 1:8 (paraphrasing… meditate day and night so that I might not sin…) and 2Tim 2:15( to show yourself approved…) in her Christian bible. Now it was her turn to stand there confused. I handed her the Bible the Gideons left in the office and told her to look it up. And she did. Had a little trouble finding 2Tim. SMH because she refers to that scripture all the time, yet she doesn’t know where it comes from? That’s a damn shame. And right as she was about to throw the Christian Bible to the floor in anger, I reminded her that that was blasphemous to Christians. She put it down and stormed off.

I love it when so-called Christians try me!