Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stop the Nonsense!


I was listening to Michael Baisden last night. I don’t normally listen to his show. The music they play during the program is cool, but the conversations are always whack. He is always talking about relationships between Black men and women. Now some folks can do that, he can’t. His position is clear. No matter what is going on, it’s the Black woman’s fault and problem. His solutions are always, what the Black woman can do to fix the problems of the Black world, since she is the one who started them all by herself. I don’t buy into his foolishness. He has also written a few whack books too. I read one. It was the same bullshit. Black women get into trouble without any external assistance and it is their own problem to get out of it.

The sick bullshit he was pushing on May 18th of 2011 around 5:30 was, “There are good men in prison. And Black women don’t need to turn up their noses at jail house relationships.” WTF? Then he said it again and his sidekick agreed! Both of these men have daughters. Oooooooh I fast and pray Allah, that these men have to go to the booty house to meet their future sons-in-laws.

Baisden plays the insecurity card that a lot of Black women have. Loneliness. And we do not need to fall victim to that foolishness. Baisden claims that there is a Black male shortage. There isn’t. Baisden advocates dating devils. Don’t do it. Baisden also advocates polygamous and open arrangements. Really? People, please understand that just because you read or hear something a bunch of times doesn’t make it true. But if you internalize misinformation, eventually your ways and actions will match that frequency and it will become your reality.

I just finished listening to Malcolm X’s build on Youtube titled “Who taught you to hate yourself?” And I must say for me, by and large, it was not the devil that taught me to do destructive things to myself. It was my own people. It was my mother who held me down while I screamed through my 1st perm. It was a classmate who told me my eyebrows were too bushy and took me to have them waxed. It was my grandmother who told me that I was to dark to play in the sun. I was my 1st boyfriend who told me my value was not between my ears and/or between my lungs, but between my legs. Yes. Many seeds have been planted and some have been allowed to grow. But add an “N” to the “grow” and what do you get? GROWN. That’s what I am Now. And I am ending that cycle of bullshit. I am the gardener tending my crops. These crops will sustain me. I will pull every one of those weeds out and replace it with a plant that will benefit me. I encourage other women to get GROWN and do the same.

Why isn’t the devil settled on the Best part of planet Earth? Because the Earth BELONGS to the Original man. And knowing that the devil is weak and wicked, he knew there would be no peace amongst them. So why aren’t more Original men doing more to keep the devil only on the worst part of the planet Earth? Why is it, the Earth has to fend for herself? And I’m not just speaking about men woman partner in relationship with, but ALL the Original men. Our fathers, our brothers, our sons, our friends. You wouldn’t shit all over your home and belongings and then go to your enemy’s rest and scrub it down would you? If you would, this build is lost on you.

My question is why are Black women such a target for bullshit. And by everybody, Original and devil. Is it because we are worthy opponents? I want to plead to my sisters to stop. Stop believing bullshit. Stop letting others define you. Stop putting your ownself last. Stop allowing people to degrade you. And start working on your own plan. Your plan for walking effortless in beauty. And then do it. The only person that can hold you back is you.

And to the Original men, I ask if you can’t find it with self to bring your ownself to support the Black women in your own ciphers, then leave us in peace and don’t fuck with us. If you can’t be our friends then don’t become our enemies.



SupremeVictoryAllah said...

Peace Queen,

I'm in full agreement. The true and living among us know that with the original man being the father of civilization that means it started with him both positive and negative. The pathological suffering that the original woman has suffered was and is perpetuated, in many instances by the devil and the original man. I might talk shit and complain about yall from time to time but not without acknowledging our flaws as men or accepting the blame that lies with us.