Monday, May 16, 2011

Test Me, Damnit!

Peace Y’all!

I have eluded before that I work with a woman who is crazy. Notice I didn’t call her a devil since she is Original. But she is still a looney 85er. But what makes her hilarious to me is that she is a self-proclaimed DEVOUT Christian. The reason I find her so funny is because (a) she is a hater, (b) doesn’t quite understand what ‘devout’ entails and (c) she is a sheep. She has no real reason to dislike me because I have yet to do anything to her. It’s true, I don’t respect her. And that might sound terrible, but when I don’t respect people they become non-issues. I am polite enough to say hello and good bye and I don’t engage her beyond that. I learned that from the devil.

I label her a hater because when she finds out something pleasant about me she can’t be apathetic. She must be evil. Dig this… Last week, my coworker lost his aunt. The whole office turned out to the wake. I brought the God. That’s what you do when you are in a relationship. Everyone else brought there partners if they had one. He had never met my coworkers and we have been sharing an address for almost a year. All my coworkers were kind enough to speak when I introduced him. Because that’s what you do when you are introduced to someone. You speak to those who speak to you. But she refused. She wouldn’t even look at me. Oh well. The next day she asked a coworker who was the man with me, and the coworker told her. She balled her face up at me and refused to speak to me for the rest of the week. Now it ain’t like we build or even lunch together. But we do work with the same patients and communicating is a must. The boss asked her what her problem was and she told him! WTF? She’s VERY petty and this is the main reason I lost respect for her years, months and days ago.

Back to the build…. This morning I was in my own head as I was preparing for the morning. And I was reciting degrees under my breath. She walked up on me, heard me and asked what I was doing. Really? Remember, we are hi and bye. I waited a second and told her I was meditating on degrees. She said that was a stupid thing to do. (You see, she was clearly goading me into a confrontation for some reason.) I smiled and said that she should refer to Joshua 1:8 (paraphrasing… meditate day and night so that I might not sin…) and 2Tim 2:15( to show yourself approved…) in her Christian bible. Now it was her turn to stand there confused. I handed her the Bible the Gideons left in the office and told her to look it up. And she did. Had a little trouble finding 2Tim. SMH because she refers to that scripture all the time, yet she doesn’t know where it comes from? That’s a damn shame. And right as she was about to throw the Christian Bible to the floor in anger, I reminded her that that was blasphemous to Christians. She put it down and stormed off.

I love it when so-called Christians try me!



Precise said...

Show and Prove? That's how we do. Peace to the Earth.

Leigh said...

What a horrible situation to have to live with in your work setting. This sort of person is what we would call a church goer, not a true believer. There are too many of these kind of folks around and they embarrass me. That is why I cannot use the label "Christian." I am a Messianic Gentile.

Spirituality and religion are two different things. Unfortunately, religion is more about tradition than Truth, and I daresay that the majority of Christians are simply about denominational traditions. I absolutely believe the Bible is Truth. But there are very few who call themselves Christians that have any clue as to what that Truth is, and the power it has to transform us. As you mentioned before, it's really about relationship with one's God. My relationship with mine is the transforming power in my life. And if you haven't guessed already, no, we don't go to church.

BTW, the whipped cream from my goats milk tastes exactly like whipped cream from cows milk. No one would know the difference unless I told them. It's delicious!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

@Leigh.... Thank you. And keep reading... I predict chickens in the very near future!