Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jim Crow 2015


For those of y'all not paying attention, there is a new law on the books in Indiana. It's called “the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” And it's some pure bullshit.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act says the government cannot "substantially burden" a person's ability to follow their religious beliefs, unless it can prove a compelling interest in imposing that burden or do so in the least restrictive way.

Proponents of the law say it will prevent the government from infringing on people and their ability to exercise their religious beliefs. Whereas, opponents say it could allow business owners to legally discriminate against the LGBT community.

The LGBT community???? This law gives carte blanche for ANY kind of discrimination against any person... for ANY reason. All you have to say is, “It's against my religion.”

I'm not going to speak on all religions, but I am well versed in Christianity and by default Judaism. There is a lot of scary shit in the Christian Bible that folks could say is in violation of their religious beliefs. Have you read the 19th chapter of Judges? Don't forget African slavery was given the Christian “ok.”

“Sir, why did you kill your brother?” “Because he cursed at my parents. Ala Leviticus 20:9”

“Sir what are you doing?” “Collecting stones because we are about to kill the neighbor girl. We heard that she was no longer a virgin and SHE couldn't prove that she is. Ala Deuteronomy 22:20-1.”

“Doctor Jones, why are you refusing to perform CPR on this man?” “Because it's Sunday. Ala Exodus 35:2”

“Why are you making slaves of these people who opened their home to you?” “Deuteronomy  20:10-17 says that is how you treat people.”

And so forth..... I actually agree with 1st Corinthians 11:6....

As a 5%er, a woman, a Black person, I take notice of everything that involves discrimination based on religious principles. Because those same discriminatory principles and practices can be applied to us. We are a peculiar with our own rules and regulations and our own way and actions. If discrimination is going down... we will get some of it.

I live in the Bible belt. I have had patients come to my office, question me until I admit that I am not a Christian, and then leave the practice in a hail of Bible verses. I don't sit around quoting degrees to people... the way they do with the Bible to me. Maybe I should so they can see what that's like..... Folks come in here all the time and witness. They feel like it's there right. Imagine what fresh hell will come through when they have the law behind them saying that in the name of their religion they can do whatever the fuck they want?

IMO, the thing that Christians get wrong is that the USA is a Christian country. It isn't. Our founding fathers weren't fundamental Christians. Thomas Jefferson wrote his own Bible! (This is why cable is a necessity, otherwise folks have entirely too much free time.) This country was founded as a respite for religious freedom. That doesn't mean you get to force folks to your personal views. It means folks get to do... or not do.... whatever they want.

What NEEDS to happen is some non-Christians need to be the ones who get to ram their religious beliefs down the throat of several Christians, and see how that works out for them. Muslims, Hindus, Wiccans, ATR faiths, and especially the folks who love Satan, all need to bumrush Indiana and make them jokers feel super uncomfortable. And when folks complain. Say, “I can't do that which violates my religion.”


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Post Racial Society & 34:40


Ever since the election of my beloved president, President Obama, the country has been touted as “Post Racial America.” Y'all know that's bullshit right? White folks feel like since they got him elected that means that racism is officially over. It's like they have put cocoa butter on a scar and it disappeared. They feel that they can do ANYTHING they want and no one can say they are racist because they elected a Black president. him/devil did elect the man. If every Black person in the country voted for him (and we know many Black people won't/can't/don't vote) and no one else, he would have not even made it out of the primary. Black people are still 10% of the population of said country.

Y'all see them act a fool? It's insane. They want to use the n-word. They want to wear Black-face. They are shooting us while unarmed and in some cases naked and unarmed. And they are facing NO repercussions. At the very least it's a civil rights violation. They lynch us and say it was a suicide. College students are making jokes about lynching us like it's funny. With the election of President Obama, they have opened up their closets and let the skeletons fall out. I bet they reachd in the back and found their Klan robes. I wouldn't be surprised when they start wearing them freely and publicly to the grocery store. It will be a fashion statement. It's like it's 1949 up in here. But there will be some fool assed Black people wearing Klan fashion too. SMH.

Some of us have Stockholm syndrome. We have been abused for so long we now welcome and participate in the abuse because it's all we know. All these “new Black” people talking about the white man hasn't done anything wrong. Every Black person on the planet knows that them celebs and rich people saying that are only trying to keep their money. The devil giveth, the devil takest away.

Here's the thing... I'm cool with white folks coming out of their racist assed closets. I prefer when my enemy shows me his hand rather than keep it hidden. The average age of current white man who is giving us the business is between the ages of 35-50. Hmmm... that sounds familiar. The ages of the cops who are shooting and killing us. Those are the parents of frat boys. Those are the white designers who think it's cool to name their collections “Niggas in Paris.” White folks used to keep a Black friend to vouch for them, or hire a Black person to hold on to the quota, but that is all passe now. There is no need for it. We are post racial right.

My degrees say that you cannot reform him/devil. All the prophets have tried and were unable to. They also say it's a waste of time. So why am I going to lose time worrying about some expired joker who is only looking out for his best interest? Naw Shawty, I ain't the one.

Their actions allow me to free my conscience about my feelings and interactions with them. No matter how thin you slice bread, there is always another side. When folks say, “Serenity, you're racist!” I say, “I can't be. by their own definition.” I don't choose to share social equality with him/devil. I would never date one. I don't affiliate myself with the things they affiliate themselves with. I cannot feel sympathy when one transitions. I will avoid trading with them when possible. When impossible, I linger long enough to handle my business and bounce. And I have a 'face' for them. I give it to all of them. These people are either unaware or uncaring of my feelings for them... or lack thereof. I live in a world where they make up 75%+ of the population. I can be in their world.. but not of their world.

I just wish the young people had the same presence of mind. I hope they haven't latched on to him/devil ways and actions in such a way that they mimic. You know when devils feel like they have lost it all, they either become serial killers or commit suicide. People of my generation learned from people who experienced jim crow 1st hand. We know the rules of engagement and avoidance. These young people... not so much.

I feel bad for our forbears, though. They thought they cured racism. They didn't. The couldn't. It's and integral part of him/devil DNA. It's not something they learn... It's who they are. There is no such thing as “good white people” and I say that because white people will NEVER let POC's forget that they are white and you aren't. And they have never said no to the privilege that they receive because they were born white. With the system set up like that.... there is nothing you can do but take them of your planet. And that is my suggestion for all the POCs out there. Wake the fuck up and see what is happening all around you. Then take steps to safeguard you, your family and your community.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today's Mathematics: 10:36


10:36 speaks of eating the “wrong foods.” Now that I am in a fasting cycle, I feel this degree a bit more deeply. Yes we as a nation (USA) are eating genetically modified, nutritionally deficient foods, But we are also as a people accepting wrong indoctrination and hiding it within ourselves.

The physical food thing.... what is the best way to eat? NGE teaches no pork. But that is pretty much all the attention we give to our diets. But think about us compared to other cultures, that's good... and to others it's bad. It's all how you look at it. But each and every one of us are “free thinkers.” We can choose for ourselves the best diet for us individually. I've said on my health blog that becoming a vegetarian was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. But that's me. I shy away from soy based foods. My 7 doesn't. We are 2 different people with 2 different bodies and a 2 different nutritional Understandings. The definition of nutrition is the interaction of food elements with the body. So based on said definition, the individual' s responsibility is determine what's best for them.

So when was the last time you read a book? When was the last time you did research? Performed an experiment? Learned a new language or hobby? There is so much out in this world for us to learn and be involved in. Even in this wilderness. The internet is a blessing and libraries are currently free. So if you are dependent on others or just unaware, that is completely your fault. You can choose what your mental eats.

What's going on in your body? Do you take the physician's word on your health and blindly follow what he tells you? Do you? Do you exercise? Do you play with your children... even if their grown? You got to work and come home proud that you made it eat some fast food and chill in front of the TV... Do you grow your own foods... at least tomatoes in a bucket? No? But you do complain, right?

I'm not judging you. I recognize the bliss in easy non-responsibility. I'm just saying that We are fed the wrong foods in so many Ciphers, on so many levels and we blindly accept it no questions asked. Is that what we say we do? Was that what we were taught? So why are we doing it?


Wednesday, March 4, 2015



“My Name is W. E. Muhammed”

I hate Facebook.

Not because of the foolishness that occurs on the site, but because of the foolishness the site fosters. If you have a name that isn't a standard acceptable name then Facebook will not allow you to be on their rolls. They have gone as far as requiring you to show them your driver's license or some other for m of acceptable ID to stay on the site. Here is my question.... Why?

Why does facebook need to see your ID? You do know with the information garnered from “acceptable ID” they can steal your identity. Why do they need to know your legal name? Why? Facebook is just supposed to be a form of media that serves an entertainment purpose. Why do you need to know the legal names of folks? I'm not using facebook to look for a job.... I'm not using facebook to get folks money. I was just over there having a good time. But I guess they don't want that.

The conspiracy theorist in me is saying that this is an attack on righteous and conscious people. 5%ers have different names... that don't sound like real names. Conscious people take on attributes that don't sound like real names either. Maybe they don't want Black people on facebook. Black people tend to have different names. I suppose if your name is Deltaviousonomous, they may not want you there. I was taught, “you may not be able to control what folks call you, but you can control what to answer to.” I will not be called by my legal name while online unless I'm purchasing something.

Myspace never asked for ID. Tumblr doesn't ask for ID. Twitter doesn't ask for ID. Linked In doesn't ask for ID and that IS a job site. No one asks to see ID. So why does facebook need it. Why am I not allowed to have my anonymity?

I have learned a Valuable lesson from the experience. I stood by my boundaries and have allowed them to deactivate my account. Screw them. (1)I'm not letting them dictate how I navigate the internet. And (2)... I have learned to use my email to access different sites. I have had serious issues with logging into sites THAT I PAY FOR because I used my face book account to register. So easy isn't always the best choice.