Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jim Crow 2015


For those of y'all not paying attention, there is a new law on the books in Indiana. It's called “the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” And it's some pure bullshit.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act says the government cannot "substantially burden" a person's ability to follow their religious beliefs, unless it can prove a compelling interest in imposing that burden or do so in the least restrictive way.

Proponents of the law say it will prevent the government from infringing on people and their ability to exercise their religious beliefs. Whereas, opponents say it could allow business owners to legally discriminate against the LGBT community.

The LGBT community???? This law gives carte blanche for ANY kind of discrimination against any person... for ANY reason. All you have to say is, “It's against my religion.”

I'm not going to speak on all religions, but I am well versed in Christianity and by default Judaism. There is a lot of scary shit in the Christian Bible that folks could say is in violation of their religious beliefs. Have you read the 19th chapter of Judges? Don't forget African slavery was given the Christian “ok.”

“Sir, why did you kill your brother?” “Because he cursed at my parents. Ala Leviticus 20:9”

“Sir what are you doing?” “Collecting stones because we are about to kill the neighbor girl. We heard that she was no longer a virgin and SHE couldn't prove that she is. Ala Deuteronomy 22:20-1.”

“Doctor Jones, why are you refusing to perform CPR on this man?” “Because it's Sunday. Ala Exodus 35:2”

“Why are you making slaves of these people who opened their home to you?” “Deuteronomy  20:10-17 says that is how you treat people.”

And so forth..... I actually agree with 1st Corinthians 11:6....

As a 5%er, a woman, a Black person, I take notice of everything that involves discrimination based on religious principles. Because those same discriminatory principles and practices can be applied to us. We are a peculiar with our own rules and regulations and our own way and actions. If discrimination is going down... we will get some of it.

I live in the Bible belt. I have had patients come to my office, question me until I admit that I am not a Christian, and then leave the practice in a hail of Bible verses. I don't sit around quoting degrees to people... the way they do with the Bible to me. Maybe I should so they can see what that's like..... Folks come in here all the time and witness. They feel like it's there right. Imagine what fresh hell will come through when they have the law behind them saying that in the name of their religion they can do whatever the fuck they want?

IMO, the thing that Christians get wrong is that the USA is a Christian country. It isn't. Our founding fathers weren't fundamental Christians. Thomas Jefferson wrote his own Bible! (This is why cable is a necessity, otherwise folks have entirely too much free time.) This country was founded as a respite for religious freedom. That doesn't mean you get to force folks to your personal views. It means folks get to do... or not do.... whatever they want.

What NEEDS to happen is some non-Christians need to be the ones who get to ram their religious beliefs down the throat of several Christians, and see how that works out for them. Muslims, Hindus, Wiccans, ATR faiths, and especially the folks who love Satan, all need to bumrush Indiana and make them jokers feel super uncomfortable. And when folks complain. Say, “I can't do that which violates my religion.”