Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Post Racial Society & 34:40


Ever since the election of my beloved president, President Obama, the country has been touted as “Post Racial America.” Y'all know that's bullshit right? White folks feel like since they got him elected that means that racism is officially over. It's like they have put cocoa butter on a scar and it disappeared. They feel that they can do ANYTHING they want and no one can say they are racist because they elected a Black president. him/devil did elect the man. If every Black person in the country voted for him (and we know many Black people won't/can't/don't vote) and no one else, he would have not even made it out of the primary. Black people are still 10% of the population of said country.

Y'all see them act a fool? It's insane. They want to use the n-word. They want to wear Black-face. They are shooting us while unarmed and in some cases naked and unarmed. And they are facing NO repercussions. At the very least it's a civil rights violation. They lynch us and say it was a suicide. College students are making jokes about lynching us like it's funny. With the election of President Obama, they have opened up their closets and let the skeletons fall out. I bet they reachd in the back and found their Klan robes. I wouldn't be surprised when they start wearing them freely and publicly to the grocery store. It will be a fashion statement. It's like it's 1949 up in here. But there will be some fool assed Black people wearing Klan fashion too. SMH.

Some of us have Stockholm syndrome. We have been abused for so long we now welcome and participate in the abuse because it's all we know. All these “new Black” people talking about the white man hasn't done anything wrong. Every Black person on the planet knows that them celebs and rich people saying that are only trying to keep their money. The devil giveth, the devil takest away.

Here's the thing... I'm cool with white folks coming out of their racist assed closets. I prefer when my enemy shows me his hand rather than keep it hidden. The average age of current white man who is giving us the business is between the ages of 35-50. Hmmm... that sounds familiar. The ages of the cops who are shooting and killing us. Those are the parents of frat boys. Those are the white designers who think it's cool to name their collections “Niggas in Paris.” White folks used to keep a Black friend to vouch for them, or hire a Black person to hold on to the quota, but that is all passe now. There is no need for it. We are post racial right.

My degrees say that you cannot reform him/devil. All the prophets have tried and were unable to. They also say it's a waste of time. So why am I going to lose time worrying about some expired joker who is only looking out for his best interest? Naw Shawty, I ain't the one.

Their actions allow me to free my conscience about my feelings and interactions with them. No matter how thin you slice bread, there is always another side. When folks say, “Serenity, you're racist!” I say, “I can't be. by their own definition.” I don't choose to share social equality with him/devil. I would never date one. I don't affiliate myself with the things they affiliate themselves with. I cannot feel sympathy when one transitions. I will avoid trading with them when possible. When impossible, I linger long enough to handle my business and bounce. And I have a 'face' for them. I give it to all of them. These people are either unaware or uncaring of my feelings for them... or lack thereof. I live in a world where they make up 75%+ of the population. I can be in their world.. but not of their world.

I just wish the young people had the same presence of mind. I hope they haven't latched on to him/devil ways and actions in such a way that they mimic. You know when devils feel like they have lost it all, they either become serial killers or commit suicide. People of my generation learned from people who experienced jim crow 1st hand. We know the rules of engagement and avoidance. These young people... not so much.

I feel bad for our forbears, though. They thought they cured racism. They didn't. The couldn't. It's and integral part of him/devil DNA. It's not something they learn... It's who they are. There is no such thing as “good white people” and I say that because white people will NEVER let POC's forget that they are white and you aren't. And they have never said no to the privilege that they receive because they were born white. With the system set up like that.... there is nothing you can do but take them of your planet. And that is my suggestion for all the POCs out there. Wake the fuck up and see what is happening all around you. Then take steps to safeguard you, your family and your community.