Wednesday, March 4, 2015



“My Name is W. E. Muhammed”

I hate Facebook.

Not because of the foolishness that occurs on the site, but because of the foolishness the site fosters. If you have a name that isn't a standard acceptable name then Facebook will not allow you to be on their rolls. They have gone as far as requiring you to show them your driver's license or some other for m of acceptable ID to stay on the site. Here is my question.... Why?

Why does facebook need to see your ID? You do know with the information garnered from “acceptable ID” they can steal your identity. Why do they need to know your legal name? Why? Facebook is just supposed to be a form of media that serves an entertainment purpose. Why do you need to know the legal names of folks? I'm not using facebook to look for a job.... I'm not using facebook to get folks money. I was just over there having a good time. But I guess they don't want that.

The conspiracy theorist in me is saying that this is an attack on righteous and conscious people. 5%ers have different names... that don't sound like real names. Conscious people take on attributes that don't sound like real names either. Maybe they don't want Black people on facebook. Black people tend to have different names. I suppose if your name is Deltaviousonomous, they may not want you there. I was taught, “you may not be able to control what folks call you, but you can control what to answer to.” I will not be called by my legal name while online unless I'm purchasing something.

Myspace never asked for ID. Tumblr doesn't ask for ID. Twitter doesn't ask for ID. Linked In doesn't ask for ID and that IS a job site. No one asks to see ID. So why does facebook need it. Why am I not allowed to have my anonymity?

I have learned a Valuable lesson from the experience. I stood by my boundaries and have allowed them to deactivate my account. Screw them. (1)I'm not letting them dictate how I navigate the internet. And (2)... I have learned to use my email to access different sites. I have had serious issues with logging into sites THAT I PAY FOR because I used my face book account to register. So easy isn't always the best choice.



Anonymous said...

Use Gimp or Photoshop. Peace.

"Diviin Rulah"