Friday, February 27, 2015

Today's Mathematics: 27:40


I see no virtue in folks bragging about jail bids. Making jokes about jail time is not funny. If I don't know the name that is on your driver's license, then I don't need to know that you've been to jail. But once you make that bit of Knowledge Born.... you've set yourself up for judgment.

My 1st question is, “Did you have Knowledge of Self before or after your bid?” I get there are a lot of ministries in jail. Folks go to jail and find Jesus and Islam... folks get 120 too. I want to know if you had KOS before the pen. Why? Well nowhere in 120 does it say jail is good. 27:40 implies imprisonment, but nowhere does it say that jail is something to aspire to. So I want to know why Supreme Mathematics, 120 and NGE Culture didn't work for you. If you disagree, then we aren't cousins and I no longer trust you and where is my purse???? You, despite the best teachings on the planet choose a chaos and death over life and honesty.

Any Cipher you enter... and by Cipher I mean, any place you go or try to go... you are asked if you've EVER been to jail. Not been to jail in the last 10 years but ever. It's on every job application, mortgage application, background search, etc. It's something you can't get away from (like being a former crackhead). So why did you do the crime? And I'm going to be perfectly honest.... I don't trust criminals. I shouldn't. I'd be a fool to. Folks that rob, can rob. Folks that kill, can kill. Folks that sell drugs don't care about communities. These are facts. So now I know you are a thief, killer, drug dealer, slow with your child support payments, etc... it's been shown and proven that you are not to be trusted.

Now there may be some righteous reasons to go to jail... You kill the person who raped/killed your child. Yes. You were protesting. Absolutely. I can accept you going to jail because you didn't snitch. But seriously.... all the other bonehead reasons.... Emphatically Now Cipher!!!!

Here is my question... why does NGE treat ex-convicts like royalty? Was it because the Father was imprisoned? The Father was also a veteran but I don't see Gods and Earths striving to enlist. I know the Father took the lessons to the rejected children of society... yeah, yeah, yeah. That doesn't mean that that's the only people that our message should reach. You don't have to do a bid to be legitimate NGE.

My cousin is an ex-con. I love him dearly, but he cannot be unattended around my possessions. He found MST in jail. He had to find something. We are now the only non-Christians in the family. We were Building and we started talking about NGE and he said to me, “I met many of your brethren in jail.” He ain't lie. I was at work and a patient asked me about my head wrap. I told him I was a 5%er. He looked at me confused and said, “I didn't know women were 5%ers.” I ask him why? He said he'd only met Gods in prison.

We need to do better. You don't get props for committing crimes.