Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Christians Need to Know their Ciphers....


I know this is not going to be super popular... But.... I am really growing to dislike... strongly dislike... close to hate... Christians.

If you are a Christian reading this, you just got super offended. You probably are going to scroll down to the bottom without reading the rest of this Build to register your displeasure. I expect nothing less from y'all. But for the rest of you... Let's Build....

I was a Christian for most years of my life. From 15-35. I know the rules... I know the background... I've done all the sacraments... I've participated in all the activities... I've been involved. Not just in your average everyday lay capacity. I have served on the highest offices of the churches I've been affiliated. And let's not forget the 13 years of formal religious education I received from Grade K-12 from the diocese of Paterson. I probably know more Christianity than the average Christian. I damn sure know a shitload of Bible trivia. But even with knowledge I have, still I rejected Christianity.

Regardless of what you've been told, the master goal of Christianity is to make everyone on the planet a Christian. That's what they want more than anything. And it is because of said goal, that they feel perfectly vindicated in aggressively interacting with others. Proselytizing is NOT appropriate. But it does beg the question... If your religion is so wonderful, why do you have to force it on folks? Shouldn't they just want to be down all on their own?

The only appropriate place to speak on Jesus' love with folks you don't know well, is church or the house you pay the bills in. Case closed. If you see someone walking down the street, keep your mouth closed. It's offensive. No mater what the voice in your head says. You don't have any answers. Walking up to another and quoting scripture is not appropriate. Walking up to folks and advertising your church is not appropriate. Holding people hostage with your faith is not appropriate. You know Serenity always comes with examples......

I work with the public, but not in a religious setting. Now while I'm at work, folks will come in here and start praising the Christian mystery god. That's inappropriate. I don't know what they are expecting me to do. Shout with them? Don't expect me to (a) do it with you and (b) like it. What I do when folks do that is leave the room. I don't try to be discreet either. I just bounce mid-praise. I can't curse the patients out. I can't tell them how I really feel. They have me in a tight spot. But, when I go outside the office... I can say that I'm on break and let it fly... and I do. But alas, folks aren't always smart enough and/or brave enough to follow.

My mother, lives across the street from a public high school. Apparently, they rent space to a Christian church on Sundays because they hang flags at the curb. I saw that and got instantly annoyed. My mother asked why. I said it's inappropriate. That's a public school and there is a conflict of interest. They should know better to keep church and state separate. Of course my evangelist mother says that I was overreacting. So I ask her how would she feel if the school had flags out in front advertising a Luciferian meeting? She said that would be wrong. I asked why and she tried... but she had no answer. Any argument she gave would further my premise. And it made her angry to think her tax dollars would be used to further an alternative faith. So Christians are just supposed to be allowed carte blanche, but other folks not so much? Does that sound like Equality?

Don't tell me you are praying for me. Even when I was a Christian, I didn't like other folks praying for me. Prayer is nothing but meditation on an intention willing it to manifest. The more focus the intention gets, the more likely the manifestation. And people feel better when they pray. They feel calmer and more centered. So I get prayer. But it's none of your business what's going on in my Cipher. If I want to meditate, I will do it. I don't need your input. Not for any other reason, than I've seen how some people “pray” for you. It ain't all good. They make a determination about why they think you need and focus on that.

My mother used to be part of a ministry where they prayed for the requests of church people. There had to be an odd number of people praying. Don't ask me why. I know why, but I ain't saying here. If there was only an even amount of people, my mother would force me to pray. These folks didn't pray the request more than they prayed different circumstances. The sister who's husband beat her, they prayed he'd go to jail and be beat himself. The cheating wife was prayed that she'd get some nasty woman's disease. They smoking child was prayed “curable lung cancer.” These... “prayer warriors” prayed what THEY thought should happen rather than the request. I ain't never thought that was right. Not NEVER. And I can't stand when folks say they are going to pray for you. Is your life perfect? Your kids all solid. Pray for the plank in your own damn eye!!!

Have y'all ever been to a Parliament and a Christian walk up in the Cipher after watching and praise white Jesus? I have. And folks will be all super polite and ask them to leave. Why??? Why not bomb them like they were misquoting degrees? Because folks have an unnecessary soft spots for them. But why? We already know that this is not a faith for Original people. We know that it is used to shield the devil's dirty dealings. We know that our righteous brother Jesus did not teach Christianity; he taught freedom, justice and equality. But we let them just trot their happy spirit filled asses up in the Cipher and we pet them like a fluffy kitten. GTFOH!!! Remember they would not let you in the pulpit their churches building on the day's Supreme Mathematics.

I guess the bottom line purpose of this build is 2-fold. 1St, You shady, confused, righteous siblings that hug and kiss Christians but don't bring them into truth... I'm looking at you sideways. Religious people SHOULD be uncomfortable around us. Not because we are proselytizing but because we live the truth, and said truth is in opposition to those living an illusion. 2nd, if you're reading this and you are a Christian, don't approach strangers and say something religious. That's offensive and inappropriate. I sincerely don't want to hear it. But if you must... You get what you get.



Andrea said...

I get it and I respect you for putting it out there.

Penelope White said...

I appreciate that Andrea