Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Understanding 3/4ths


I was told.... that I... had no Understanding of what 3/4ths was. I find it actually quite comical coming from a man who hasn't ever worn 3/4ths a day in his life. Me. A true and living Earth who has been rocking 3/4th righteously for God years and consciously for at least an additional decade. I know what 3/4ths is.

Officially 3/4ths is covering the body ¾ with clothing as the planet Earth is covered 3/4ths with water. I do that. I'm a traditional Earth with my dress. I always wear a headwrap abroad and my clothing is modest. (By modest, I mean I cover my entire body with clothes, you might see some leg, not thigh... you might see some arm... you won't see both...) I don't do the Earth uniform i.e. a floor dusting skirt that has folks wondering if I have ankles and a t-shirt with an old school Badu headwrap that adds 12” to my stature. But I do make sure I stay “refined and fly.” That's not mine, I stole it from I'Medina Peaceful Earth from Power Born.

But why do I observe this level of refinement????

I have heard the argument that 3/4ths is in the mind. But folks earn the side eye when they say that. I'm thinking they don't understand how Understanding works. The thing that takes Understanding from a collecting of information and activities is internal. I can give a monkey information and I can teach a monkey how to behave, but unless it Understands all it can give is regurgitation. We all get by on Knowledge and Wisdom without Understanding DAILY. I know how to drive my car. I know how to use my toilet. But let one of them break. They stay broken until someone with some Understanding comes and fixes it.

You cannot tell whether someone has Understanding until you see it manifest in their lives. I've been to a few Parliaments. I grew up in NJ in the 80's when the G's and E's were strong and everywhere. Every dude fancied himself God if even for a week... including my own physical brother. So they got some Knowledge and did the Wisdom. But the reason it didn't take was because they never developed Understanding. I've seen folks Build in Ciphers off essays they wrote and memorized... or that someone wrote for them and they memorized. How is that Understanding?

So yes, I display 3/4ths. But it's not because the 7 threatened me... and it's not because I'm parroting the thoughts of my man and/or educator. I display my 3/4ths because I Understand Serenity. I Understand the reasons behind 3/4ths. I Understand that indigenous people.. mostly women... all around the world maintain 3/4ths. It ain't what you been told, though, is it? I cover my head in solidarity with my US Original ancestors who weren't permitted by law to display their hair. I display 3/4ths because I already know I'm attractive without showing all the goodies. I display 3/4ths because I Understand who I am and I Understand my chosen Culture. I'm also not ashamed of the choices I make. Understanding has changed me... internally.

So for y'all folks who want to go with that 3/4ths in the mind thing... I suppose I'll just have to wait until your Understanding goes so deep inside you that it starts to come out of you. A man (in this case a Woman) is... not because of what she says... but because of what she does.