Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Peace Y’all,

I was building this morning with another Earth and we were discussing today’s Supreme Mathematics…. As we all should daily! And today being the Culture day, plus I’m pissed at some non-related issue, I was just thinking about Culture/Way of life as it applies to us/NGE and others. Travel me on this…..

Jews, Muslims, Amish, Mormons, etc. all have a way of life that is inclusive of their religion. Meaning if you know anything about their religion you can recognize them without them having to tell you who they are. While in grad school, it was easy to tell the Jewish students from the Muslim students from the traditional Indian students and so on. It wasn’t because they announced their faith or wore a t-shirt with their denomination printed on it, but because they just simply lived it.

Still in the past, I’m thinking about my bid as a Christian. Christians have is so easy. They do what they want because no matter what Jesus loves them. So they can hoe, kill, rob, strip, bang, whatever and still ask for forgiveness (and don’t forget paying that protection money) and they are good. Okay. I saw on HBO’s Real Sex, strippers, naked, holding hands in a circle praying for good luck in the Miss Naked Black Chick contest. So it’s hard to tell the Christians apart from the general public unless they are clergy. And the only time I see clergy repping their trade off the clock, is when it benefits them in some way. Like parking or something. Some truly devout Christians will have a doily on their heads or a crucifix or something. But even the jewelry isn’t a true giveaway. So how do you rep the culture of the masses?

Back to the present…. I’m an Earth. When you see me coming you can see I’m the Earth. The God ain’t shamed to be a poster boy for our Nation. When he goes abroad, for the most part, he has on a crown and a flag, wanting… hoping…. Eager for someone will ask any sort of question. I’ve witnessed him getting funky in IHOP. I say this to ask, what kind of God or Earth are you? Are you the closet on vacation type? That gets head wrapped and flagged down on the last Sunday of the month but no one would know any other time. Like you keep your crown and flag in the glove compartment and put it on, on your way to the cipher? Or are you keeping it real Understanding Equality Power days of the year?

I ain’t ‘bout to get in your business. You know where you stand.