Wednesday, February 10, 2016



This whole Beyonce Formation thing is ridiculous. But what it does do is provoke people into paying attention... is shows and proves that that him/devil does not like to be excluded from any Cipher. Even places that him/devil doesn't want to be. Yonce don't give a fuck and is woke af. I would call her "Earth" if she would just cover her ass consistantly... Just on her OWN gold, her great grandchildren won't have to fill out a job application to live in luxury. Never mind what her rich ass husband brings to the table.... I'm so over him/devil. Took him off in 1 day without falling victim to the devil's civilization....

But what the song Formation does do, is highlight the Culture of American Black people. I also saw a post on instagram that had me laughing that did the same thing. Black people have Culture. We have been in this wilderness for over 500 years. How long does it take to develop? We have our own ways of doing that folks TRY to mimic but ALWAYS get it wrong. And other Cultural elements we share with the devil and he bastardizes it and sells it back to us for a profit.

I think the problem is white folks are so used to being included. And they don't like when they aren't included. They get offended when they are left out. Example... the Formation lyrics say nothing to aggravate white folks. It's their confusion that has made them react as they have. Example: devils are griping on the internet that the song promotes violence against police.... point to the lyric that says such. I'll wait. And if you tripping about the song at the superbowl, then why are you complaining when there was no police car on the field? They also don't like when we have thoughts they haven't sanctioned. They really feel like we should do and feel what they tell us to. My boss is good for telling how I should feel about the work he assigns me that isn't on my job description. I should feel happy to be on call 24/7. Or I shouldn't be offended when people assume my white coworker is my supervisor and she isn't. I often inform him that for work that isn't on the JD won't happen and he only rents my body. My mind is my own. Devils filter other folks actions through the visor of their own thoughts and motivations. And we see how they think. Black power is not White power with a darker tint. But they refuse to understand. Its not in them to. Black History month is our thing. You don't have to like it... because they don't. It's for US to celebrate. And white history is shoved down our throuats every day of every year.

We have a Culture. We may not see it, because we are busy living it out daily. Jews and Muslims don't look at what they do differently and say... “Oh! we are doing Culture.” Nope. They just go on with their business and they do themselves. And that's what we do as Black folks living in America.