Thursday, September 17, 2015

Today's Mathematics: Knowledge God


Today's Supreme Mathematics Is Knowledge God. In the Supreme Alphabet it is Queen. And no... this is not a repeat of last months Build... though I know a lot of G's and E's have only the 1 Build per day... 17:40 As the question What is the meaning of civilization. I don't think it is a coincidence that these degrees share a coordinate.

This is not self serving when I say that women drive civilization. I grew up in a home with mostly men. There was Mommie and me holding down the female energy. Then there was my father, brother, and 2 uncles... all of which were older than I. My mother got off on working and shopping so I was more often than not left to the responsibility of men... Men. Are. Different. Simple as that. I can fight. I know more sports than I'm comfortable knowing. I know how to behave in a man's environment to elicit a response that I want.

For a lot of people the only difference between men and women as being their genitals. That's not the case. Men have one part of the vision and women the other. Just as it is imbalanced for a woman to raise children without a father... it's equally imbalanced for a father to raise a child without a mother. Both energies need to be present for a balanced Universe. What exactly do you call a sun without satellites? They are out there... but exactly what do they do? They have no universe... But they are amenable to a larger entity.....

Men may provide food clothing and shelter... But he does so in deference to a woman. Precise is the head of my Universe. He makes sure everything runs in a God Orderly Direction. I, however, am clearly in charge of our home. I plan the meals. I keep the house clean. I make sure his clothes are logical (You have to be a fly on the wall to Understand that) I add all the things that make our life comfortable. In hence... I am the manifestation of Civilization. Precise is the Civilizer... I am the Civilization.

And this is a natural organization. I ain't hating on it trying to step out of my lane to do what he does. I don't want the responsibility. Let me give you an example from my parents...

In 2002 I had to have surgery. Not same day surgery... Not be off work for a week surgery. I got cut open, had to recuperate in hospital for 8 days and be off work for 2 months kind of surgery. I told both parents. At the time I was married so neither of them really needed to be involved. But you know parents... you gotta keep them in the loop. My parents reacted to the news in 2 different ways. Mommie flipped out and told me she would come and be there for every gruesome moment and she was. Daddy said... “You gonna miss 2 months of work?” and then sent me 6 weeks worth of salary to cover my expenses. He knew I had 2 weeks of vacation. Who did more? And be mindful... had neither had done a thing, I would still be alright. Knowing I needed the surgery, I had put money aside; plus, I was married to man who had a full time job working with a Fortune 500 company. We would have been good if all we got from them were cards. If could pick one over the other, you did so based on your gender. They both did what they were supposed to. Daddy provided, Mommie nurtured. Even my in-laws prepared themselves to float us a loan or visit if they needed to. That is the balance.

So Gods..... don't act like your Earths don't bring anything to the table. She is a public manifestation of your ability to civilize. And Earths.... Don't be mad when your God is giving you Good Orderly Direction. It's what he's supposed to be doing.