Monday, January 4, 2016



Today's Supreme Mathematics is Culture. Culture is defined as the way of life. When 85ers think of the term “Culture” They are thinking not of what they manifest but of what others manifest. The connotation of “Culture” is often external. Unless you way of life is different from the population in which you reside, you don't just go to thinking that you have a Culture. It's just what you do. It's like how white folks in the US think that what they do is the default and everybody else is exotic.

When folks think of groups in the US with a dedicated Cultures you think of Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Rastafarians.... and us! Though most folks don't know us like that since we don't have their numbers. Jews don't eat pork or shrimp. They don't work on Saturdays. They only marry each other, etc. Muslims cover their heads, some of them. They don't eat pork either and pray 5x/day face down on rugs gender separated. Mormons have a million children and do the poly-marriage thing. They also dress like little house on the prarie. Rastas have dreadlocks and smoke the ganga while eating seeds and guts. Dang Serenity that was offensive! Well 5%er all have done prison bids, have no real jobs and seeds enough to plant a garden! It's what him/devil says about they various US Cultures that aren't them.

But this Build piggy backs off a previous Build. The Do You Hide in plain sight post. I have noticed with this 5% Culture that I more and more each year have changed my lifestyle to a point where folks don't recognize me anymore. Folks who have been with me all along are cool. But when I run into someone I haven't seen in 10 years, they seem shocked at my appearance and new customs.

I was never one to show my hills and mountains.... they don't need my help. They show themselves.... So it's not like I some reformed hoe. But I was a standard BAP pretty girl. I had the luscious perm/weave. I had the right clothes and stiletto heels. My nails always 10 perfect pair. I had the perfectly made up face. I drove the lavish cars and had the lavish hobbies. Many of those same traits are still within me, but the manifestation has changed. I look different... really different. I got my work ID when I started this job 13 years ago. It doesn't even resemble me now. Different hair. Different clothes. Different me. Security periodically asks if I'm wearing another's ID. Don't get it twisted. I'm still fly as hell and you can wear good heels under a long skirt. And my headwraps... I have one to match every outfit... be giving chicks fits!

I eat differently.... No one... NO ONE loves swine more than I did. My last meated meal was a pulled pork sandwich. I loved fat bacon... and ham... and ribs.. yes ribs!... and chops... and loin... and (ashamedly) chitterlings! I actually asked for my graduation meal to be chitterlings.... My mother made them, but was pissed, but she made them. I loved lamb and my favorite snack.... Slim Jims! My plate looks entirely different that it once did. That's Culture.

I no longer do the Standard holiday thing. But more importantly, I'm no longer super loud about not doing it. But I have gotten the message out significantly so folks don't even ask anymore. Thanksgiving and the the American holidays is pretty much it. No xmas. No Easter (though I still get an outfit for Easter). None of that! And it's just how I live...

No grace. I just eat my food. No Sunday obligations. I can hold malice in my heart toward another without feeling bad. I fear no divine retribution. I don't live with the illusion that someone on a cloud is looking out for me. When you don't do the mystery god, YOLO takes on a different intensity. I manifest my Culture not just “in the mind” but out in the open. When you internalize Understanding, eventually it comes out of you. You become a Walking Understand. And isn't that what 3/4ths is? An Understanding that comes out of you so profound that it becomes your Culture.


Hello 2016!


On the interwebs, it seems like 2015 was a pisser of a year for a lot of people. 2015 was the year my only brother died. That was the worse thing that happened to me in the calendar year. I thought about making some 2016 New Year's resolutions... But then I realized there wasn't much I wanted to change about myself. All the changes I want are external. And external changes aren't 100% completely in my realm to change. So this year I'm not making any resolutions!

4 days into this year.... I feel pretty good.


Friday, January 1, 2016



What is the Science?
Today's Kwanzaa Principle is Faith – Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge

The traditional Kwanzaa greeting is habari gani. Which means what's the news in Swahili. I don't do non-English. So my greeting will be.... What's the Science?

Faith is a touchy concept for many 5%ers. We say we live by the principle of “Show and Prove.” We have no place for faith. I agree and disagree. We have no place for religious faith. Just take the spookiness out of the word and this is in fact something we do. Like the way we use Islam.

The reason why we do faith is because we do hope. No one controls every aspect of their lives 100%. there are some things that we do, where we are unsure of the outcome. One of my mother's favorite phrases is, “step out on faith.” I Understand what she means by it. There are situations where you must throw caution to the wind and YOLO. There have been so may times in my life where I didn't Know what to do. But I Knew I had to do something. Every time but once, I've gone to the car dealership, I've been worried about what my credit will do. But I went anyway and I have always come home with the car of my choice. There was no white jesus involved in any of it. But there was faith in my own abilities to get what I wanted. Every time I've applied for a job, I did so not because I was certain I was going to get said job, but because I knew I wanted or needed one. I always have a job when I need one. Every time I get behind the wheel of my car, I assume (another form of faith) that I will arrive to my destination safely. Doesn't always happen. But I can't let the uncertainty hold me back. If I waited until I was 100% sure of everything in my life before proceeding.... I'd of been dead before I Knowledged 120.

You can't be certain of meds because they have side effects... some they don't know of yet but they let people take them. You don't Know which foods are genetically modified or moderately poisoned. When you go to a restaurant, you didn't see the people preparing your food. But you still eat it. When you date an individual, you don't Know if they aren't a crazy ax yielding serial killer. While waiting for the bus in the dark at 5:30am I don't know if I'm going to mauled by a rabid possum. It could happen. It has happened to others, but I still go to the same spot. That's faith.

Faith, the way I'm speaking on it, is expectancy. If you prepare a recipe according to it's directions, you have a level of assurance that it will look like the picture when you're done. When you complete an experiment you have assurance of the result. That is faith... non-spooky faith. I'm not saying go in every situation with know knowledge of whats going on. And I'm not saying don't use SM and the “show and prove” ideology. I am saying that sometimes faith is warranted.