Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This Again?


Here is the situation... And I'm a break it down for the slow people.... though the people it's intended for will not be reading this since I don't cater to that audience... but.... white people... YOU CANNOT USE THE WORD NIGGER! Regardless of what you see us do.

And that's the way it is.

Let me try to explain something that you already Understand but don't want to admit. You cannot use an insulting word as a term of endearment when It could never be applied to you in the 1st place.

(1) Bitch = female dog and an insult to women

(2) Homo/Faggot = gay/homosexual

(3) Beaner/Wetback/Spic = Latino insults

(4) Chink = Asian insult

(5) Wap/Dego/Guinea = Italian Insults

(6) Nigger = dictionary definition is an ignorant person. But we know it is a word that white people made up to call Black people.

First of all, white people don't ever call themselves "niggers". Since they don't it is not a word that applies to them. If they did it would be taken seriously?

Do you get the point? Folks who the insult applies to can use the term endearingly. It's the only way it can be a term of affection because then it flips to a term of self hate. And most people don't hate themselves to insult self like that.

And white folks are the ones who originally came up with these insults. Are they mad that now in this politically correct climate folks won't allow them to use them? Well use them all you want; but be prepared to lose all your money and/or get a beat down. Because that is the jsutice for those actions.

She Ain't sorry, just mad she got caught....


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You Mad?


This is something that I have seen in our Culture over and over again....


You don't.

They don't have to like you either.

The goal of the student/teacher relationship is to disseminate this Culture to the 85%. Not to become besties. I get that folks want to like their Educators but is is not necessary.

What if you live in a remote location and there is only 1 God who is the said person of the ability to teach you? (I put it that way because both my educators put it that way at different points in our relationships.) You're not going to get at this Culture because you don't like the individual teaching you? What if you don't come across another God for a decade? Think about all the people YOU could have taught during that time frame.

Frankly it's immature to only have relationships with people you like. If you dislike your coworker, will you quit your job? If you dislike a family member will you disown the entire family? If you don't like your teacher will you quit school? No to none of that. You wouldn't. It's in your best interest to deal and go one with your life. But you don't like your Educator your done with NGE? WOOOOOOOOW.... Then you didn't want this.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013



Folks are always, Always, ALWAYS talking about how Black folks need to elevate themselves and take back their existence from the devil in this wilderness of North America. I am here to tell you that that revolution will not be televised because it is within. And some folks will miss the revolution all together.

This is the year 2013. Slaves who opted not to take their freedom but rather wait on freedom to be granted to them by the devil (I am descended from these house and field niggers so don't trip), have been free for 148 years (Native Americans released their slaves 30-50 years later). Stands to reason there are no people alive ho participated in the enslavement of Black people. OK. I get that. But the mentality still exists. I see it everyday.

I see it when HBCU's that have been in existence since the 1800's are just now getting in trouble because they can't manage their money. They had no problem for years, months and days managing their money but in a course of 20 years nearly all of them begin to struggle. And most of it stems from poor decision making. Hmmm..... Also I see people refusing to do business with Original people. Preferring at times to get the same goods and services for more money and BRAG that they patronized said business like that is gonna earn them some brownie points. Hmmm..... I see our women wearing all manner of soft and silky weaves and scalp damaging perms so that they can emulate the devil. And will fight you if you tell them what they already know; it is no good for you. I mean who doesn't know that perms and weaves will ruin your scalp? But still they are out there getting them. Hmmm.... I see Black people saying that Affirmative Action is antiquated. If it is so antiquated, why is your race posted on every fucking thing you do? It doesn't need to be on your driver's license because your picture is on your license. But on every job application these folks ask you your race. Yes, you don't have to answer it, but I assure you the folks who check white do so with pride.... Hmmm.... I see Original people disregard perfectly good advice form other Original people to take really bad advice from devils and she-devils. Hmmm..... I see Original women dying to shake their asses in clothes that would make a gynecologist blush all because it's "designer". Hmmm... Y'all see this shit too!

You see where I'm going with this? White privilege is real y'all. And the opposite, Black detriment, is also equally as fucking real. So now what?

I'm awake. For real. And I'm going to continue to work my program. Yes I work for and with the devil, but they are only renting my time and not my mind. I do what I get paid to do and leave promptly at 5. But when it comes to my own gigs, I go all out. I am not looking for supplements aid and hand outs) from the devil. If he Cees me with his 3rd eye, he knows that I'm neither checking for him or am concerned about how he fees about my decisions. I'm Free in addition being awake.

And as for my people who won't wake up no matter how I/we shake them.... Well y'all can stay asleep. There comes a point where you have to wash your hands of the dead weight. Y'all can die with your masters. And that is really hard for Original people to do. We by nature are a caring people. We feel connected to people. That's why when something bad happens we hope the perpetrator is not Black. That's why we keep feeling like we need a leader to unite us. We are a social people. B.U.T.... One monkey don't stop no show. And if you ain't riding, I ain't picking you up.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Shoulda Been Yesterday's Build....


I know you have heard of 5%er, 10%ers and 85%ers. If not what are you doing reading this blog???? But One thing I keep hearing more and more of is the the 5/10/85 break down of the 5% of the poor part of the planet Earth.

Initially when I heard this Build, I tucked it in with a lot of Builds that I don't agree with. A lot of people within the Culture misunderstand. We don't have to agree with everything another 5%er says. No. The person speaking has the burden of proof via showing and proving. If they do, GREAT. If they don't, they get bombed. As they should. If you don't want to be bombed just don't speak. No one forces you to step in the Cipher. But I digress.....

When I was a church going Christian woman, we used to recite what is known as "The Affirmation of Faith." It was a breakdown of everything that a good Christian should believe. When in the course of my studies I got to the Knowledge Equality degree of the 1-40, I saw that degree as and affirmation as well. But instead of an Affirmation of Faith, it was an "Affirmation of Truth/Culture." Whenever I quote this degree, I change it. I change the whos to we or I. This degree let me know what was expected of me as an Earth in Allah's 5% Nation of Gods and Earths. Technically since I do that, I'm misquoting the degree. But I will take that action when it comes.

I can truly cee the 5/10/85 breakdown within our own numbers. One should assume that everybody with a righteous name should at least have Knowledge of Self. One should assume.... But don't. There are some folks who give in to peer pressure and follow our rules and regulations with no Understanding. For them, this is a religion. Because that is the definition of Religion. Acting with no Understanding. So they are 85% withing our own Nation. And you can see and hear it. Their Builds are super silly and basic. Especially when they are speaking to folks used to dealing in high science. Or their Wisdom does not reflect our teaching. They live savage in the pursuit of happiness. Listen... if you have KOS and 120..... you have no business going to jail. Seriously, that's not Mathematical. You shouldn't be having a bunch of babies that you neither want or can afford. That is just stupid and proves that you don't get this. You are an 85er with a righteous name. Oh, and if you have a ridiculously long name that causes folks to break out in laughter.... you might be a righteous 85er.

Now... there are people.... and those people KNOW who they are.... who use this Culture to exploit it's members. Those are the righteous 10%ers. I'm not caring if you get offended here. Hit dogs will holler. If you are using students to paint or clean your house and not paying them.... You might be a righteous 10%er. If you have interns doing REAL work for you, who you also don't pay? You are a righteous 10%er. If you don't really teach women, but you use this Culture to draw up some Power You? You are a righteous 10%er. If you sell 120 over the internet? You are a righteous 10%er. If you only teach people based on who many of your books they buy.... You are a righteous 10%er. Just because an individual claims our Culture doesn't mean our Culture claims them.

And of course If you are a poor righteous teacher... and if "poor" only conotates poverty, you need to read a little more and get exposed to different ideas. If you do not adhere to the bullshit the 10% perpetrates. If your actions are sure and are based in Knowledge, and you Know who you are... And with said information you let everyone else Know it.... even if they don't ask you a question, they recognize that you are elevated above other folks and on your own merit without beating others down so that you look better. And you make it easy for these other people to see your work and emulate it or teach those that are bold enough to do the Knowledge for themselves. If you can do ALL that... You just might be a true and Living 5%er.

And I bare witness.... there are not that many of us around.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What Do You Want????


I am amazed daily at how unsatisfied people are. I am even more amazed that the source of their unsatisfaction stems directly from them not knowing what it is they want.

I vend. Small things. Crowns, headwraps, bags, jewelry, etc. I don't make my living vending. I have a square job. It's a hobby. My side gig includes my work as a seamstress. I make custom garments, alterations, quilts, etc. I have the ability to make things EXACTLY the way you want them. The problem is folks cannot articulate what they want. They need to see something before they know they want it. I find that odd. I am just the opposite. When I leave the house in search of something it is because I have developed a clear picture in my head regarding what I want. I don't purchase what people have to sell; more so, I buy what it is that I want. I suppose that's why I sew. I can make exactly the garments I want to wear.

Nothing pisses me off more when someone leaves my table to walk over to another table selling the exact same thing and buy something. Not because I don't have it... I make them right there custom and it takes me exactly 20 minutes to make a crown from scratch.... but because they don't know what they want until they see it. That leaves me to have to anticipate what folks want. And I do, but I much rather folks tell me exactly what they want.

Y'all see where I'm going with this? I'm using my side hustle as an example of what I consider a bigger problem. Folks not knowing what they want or having unreal expectations. All of that leads to unhappiness. The same people who cannot tell me what they want in a crown, or garment, or quilt don't live without these things. They go on to lay down their gold for what someone else tells them is what they should have. That's not cool and it certainly is not mathematical. The 1st tenet of this Culture is to Know oneself. Knowing onself implies you know and understand your own desires. If you don't know yourself, how do you know that you are living the life you want to live? Are you working the job you want. Are you driving the car you want to drive? Is your consort the person you want? Are you just settling?

I know that I have no desire to eat at a steakhouse. So if someone suggests we go to one, I will politely say, "no thank you." I will not lay my gold down at a place where I know my interests are not going to be met. But before I act, I will do the knowledge to the restaurant. If they have food that I will eat that meets my price:quality expectations I will go.... and not before. Serenity Knows who she is and what she wants. And if I don't know what I want, because no one Knows everything, I Do the Knowledge.. Sometimes mutiple times before a I act.

Don't you love it when a build corresponds to the day's math?


Monday, June 3, 2013

______ While Black (You fill it in)


This is not my normal righteous Build that I do here. I had a bad experience that I wanted to share with y'all.

I have really upped my running game to 4 miles every other day unless it rains. I feel amazing at the accomplishment. My body likes it too. For my Ayurvedic dosha I am supposed to do serious cardio and I have been getting it in. But also because of my dosha, I am supposed to switch things up from time to time. I did that this weekend, and this is what happened....

I am always peeping new spots to run in my own neighborhood. Other folks get to run in their neighborhoods, why shouldn't I? so I decided to run this path I had already measured it should have been 4 miles round trip with some crazy hill to lift my butt. I leave out of my house at 6 am and start on the trail. 3/4 into the 1st part (of 2) I run past a police car with a white, yes I said white, man sitting in the driver's side. I thought nothing of it since I wasn't doing anything wrong. A 1/4 of a mile later the same police man runs me off the road and accuses me of solicitation! WTF? Me? What? I can't.....

I know that that type of stuff happens in the neighborhood. I have had the experience while running to have cars with a man or men pull along side me and beeping. I ignore it; they drive off. I have had the pleasure of running past women mid negotiation. This was another reason I wanted to change up my routes. Also I was meeting the same people on my run and that's not always good. Especially since I run the same route around the same time. So I decided to run through a residential neighborhood. Last time I checked you couldn't order up a hoe like a pizza but I could be wrong. I have never ordered one.

Why I gotta be a hoe? I was dressed in 3/ths--- no shorts, sleeves to the elbow, all the goddies put up--- I had my headphones and my water. Why does this label me a hoe? I was even matching looking purposefully working out. 3/4 Black pants, a blue hoodie (It was the damn hoodie!!!!!!) and my new Adidas. That is not the whore's uniform.

I had a similar problem a few months back that had me add pepper spray to my running gear. Some teen aged boys tried to handle me because they said I turned them on. And somehow it was my fault. They saw me, crossed the street and tried to put hands on me. But I was wrong for hitting them with a stick and breaking camp. One of their mothers saw me hit one of them and came after me in her car since I had run off. I told her what her beloved tried to do to me... oh did I mention they were supposed to be in church but were outside fucking with me.... and she said it was my fault for not running in more clothes. Apparently I needed to be running in a burqua to satisfy these people.

Now that I think about it... Maybe I should run amongst the white people. You know those spots and trails where they run. But then I run the risk of being considered an interloper and a thief. Black women in America ain't supposed to be physically fit and into things like running. We are supposed to be young hoes that morph in to Aunt Jemina when we are old. I suppose if I want to exercise I should practice my twerking or pole dancing. I'm really sick of being marginalized when I'm minding my own business.

So i suppose these are my choices....