Tuesday, June 18, 2013



Folks are always, Always, ALWAYS talking about how Black folks need to elevate themselves and take back their existence from the devil in this wilderness of North America. I am here to tell you that that revolution will not be televised because it is within. And some folks will miss the revolution all together.

This is the year 2013. Slaves who opted not to take their freedom but rather wait on freedom to be granted to them by the devil (I am descended from these house and field niggers so don't trip), have been free for 148 years (Native Americans released their slaves 30-50 years later). Stands to reason there are no people alive ho participated in the enslavement of Black people. OK. I get that. But the mentality still exists. I see it everyday.

I see it when HBCU's that have been in existence since the 1800's are just now getting in trouble because they can't manage their money. They had no problem for years, months and days managing their money but in a course of 20 years nearly all of them begin to struggle. And most of it stems from poor decision making. Hmmm..... Also I see people refusing to do business with Original people. Preferring at times to get the same goods and services for more money and BRAG that they patronized said business like that is gonna earn them some brownie points. Hmmm..... I see our women wearing all manner of soft and silky weaves and scalp damaging perms so that they can emulate the devil. And will fight you if you tell them what they already know; it is no good for you. I mean who doesn't know that perms and weaves will ruin your scalp? But still they are out there getting them. Hmmm.... I see Black people saying that Affirmative Action is antiquated. If it is so antiquated, why is your race posted on every fucking thing you do? It doesn't need to be on your driver's license because your picture is on your license. But on every job application these folks ask you your race. Yes, you don't have to answer it, but I assure you the folks who check white do so with pride.... Hmmm.... I see Original people disregard perfectly good advice form other Original people to take really bad advice from devils and she-devils. Hmmm..... I see Original women dying to shake their asses in clothes that would make a gynecologist blush all because it's "designer". Hmmm... Y'all see this shit too!

You see where I'm going with this? White privilege is real y'all. And the opposite, Black detriment, is also equally as fucking real. So now what?

I'm awake. For real. And I'm going to continue to work my program. Yes I work for and with the devil, but they are only renting my time and not my mind. I do what I get paid to do and leave promptly at 5. But when it comes to my own gigs, I go all out. I am not looking for supplements aid and hand outs) from the devil. If he Cees me with his 3rd eye, he knows that I'm neither checking for him or am concerned about how he fees about my decisions. I'm Free in addition being awake.

And as for my people who won't wake up no matter how I/we shake them.... Well y'all can stay asleep. There comes a point where you have to wash your hands of the dead weight. Y'all can die with your masters. And that is really hard for Original people to do. We by nature are a caring people. We feel connected to people. That's why when something bad happens we hope the perpetrator is not Black. That's why we keep feeling like we need a leader to unite us. We are a social people. B.U.T.... One monkey don't stop no show. And if you ain't riding, I ain't picking you up.