Monday, June 17, 2013

Shoulda Been Yesterday's Build....


I know you have heard of 5%er, 10%ers and 85%ers. If not what are you doing reading this blog???? But One thing I keep hearing more and more of is the the 5/10/85 break down of the 5% of the poor part of the planet Earth.

Initially when I heard this Build, I tucked it in with a lot of Builds that I don't agree with. A lot of people within the Culture misunderstand. We don't have to agree with everything another 5%er says. No. The person speaking has the burden of proof via showing and proving. If they do, GREAT. If they don't, they get bombed. As they should. If you don't want to be bombed just don't speak. No one forces you to step in the Cipher. But I digress.....

When I was a church going Christian woman, we used to recite what is known as "The Affirmation of Faith." It was a breakdown of everything that a good Christian should believe. When in the course of my studies I got to the Knowledge Equality degree of the 1-40, I saw that degree as and affirmation as well. But instead of an Affirmation of Faith, it was an "Affirmation of Truth/Culture." Whenever I quote this degree, I change it. I change the whos to we or I. This degree let me know what was expected of me as an Earth in Allah's 5% Nation of Gods and Earths. Technically since I do that, I'm misquoting the degree. But I will take that action when it comes.

I can truly cee the 5/10/85 breakdown within our own numbers. One should assume that everybody with a righteous name should at least have Knowledge of Self. One should assume.... But don't. There are some folks who give in to peer pressure and follow our rules and regulations with no Understanding. For them, this is a religion. Because that is the definition of Religion. Acting with no Understanding. So they are 85% withing our own Nation. And you can see and hear it. Their Builds are super silly and basic. Especially when they are speaking to folks used to dealing in high science. Or their Wisdom does not reflect our teaching. They live savage in the pursuit of happiness. Listen... if you have KOS and 120..... you have no business going to jail. Seriously, that's not Mathematical. You shouldn't be having a bunch of babies that you neither want or can afford. That is just stupid and proves that you don't get this. You are an 85er with a righteous name. Oh, and if you have a ridiculously long name that causes folks to break out in laughter.... you might be a righteous 85er.

Now... there are people.... and those people KNOW who they are.... who use this Culture to exploit it's members. Those are the righteous 10%ers. I'm not caring if you get offended here. Hit dogs will holler. If you are using students to paint or clean your house and not paying them.... You might be a righteous 10%er. If you have interns doing REAL work for you, who you also don't pay? You are a righteous 10%er. If you don't really teach women, but you use this Culture to draw up some Power You? You are a righteous 10%er. If you sell 120 over the internet? You are a righteous 10%er. If you only teach people based on who many of your books they buy.... You are a righteous 10%er. Just because an individual claims our Culture doesn't mean our Culture claims them.

And of course If you are a poor righteous teacher... and if "poor" only conotates poverty, you need to read a little more and get exposed to different ideas. If you do not adhere to the bullshit the 10% perpetrates. If your actions are sure and are based in Knowledge, and you Know who you are... And with said information you let everyone else Know it.... even if they don't ask you a question, they recognize that you are elevated above other folks and on your own merit without beating others down so that you look better. And you make it easy for these other people to see your work and emulate it or teach those that are bold enough to do the Knowledge for themselves. If you can do ALL that... You just might be a true and Living 5%er.

And I bare witness.... there are not that many of us around.