Monday, June 3, 2013

______ While Black (You fill it in)


This is not my normal righteous Build that I do here. I had a bad experience that I wanted to share with y'all.

I have really upped my running game to 4 miles every other day unless it rains. I feel amazing at the accomplishment. My body likes it too. For my Ayurvedic dosha I am supposed to do serious cardio and I have been getting it in. But also because of my dosha, I am supposed to switch things up from time to time. I did that this weekend, and this is what happened....

I am always peeping new spots to run in my own neighborhood. Other folks get to run in their neighborhoods, why shouldn't I? so I decided to run this path I had already measured it should have been 4 miles round trip with some crazy hill to lift my butt. I leave out of my house at 6 am and start on the trail. 3/4 into the 1st part (of 2) I run past a police car with a white, yes I said white, man sitting in the driver's side. I thought nothing of it since I wasn't doing anything wrong. A 1/4 of a mile later the same police man runs me off the road and accuses me of solicitation! WTF? Me? What? I can't.....

I know that that type of stuff happens in the neighborhood. I have had the experience while running to have cars with a man or men pull along side me and beeping. I ignore it; they drive off. I have had the pleasure of running past women mid negotiation. This was another reason I wanted to change up my routes. Also I was meeting the same people on my run and that's not always good. Especially since I run the same route around the same time. So I decided to run through a residential neighborhood. Last time I checked you couldn't order up a hoe like a pizza but I could be wrong. I have never ordered one.

Why I gotta be a hoe? I was dressed in 3/ths--- no shorts, sleeves to the elbow, all the goddies put up--- I had my headphones and my water. Why does this label me a hoe? I was even matching looking purposefully working out. 3/4 Black pants, a blue hoodie (It was the damn hoodie!!!!!!) and my new Adidas. That is not the whore's uniform.

I had a similar problem a few months back that had me add pepper spray to my running gear. Some teen aged boys tried to handle me because they said I turned them on. And somehow it was my fault. They saw me, crossed the street and tried to put hands on me. But I was wrong for hitting them with a stick and breaking camp. One of their mothers saw me hit one of them and came after me in her car since I had run off. I told her what her beloved tried to do to me... oh did I mention they were supposed to be in church but were outside fucking with me.... and she said it was my fault for not running in more clothes. Apparently I needed to be running in a burqua to satisfy these people.

Now that I think about it... Maybe I should run amongst the white people. You know those spots and trails where they run. But then I run the risk of being considered an interloper and a thief. Black women in America ain't supposed to be physically fit and into things like running. We are supposed to be young hoes that morph in to Aunt Jemina when we are old. I suppose if I want to exercise I should practice my twerking or pole dancing. I'm really sick of being marginalized when I'm minding my own business.

So i suppose these are my choices....