Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This Again?


Here is the situation... And I'm a break it down for the slow people.... though the people it's intended for will not be reading this since I don't cater to that audience... but.... white people... YOU CANNOT USE THE WORD NIGGER! Regardless of what you see us do.

And that's the way it is.

Let me try to explain something that you already Understand but don't want to admit. You cannot use an insulting word as a term of endearment when It could never be applied to you in the 1st place.

(1) Bitch = female dog and an insult to women

(2) Homo/Faggot = gay/homosexual

(3) Beaner/Wetback/Spic = Latino insults

(4) Chink = Asian insult

(5) Wap/Dego/Guinea = Italian Insults

(6) Nigger = dictionary definition is an ignorant person. But we know it is a word that white people made up to call Black people.

First of all, white people don't ever call themselves "niggers". Since they don't it is not a word that applies to them. If they did it would be taken seriously?

Do you get the point? Folks who the insult applies to can use the term endearingly. It's the only way it can be a term of affection because then it flips to a term of self hate. And most people don't hate themselves to insult self like that.

And white folks are the ones who originally came up with these insults. Are they mad that now in this politically correct climate folks won't allow them to use them? Well use them all you want; but be prepared to lose all your money and/or get a beat down. Because that is the jsutice for those actions.

She Ain't sorry, just mad she got caught....