Monday, July 1, 2013

My Trayvon Experience


My parents were married until right before my 18th bornday. I'm the youngest of 2. It was important that to them that they be married until I was legal. ???? IDK... But they stopped living together before I was conceived. My dad had his co-op and my mother had her house. My parents co-parented us. They equally participated in all our activities with their time, resources and money. But that's not what this Build is about. I just didn't want you to assume my dad was a absentee father.

My father lived in a co-op. Living in a small space allowed him to contribute on the mortgage. I never lived there with him. I had 2 stepsisters... as I call them.... who lived there at different times with their mothers. But I lived in the same city as Daddy, with my mother. If my mother went out of town, I stayed home and my father would babysit me at home. I am really funny about my surroundings. And this is the reason why....

One weekend, Daddy decided that my stepsisters and I should spend the weekend together at his complex. He promised to take us skating and I was in. I went over there on a Saturday and was supposed to be there until Monday. Monday was Labor Day. Mommie was ok with that. She wanted to get me ready for school without my intervention.

My sisters and I decided to go outside in the complex's courtyard and jump rope. The complex had a very stern security guard. Reminds me of a thin Uncle Ruckus. While we were playing on the inside of the gated complex this security guard came up to us and asked me, in particular, what were we doing. It was clearly self explanatory. He said no outside children were allowed to play in the playground. We said our father lived there and we weren't outside children. The guard said, he knew my 2 step sisters but not me and I had to leave. Then... he picked me up, while I kicked and screamed, and threw me off the property. Operative word... threw. I had scrapes on my arms and legs. (My father said he hated returning me to my mother broken. She would cut a fool!) One sister followed screaming like I was, the other went and got Daddy. The security guard locked me outside the gate.

Daddy came outside and asked what happened, as if he didn't already know because I'm certain my sister told him. He let me back in and told us that we needed to go back to playing just as we had before the guard came. We did. My dad could inspire fear in any person's heart; especially when he was mad. Uncle Ruckus came back and snatched my arm again and began dragging me. He came up behind me with no warning and started cursing me like a sailor. That's when Daddy swooped in and put hands on him. Daddy beat the shit out of that man. Then asked him why he was harassing me. The guard said he didn't know me, and was doing his job.

There was more fighting and words but you get it.

I tell this story because I was a young girl and man handled by a grown assed man who had to know he could do anything he wanted to me. Any fight I had could easily be countered by this man who at the time was twice my height and 3x my weight. But he did it anyway.

George Zimmerman needs to go to jail.

From scared children everywhere.