Thursday, July 18, 2013

Today's Math: Knowledge Build/ Destroy abbt Born


At some point we need to get back to normalcy. I'm not saying anger and outrage does not have it's place but we need to learn the lessons and move FORWARD.

Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Build/Destroy abbt Born. I cee that; especially in newborns. And especially in women.

IMO one of the scariest things in our Nation that You need to become proficient in is Building in the Cipher. I don't know about you, but I used to shit bricks at the thought of standing in the Cipher to Build. I found and still find all kinds a reasons to avoid it. But should I feel the need to Build I do.

But I get asked by newborn Earths exactly how and what their Build should contain. So I'm a make Knowledge Born with this little primer right here...
1..... Step in the Cipher. Agressive 7's will usually back down when they see an Earth coming in. Hey, it's a perk!

2..... Start by saying "Peace" Everybody will aggressively say Peace back to you. Don't let that rattle your concentration.

3..... Introduce yourself. You can say, "I come in the Name..." or my favorite "I come with the attribute..." or you can simply say, "My name is..." But always say your name before Building. Even if your have Built before and everybody Knows you.

4..... Reference the Day's Math. Parliaments and/or Rallies are about every person's interpretation of that day's degree in 120 or in the SM and SA. So don't stand there talking about something completely unrelated unless it was requested. When you speak it should be on the topic of the day's SM. Even if you Build on a degree, it need to include that day's SM. Even in this blog, sometimes I will write a blog on a off day and schedule it to post on the day it matches. There are rules and regulations.

5..... When you Build, make eye contact with every one there and speak up. Nothing looks more painful than a person quietly Building looking at the ground or at everything else than the people there. You do that folks won't listen, start having side convos and possible walk out.

6..... Don't reference a degree you can't quote. Seriously. You will get clowned and you should. Think about this... If the police stops you in a car and you have no license, what will happen to you? Do you deserve it? Some trees teach to not Build in the Cipher until you have 120. Some advocate jumping in with both feet at will. Tread at your own risk.

7..... When you finish say "Peace" and go back to where you where you were standing.

And that's pretty much it.

A few observations:
I find it rude for folks to walk in off the street, Build and bounce. So folks are supposed to listen to you, but you don't have to listen to anyone else? That rude and more important, It's not Mathematical because it shows no Equality.

Don't make noise while folks are Building. If you have to be told that then we should discuss your level of hometraining. I'm not saying don't make noises that support the person speaking, but don't answer your phone or play a game.

I am a big advocate on bringing your children to Parliaments. But I am also an advocate of children learnign at Parliaments rather then them just free balling all over the place. Don't have your kids in the back reading out loud during the Parliament. Now folks want to be on some, "You can't hold the babies back like that" but it's NOT holding them back. It's teaching them how to behave in public. Children must know their place in the world. You teach your children to run amok they do that when they get to school. Then they get classified and medicated and you wonder why your kid can't read. Children need boundaries. You want to see them play and be free, do that on your time.

When women Build amongst each other, we tend to talk about our feelings... I don't see anything wrong with that. But men do. If you are Building in a majority male Cipher then you need to adjust your Build for the people your talking to otherwise it won't be received. And if it isn't received, what's the point?

So what can you expect at a Rally or Parliament? Folks standing in a circle and periodically someone standing in the center giving your their perspective. At the end, folks like to take pictures and sing the Enlightener. Afterward, in most places there is a sharing of food. Babies 1st, Earths next, gods last.