Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Great Melting Pot


The place... Newark, NJ. The year.... 1997. The locaction.... The Priory (a Restaurant) during lunch. I was planning my wedding to my 1st husband, a friend (at the time) whom I was having lunch with was curious about some of the plans for the wedding. I, an Original woman from the wilderness of North America, was planning to have (and did) a "Broom Jumping Ceremony" at the wedding that was separate from the church service. I wanted it separate so that it could stand on it's own merrit. She, a muslim woman originally from Egypt, commented, why would you want to remember something to sad and tragic like slavery?

Fast forward to this morning. Yesterday, while doing the Knowledge to Solstice traditions, (I am really curious why the apocalyspe of 2012 is scheduled near the winter solstice) I came across a celebration called Junkanoo/John Canoe/John Kuner. A white person asked me what I was reading so intently and I told him. Explained what I had learned in the 24 hours since finding out about it, and he shook his head and informed me that Black people will never get ahead if we keep holding on to the past. Really? I asked him to explain. When I took his head I wanted him/devil to know why.

This... person... said that we as a race needed to get over slavery. It was long gone and no Blacke person is currently affected by it. Long gone? I asked. My great great grand mother was born a slave. Is that long gone? He said. Impossible (I know why he found that hard to believe... And so do you). I shook my head. He asked when my mother was born (nosy mf'er ain't he?) I told him he seemed confused. He asked my age, I told him and added that both my grand parents were born at the turn of the 20th century. Emmancipation came in 1865 So yes that fits. He had to pull out his phone to verify. That's one argument down the drain.

Since he got all in my Kool-Aid I asked him a few questions about himself. His peops hail from Ireland. So I was like y'all don't celebrate St. Patrick's day right? He looked like I had just slapped the taste out of his mouth. And said YES YES the celebrate and celebrate big. I asked why, since they no longer reside in Ireland and I suspected and later confirmed that he never set foot in Ireland. So.......? He admitted defeat and ask we parted company I suggested that he get some potatoes.

Black folks in this country have very little in the way of our OWN traditions. Partly our fault, partly him/devil. We weren't allowed ot keep our native African traditions while enslaved. We came up with new ones... like jumping the broom. When segreation was allegedly repealed, Black folks stove hard to do like the white man rather than the other way around. In that process we lost a lot of our identity. I just want to get mine back. For me and mine.

Also Black people have this shame regarding slavery. What do WE have to be ashamed about? Did we go to a country and force people against their wills to board a ship, leave their native country to never return? Did Black people strip themselves of their clothes and dignity and willingly become chattel to serve him/devil? Did we willingly separate from our families by agreeing to be sold off to different planatations? Did Black women ask to be raped and miscengenated? Did we asked to be whipped and brutalized? Did we ask to live in shacky houses and eat the white man's cast offs? Did we do anything wrong? EMPHATICALLY NO! I'm proud that I come from a stock of survivors and inovators.

What I think white people don't like is that we have and do things they can't. They could try to broom jump at their weddings but would look ridiculous. They can never say the n-word and convince folks they meant it in love. It's not believable when they "catch" the Holy Ghost in their churches. They can't rap either (Screw Eminem!). So what they do is demonize what they cannot do. I ain't mad at them for trying. 35:40. They doing everything to remain relevant to Original people. But for devils relevance is synonymous to colonization and in this present hisrtory or koran, that ain't going to happen.

It is important that we retain as much of the history and traditions that came through slavery as possible. Contrary to popular opinion, we aren't African. Haven't been in a long time. Africans will tell you that we aren't African. I don't even call or consider myself and African-American. I'm an American, Damnit. Like it or not. Slavery is what we have. And yes, it is painful for some to remember how we were mistreated by the devil, but is equally important to keep that in mind so that we don't fall for the okie doke a second time.

You feel me?


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What will you do with your Light?

Peace Y'all.

Today, the Wisdom Knowledge day, marks the Winter solstice. For some the winter solstice is a spooky event. I did the knowledge to a few, of many celebrations that are held near this time of year and they all held a similar thread. Folks were afraid that if they didn't 'do' something to mark the solstice, the sun would not return.

Now in 2010, we know that the winter solstice marks the shortest appearance of the sun in a given rotation. It's not even the same day all over the planet. In Australia it's in June. But as the 14:40 says the 85% are hard headed (easily led in the wrong direction hard to be led in the right direction) and the 9:40 says that the 85% won't let the 5% teach them, so they observe these spooky holidays this time of year.

In defense of the solstice, it is an actually astrological event. Due to the Earth's elliptical orbit and her 23.5* tilt, this date marks the date when the Sun shines the least on the particular hemisphere (it's different from north to south).

So many builds can come from that concept. I could say that it represents how women can be fearful that men won't return when they go out to buy a pack of cigarettes. To make sure that they always return they are willing to put up with any type of behavior just to have a chance at some light. I could build that way, but I won't.

I could say that the 23* degree tilt coincides with the God degree of the 1-10. Saying that the Sun works the 23* on the planet, the same way the God works his Queen and Seeds. I won't say that either.

I could say in relationships there is a constant waning and waxing of situations and emotions. There are warm currents and there are cold currents. And just as the Sun sheds his light heavy in certain parts of the Earth at certain times and less at others, The Sun never stops shining and will always come full circle and do it again. The easiest way to renew a circular history is with 1 step. It just keeps coming doesn't it?

I recognize that people like to party. It's innate. They look for any reason to get down. I also realize that most of the world has bought into the okie doke. So they tie foolishness in with their partying. I guess people don't realize that you can party when you want. You don't need a special occasion to build with the people you love. But I do recognize that life can get a little boring without something to look forward too.

Allah's 5% Nation of Gods and Earth does not recognize a higher power than the Black man. And Unless your bornday is December 25th then folks in your cipher probably won't be having any major celebrations.

My cee on it is.... The solstices and equinoxes are legitimate/provable holidays/observance/whatever, that can remind all of us of the special relationship between the Sun and the Earth. That The Earth is the only planet in the solar system that we know of that can support life and does. That we need the Sun for sustenance and the Sun needs us to born his understanding. It ain't nothing but love here.

I will strive to be nice to the God this evening. And allow him to shower me with his... ahem... light and return to him my warmth. It ain't easy. I can be obstinate. Luckily there isn't any football on this evening, but damn if basketball ain't all consuming. We shall see.




I don't have children. Folks tell me that I should not have opinions on child raising because of that fact. If you feel that way, move on to the next blog. This one is loaded with my opinion.

When I was in high school, an after school part time job. Not because I needed to contribute to the family's finances but because everyone had a one and I wanted to be able to obtain my own stuff without asking my parents. If you have to ask for something then they get to censor it or give you their opinion. My parent's weren't rich either. Daddy got rich after we got grown and he didn't live with us. Mommie was a teacher. We did alright. I despise people who feel like children OUGHT to contribute financially to the household. Is that why you had them?

Now I'm not saying that I didn't have responsibilities. I had chores. I never received an allowance... EVER. And I had to pay rent. $10/week. That was more for gas than for rent. I got off work at 9:30-10ish and she didn't like me catching the bus home. Said it wasn't safe. And it wasn't. Whenever I would have troubles at work, Mommie would give me guidance, but she'd also remind me, that I was working because I wanted too and not because I had too. She was right then too.

I had a friend who I was cool with before KOS that used to call me lazy and spoiled. She was raised in the projects on assistance. I'm assuming that has clouded her world view. Also I met her in church am I'm certain that she thought that she could talk to me like that since I was a good Christian and shit. She couldn't. I powerfully hurt her feelings and slept very well that night. The nerve.... Calling me lazy and spoiled while I worked 3 jobs to pay for my wedding (1 full 2 part time).

Her reasoning behind that, was that I was living at home and not paying my mother rent. I didn't see that that was her business. But the outrage in her demeanor led me to question her while she cried after I went off on her. She said that I owed it to my mother to contribute to the household. Yeah, I was grown. And I had lived on my own for 6 years before moving back in with her. But, I was working toward a goal and she was in agreement with said goal. This was her gift to me. And my mother ain't broke and does not need me to give her my gold. Hell, because of investments, social security and pension, today she makes more retired than I make working. And I ain't mad at that.

Old girl then regaled me with a tale of a 15 year old chick that went straight to a beauty salon after school and worked there braiding heads Tuesday-Friday and all day on Saturday. She took in under the table work on Sundays and Mondays. Basically she worked non-stop. All this to help her mother pay the mortgage. WTF? If I needed my adolescent children to help me pay a mortgage, perhaps I don't need a mortgage. Maybe rent is sufficient. I bet at 15 that same chick is told when to come home, who she can see and cannot see and a bunch of different rules that someone who is chipping in on a mortgage usually doesn't have to abide by.

At 15, she should be focused on school and extra curricular activities. You cannot convince me with all that work she did, that she was proficient in her schoolwork or had the appropriate social life. When did she find time to learn basic yet important lessons that if not properly learned will cause an ass of grief in the long run? Maybe she is still stunted and that was 12 years ago.

I also remember friends who at age 18, whether they were done with high school or not, their parents would put them out the house. That shit is crazy. I can see if you are 18 years old acting a fool, but good children just tossed out like trash and told to make their way in the world? That's some bullshit right there! I really can't see why a parent would do this. But I know plenty of parents that did and children this happened to.

I used to work with this woman who had 1 child. A daughter. And she had a calendar where she was marking off the days until she could legally kick this chick out of the house. I initially thought the daughter was a problem child. But she said no. Good grades, obedient, no boys. I was like then why do you want her out of the house? She said because she will be 18 and that's all the legal responsibility she had to her. I saw this same lady decades later. Her husband had returned tot he essence and she was elderly living in an old folks home with my grandmother. You know, the come and go type. She recognized me 1st. And after some hugs and hellos (she had always been really nice to me, but she could have been checking off the days until I went back to college) I asked her about her daughter. She said she rarely hears from the child. She seemed hurt. I don't know why. This is what she wanted.

My mother IS and has ALWAYS been crazy, but I also know she'd give me a kidney if she didn't have diabetes or my brother didn't need it 1st. Yeah, me and her don't speak like mothers and daughter can, but if she needs me, she knows I'm there. And I suppose vice versa, unless I'm in jail. She'd leave me to rot in a holding cell. She might not have been the most affectionate of parents and might not have done all the things I may have wanted, but she raised/parented me. Might have been a little rough (I still don't think it's cool to punch a little girl in the chest when she is crying and tell her to man up), but I am standing on my own square when I have seen, less topple others. And if I needed to crash at her pad today, she'd let me. Oh, she would talk much trash to my face and behind my back. She would annoy the bejesus out of me, but at the end of the day, I wouldn't be homeless.

Childhood should be a time for learning, but also for fun and self-realization. I think it's terrible for parents to impose things on their children that isn't necessarily beneficial for them. Like the Michael Jackson song, Starting Something says, "If you can't feed your baby(yeah yeah), then don't have a baby (yeah yeah). And don't think maybe (yeah yeah), if you can't feed your baby (yeah yeah)...."


Monday, December 20, 2010


Peace Y'all,

The previous post got me thinking.... A lot of people have issues with my blogs. I have been accused of writing about people in my blogs. I have been blogging for over 7 years and I really don't know what people expect. It's not the blogging that they have issues with, they all assume I'm talking about them. Well.... So what?

Folks who blog, blog about issues and people in their lives. I'm not shooting from the hip here. I follow and read a lot of other blogs. I see pictures of people's homes, hobbies, children, friends, spouses, food, etc. And y'all know a bit about me too. Y'all know I'm righteous, female, vegetarian, in a relationship with an anemic bear, have an evil boss and co-worker, I sew, cook, my mother is crazy, and so on... Bloggers ALWAYS drag those in their ciphers into the genre. I'm not posting pics of other people or calling specific names. I respect folks. But I do not live in a bubble. And I suspect even if I did, the bubble would bitch.

But it also calls more interesting details into play. Like I previously said, I have been blogging for years, months and days. Why is it only recently folks have issues? I suspect because said folks are new to my cipher. Ironically, these same people lives revolve around the same internet that I move in. I remember a blog I wrote on MySpace sometime ago where I referenced an interaction between me and a friend. I might have put more of her business in the street than she would have cared for, but I didn't call her name. Said friend subscribes to my blog and instantly recognized herself in it. She called me and we talked for a minute. Not a bad conversation but an informative one. We are still friends. And it wasn't a bad blog, nor was it about me judging her for anything. It was about how I felt in a given situation that she just happened to be in as well.

My question is this... Why do people even think they have the right to question me on blog content? I can write what I want. I can see if I misquote a degree or make a typo, that people would make knowledge born. People do. But if you don't like my blogs, don't read them, post your objections or contact me personally if you know me. I didn't realize that this common sense logic would not be obvious to people. Especially Original people.

Blogs are slices of people's lives. My suggestion to those not wanting to ever appear in one, is to stop making friends. And since you cannot control anyone but yourself, end the friendships that you have and become an agoraphobe.

So go on people. Blog about me. I encourage you too! Send me an email to let me know about it. And i will show you how civilized people get down.!


House Earth Update!

Peace Y'all,

Well I just completed my week of House-Earthing and I must say, I was successful at my endeavor. How I define success, is that my house is clean to my satisfaction, and I'm not resentful.

I must admit, I didn't do all the prescribed chores on the prescribed days. i suspected that might happen and allowed myself some looseness. But I made up for it. And last night found me dusting after the rally so that I pronounce my home "clean". So what. It's done ain't it? It also freed me up to participate in my hobbies without guilt. I think by and large that is the best part.

And what I've learned from this little ongoing experiment is also applicable to the folks that constantly accuse me of writing about them in my blogs...


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

50's House Earth

Peace from the Regular East!

12 years ago, when I was a newlywed, My late husband and I agreed that which ever of us cooked (he could cook, but was VERY messy) the other would clean up after. Now as with any agreement, you know that there will be mitigating factors that could render that agreement null and void. I picked up a part time job that had me out of the house from 6 am to nearly 12am. He just had his regular 9-5. I saw that as a mitigating factor. Unfortunately, my husband didn't.

I came home from work at midnight one morning, and was informed that there were dishes in the sink to wash. I looked to verify. It was true. But I neither had the strength or inclination to wash them. He didn't even cook anything for me. But he was like, a deal is a deal. Emphatically Now Cipher! I just slept and did wardrobe changes there. I didn't have to even go in the kitchen. I made enough gold to eat out at will. And since he was being so stank, I stopped buying groceries. I figured if he ran out of food he would stop messing up the kitchen. Also, since he was so fastidious about so many things, I assumed he would get tired of the filth and clean up HIS OWN mess. I watched him go from eating off plates, to bowls, to saucers to tea cups to napkins. He stood his ground and so did I.

I didn't have to work the second job on Fridays and got home around 6-ish. Except this particular Friday I had a meeting at the church. When I got to the house around 9-ish, there were no parking spaces available. That was indicative of someone having company since most of my neighbors had driveways. When I looked up to where our apartment window was, I saw that it was US that had company. I got to the top of the stairs (we rented the 2nd floor in a BIG assed house) and realized that every single one of my in-laws was in my house. I looked at the door to the kitchen and could see the light on. Dread washed over me. At that moment, my mother-in-law emerged through said door and smiled at me and waved me over. She whispered in my ear, "I took care of that little problem in your kitchen." The horror! I was speechless but tried to come up with some bullshit that she was going to accept. I knew telling her that her son was responsible was not going to fly. Even though we were cool, her son was the apple of her eye and could do no wrong. She then gave me a bit of advice that I use to this day.....

"Honey, I know you young people have to work these days, but IF YOU DO A LITTLE BIT EACH DAY, IT ALL GETS DONE."

I love a clean house and generally keep one. The way that used to work for me was to block off unused rooms and cook very little. The only rooms that got used regularly were my bathroom, bedroom and to a small degree kitchen and den. I could clean the kitchen when I was done with it and swifter the floor. Seriously, I had empty rooms! So for me to clean the house and have it sparkling didn't take that much of an effort and could be done quickly one morning of a weekend. Well.... I now live with a bear. And this bear lives all over the house. I can't get it together like I used to. Now I cook... REAL MEALS.. every night when I get home from work. And the washing machine is on every few days when it used to be on twice a month. I have fallen way behind in my duty to keep my home. I need a plan....

I'm a avid blog reader. And I have noticed a trend with the blogs I frequent. The 50's housewife experiments. This interest is probably peaked from Mad Men, no doubt. Plus I do a lot of vintage blogs. MM makes that time seem idyllic for white people. What that is, is these women will treat there husbands and their homes like wives would have done in the 50's. Yes, all of the blogs that I have read where these women have done this were white, so I'm thinking that white women in the 50's had different lives from Black women in the 50's. But I feel the premise is the same, and I will do this for a minute and make the essential changes but try to keep the essence of the challenge. Y'all know I like a challenge.

What I have been able to gather about the lifestyle of a 50's housewife from blogs, articles, TV and old people is that back in the 50's a woman did EVERY-DAMN-THING in the house. A man went to work and that's it. He put in an 8 hour day and for that he was rewarded with dinner, a martini, a clean home and dutiful children named Kitty, Wally and The Beaver. He might have to do a weekly yard bid, but other than that a man's life was gravy.

My mother tells me about my grandmother. How she never worked. But she was able to get that laundry hung before the sun rose for 4 people every Monday. She didn't have a washing machine so she was out in the dead of morning, firing up a big pot, washing clothes by hand, with the soap she made herself (I wonder when she found time to do that since she never worked?), and getting them hung. Then going back in the house to make breakfast and lunches for her family before she went out to tend the hogs on the hog farm that my grandfather kept. Hogs was a side gig for my grandfather Who only looked after them when there was a problem or during selling or slaughtering time. The day to day care came from MaMa. Then she tended a 'garden' that was the size of the plot that my house sits on, and had lunch and dinner ready for folks when they got home from the field and school. Every meal they ate she grew, cooked and possibly helped kill, and the house was always clean and perfect. But she never worked.

One of the 50's housewife strategies was to develop a routine for chores. I recognize that I will not get it all done in a day. So that works out well for me. I used a common routine from the 50's of how them housewives got down. Here is the tentative list. I will tweak it until it works for me.
Sunday........ Dust
Monday........ Litter
Tuesday....... Vacuum
Wednesday... Bathrooms
Thursday...... Grocery shopping and meal planning for the week
Friday.......... Laundry
Saturday...... Mop, change sheets
Everyday...... Pick up, cook, tend the plants, wind the clock, trash

Monthly Chores (I do this 1/month)
Sweep the stairs
Change the Litter
Clean The Refrigerator
Polish the silver

Change the filter in the furnaces (depending on usage)
Wash windows
Changed external bedding
Change batteries in smoke detectors
Redecorate according to season

I started this challenge on Monday. So I'm only 3 days into things. I recognize that I am not being the ideal 50's housewife because I'm working. Bad Serenity! So I can't meet the God with a martini and dinner at the door. I also don't cook him breakfast of make his lunch. I'm a Black 50's housewife. Machete improvise. I do make my own lunch, though. I did litter on Monday, and vacuumed last night. I picked up all over the house and cooked a meal from scratch. We are vegetarians and I made smothered chick-un seitan (60 minutes on the stove alone!) mashed potatoes (from scratch) and calaloo. I cheated with the calaloo and made that from a can. But I had to have veggies on the plate. All of it was vegan. I still struggle back and forth with the vegan-vegetarian thing. I want to get us in the habit of taking our meals together at the table. The bear is resisting. (Help me out folks by sending the encouraging comment for that one!) I cheated a bit and started my laundry. That was more out of necessity than just trying to be contrary. I will put the laundry away on Friday. By next Monday I should have a shiny clean and perfect house, at least on the inside. (I can see I'm going to hate Wednesdays) The Bear can do the outside.

I made the apron in the picture maybe 6 years ago? I must have always had a little 50's housewife in me. I am going to stay mindful of the challenge by wearing the apron when I'm getting my housewife on. Maybe the 1st thing I need to do is iron it?

Wish me luck!


Friday, December 10, 2010



I hate my job.

It's true. It is beneath my abilities. I have a crazy coworker. And my male boss is going through menopause.

I should leave.

I know this, but I have not been able to find anything else. And I have grown woman bills. I Just can't walk out. So I close my mouth, do what is outlined in my job description and get the hell out of here as soon as possible. It's a shame too. I have been working here for 6 years.

The boss is always looking for some reason to engage me. I normally I smile and nod and do the politically correct banter. I wanted to make a tidbit of knowledge born for him; that if he wanted to fire me, I wouldn't be angry. All I want is my letter of separation so that I won't have to wait on my unemployment. If I was unemployed I could get some health insurance through medicaid and food stamps. I wouldn't just linger on it. I'm too fancy for that.

Anywhoo.... We had a bit of a falling out. I took everything that was personal and took it home. My desk looks like it did on the 1st day I started working here. No proof that anyone works here. It looks like the spare server desk. I was so angered yesterday that while he was yelling at me... for being defensive while being yelled at... I had to recite degrees in my head to keep from punching him in the nose (such an easy target). When I got to the Knowledge degree of the 1-14, I paused. Yeah there a lot of degrees in front of that one. Bitch-assed mother fucker.

Why isn't the devil settled on the best part of the planet Earth?
Well what is my best part? My best part are my mental faculties, personality and such. Yeah I look good and got some good parts, but I am so much more and better than that. One of the things that pisses my devil boss off is, he can only control what I do while I'm here to some degree. He did get mad when I went 3/4ths, but that was 3 years ago and legally he can't do anything to me for renouncing Christianity for something else. This ain't no religious job. He has no control over my thoughts. Many times he has stated that he wants me to feel a certain way. Does that sound as ridiculous to anyone other than me? I do my job, I am polite, often friendly and I go home. For that I am paid. Case closed. You don't have the right to ask me to feel anything. As long as I do what I'm paid for, my feelings are my own.

So this is what I got from 120....

Because the Earth belongs to the Original man...
Yes it does. My feelings are shared with the God. No one else has no business expecting any parts of that. And knowing the devil is weak and wicked.... Yes and yes. There wouldn't be any peace among them.... And there isn't. This Earth hates that devil and if he was about to get get hit by a car, I wouldn't clear my throat. Now here is the part that caught my attention.... So he put them on the worst part... I would say that the worst part is that superficial fakeness that is given to people I either don't know or don't like. Pretty much my ass is available for you to kiss if I neither know or like you. So that's what the devil/boss gets. Superficial adherence to the job description that we have agreed upon when I started working here. That's it no more, no less. And the best part he preserved ever since he made it.... That's for my cipher peeps not his punk ass. The best part is in Arabia at the Holy city of Mecca.... I always see that to mean that which is in the core of me. Arabia is a country at the root. And Mecca is a city within said country. So that core of me at the root... my mental, my emotions, that which makes me other than a robot is that part I keep for my loved ones. THE COLORED MAN OR CAUCASIAN MAN IS THE DEVIL.... And don't you forget that! Arabia is in the far east... East in a lot of cultures and systems represents the direction of the mind. And is bordered by the Indian Ocean... A body of water (emotions) that experiences the warmest currents (pleasant feelings) of all the big oceans. On the South side... South is the direction of passion. And for some reason my degree has South and East capitalized. So I put more emphasis on the significance of the directions.

I would prefer for the God to keep me from the devil by earning all the gold we need. But I recognize the world doesn't work like that now a days. I am accustomed to a certain standard of living and I am over-educated. I have had the opportunity to be a 'stay at home wife' and I prefer to have a reason to leave the house. So I don't mind working. I just don't like that I am trapped in this situation.

Sigh.... So you know what I do in my spare time? So if you know of something in the metro Atlanta area... And I cannot make any less than 50K, (Like I said, I got a doctorate and grown woman bills) hit an Earth up!


Thursday, December 9, 2010



I was reading a post on my righteous brother blog ( the joys of customer service in the Black community. I feel like I gotta add on.

I'm not sure if this is some bullshit perpetuated on our people by our people or what? But I get real pissed when I do the right thing and the Black people in the cipher try to explain away their foolishness.

I live in a house. The household garbage comes on Mondays and Thursdays. The yard debris is taken on Tuesdays. The recycling on Wednesdays. Why is it when ever I have yard debris, I have to call them jokers to tell them it's out there? Even with that, they may or may not come when requested. That makes no damn sense to me. If I call and say that there is yard waste out there you come and get it. This morning, after 2 calls, I spoke with yet another person. She said that the reason they miss my house is because I put my debris in cans rather than bags. I have a copy of the paperwork in my wallet. yes I carry it around because I get bullshit like this all the damn time about my recycling. I read to her the passage that said that I could put my leaf debris in a can. She said that the cans had to be less than 40lbs. I said they are... and they are leaves in the cans not bricks. It ain't never going to be 40lbs. Also I pointed out that we leave the lids off so that people can see that it's leaves. These lazy asses mother jumpers just ain't coming through. I only have 2 cans and I'm not buying any more. I bought those cans to satisfy yard and household debris. Which means can't put my trash out because the cans are full. I shouldn't be forced to purchase paper bags for leaf collection. It is environmentally irresponsible (and probably not kosher) to buy bag after bag to dispose of leaves. I listened to her argument, pointed out the passage where it says I can use cans and suggested that her department do their jobs. She hung up, but I had her number. I just called back and placed a complaint against the entire department that chick in particular AND I faxed a copy over and put yet another copy in the mail.

I went to get my nails done on Tuesday. If you get your nails done long term, you know that them nail techs are always wanting you to spend your money on a new set. Which is way more expensive than a fill. I have had the pleasure of harassment from techs after just 2 weeks from a new set. I have been getting my nails done REGULARLY since 1993. I know myself to be the best knower of when I need a new set. Normally the techs do what you ask them to. But Tuesday I rolled up on a tech that was aggressively insisting that I get a new set. I told him not at this present time. Probably later. He got so angry, he raised up on me like he was going to fight me. I laughed, reached for the knife and stun gun. I was going to enjoy that shit. I'm stressed anyway and am looking for a way to release it. What? Unfortunately this chick got between us and said that he was refusing me service since I wasn't going to acquiesce to their recommendations. I left. But guess what? There is a nail solon on every corner. Sometimes 2. I went to the next salon, got my nails did, and went back tot he 1st salon. He saw me and said, "You came back for a full set?" I showed him my freshly done nails, smiled and gave him the finger from each hand. Then I left again. I never said a word.

Last time I paid my property taxes in person, I was a little miffed. I pay a LOT in taxes. I really can't see why. I know people with bigger houses on bigger lots that pay less. Also, a big chunk of property taxes go towards the public schools. I don't have any children. So I'm paying for.....? If I was old I would get a discount. If I had children in private school I would get a voucher. But me with no children, I have to pay. Anywho... I was in there bitching, but I was also in there writing a check. The CSR said to me, "It's your turn. Somebody paid for your education." Really? she gets to speak to me like this? I politely informed her that (a) I wasn't from GA so my education wasn't her business and (b) somebody did pay for my education. My mother! I went to private school ALL of my life. Then I got into her face and asked her for her response. She had nothing.

None of these offenses were perpetrated my devils. That gets a special post. But these are Original people doing there own people wrong. Y'all are SUPPOSED to pick up the trash, I was PAYING to get my nails done, I wasn't asking for anything for free. And I had paid the taxes. Don't get in my face after the fact! I bet if I was a shedevil, folks would be on better behavior and not make me have to deal with your bullshit. Bit I don't suffer in silence. Your ways and actions are dirty, I'm going to make knowledge born.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This Present History or Koran

Peace People,

I was building with this dude who came into the office today. He and I have history. Not romantic, but platonic. Last year he was a vegetarian for 3 months. You have to start somewhere. But he is a single man and it was hard for him to maintain, being a single and working all the time. Now he is back on his meat grind complete with the swine. He asked me how I managed to maintain so long and I had to laugh. If all I was a vegetarian then maybe I could see me having difficulty. I thought I should blog about it.

But then... Which blog to post it? The healthy blog? The righteous blog? The sewing blog? The socially responsible blog? All my blogs have different readers. So..... I'll hit y'all all up!

This is Serenity.... At this present history or Koran.

(1) I am a decade long vegetarian. I go in and out with veganism and raw food. I really don't think for me raw food is sustainable for long term consumption. I think it's better in the summer months than in the cooler ones. For one reason, I can't eat cold food in cold weather and vice versa. The way around that is in heated environments. I think I would like to be more raw and vegan, but cheese is a tricky dicky temptation. We shall see

(2) I don't wear pants. I stopped wearing pants 5 years ago. I felt like my feminine energy was being suppressed. I force myself to be more lady like by wearing skirts and dresses. And by George, it works. I am very lady like now. It has affected the way I walk and sit. That has in turn affected my mannerisms which in turn has affected my speech

(3) I rarely buy clothes new. I completed a year-long shopping fast, now I turn to the thrift store or better yet, my sewing machine for new clothes needs.

(4) I don't take medicine unless I see no other way, like I'd die without it. that extends to most vitamins. I rather get the nutrients through food or teas.

(5) I do most of my shopping for food at health food stores, farmers markets and specialty stores. Other stuff I need, I get from cheapo stores like Big lot or Maxway

(6) I recycle, re-use, and repurpose. So that means I don't buy plastic that I cannot reuse over and over and over and over.... I'm trying to do my part to save the planet. Not because I think the planet is incapable of saving herself, but people need to live in harmony with their surroundings and acknowledge that we have a responsibility to be good stewards of nature.

(7) I like to ball and have a balling cee on things. I can be that fabulous fly assed hippy Earth.

(8) No children. And I'm okay with that. If they come fine, if they don't that's fine too.

(9) I do yoga. Not as much as I'd like to because it's cold and I hate leaving the house when it's cold, but I'm going to get back there.

(10) I try not to wear anything but natural fibers. Everything else irritates my eczema. Unfortunately I have never seen a cotton bra. And I draw the line at making or thrifting lingerie. That gets store bought.

(11) I study all forms of spirituality. I really have a true affection for Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjure. Since I'm righteous and don't fear retribution of a mystery god, I will do stuff just for fun. It's a hobby, I have been at if for years, months and days. You scared?

(12) My hair is loced. It took a minute for me to like it , but now I'm hooked and recommend it. Since I always wear a headwrap, I don't style it. I still love it though

(13) I really go all out with the 3/4ths thing. I rarely leave the house with out my head wrapped. If I do, it's by accident. Some chicks have asked to see my hair..... Why? Doesn't matter to me if your righteous or not, if your male or female.... I just don't show it. Eventually, my hair might be too long to keep from being wrapped fully. Wait on that day.

(14) I have a real bad temper. The dangerous part in that, is people think I'm a punk bitch. SMH. They usually try me and get more than they bargained for. I have no boundaries when fighting. I have been trying to reign it in since my father died. Daddy would never leave his baby girl to rot in jail. My mother, on the other hand, would.

(15) I used to smoke and drink. Not anymore. I stopped smoking because my father died from lung cancer. I stopped drinking because I didn't want to be drunk again. And I don't see the purpose of drinking if your not going to get your head smashed.

(16) I really get annoyed with people who say "I could be a vegetarian" or "I could be righteous." If you could be, and don't, clearly you can't. Stop claiming it.

(17) I'm a big girl and I'm not ashamed or apologetic. I'm big, Yes. But I bet I look better than the average thin chick on ANY given day.

(18) I suppose I'm conceited too. I don't care.

(19) I got this thing for vintage. Vintage clothes. Vintage recipes. Vintage activities. i have NO idea where this interest comes from and I'm just as shocked as folks around me.

(20) I won't buy a foreign car. New or old. I just can't bring myself to do it. I have had 4 cars in my adult life (1 in my adolescent life) and all of them were American made cars. It's just how I get down. And I have never had the drama folks put on American cars. Ain't like people who drive foreign cars never have problems with them. You have to car for them properly.

(21) I love my Nation so much! But I'm not a revolutionary. My cee on this Nation is it's a personal journey for each individual. I don't have to put myself out there and force folks to my side of the street. But I allow myself to be just visible enough for people to build with me if they choose. But I ain't running out to save the world.

I am a completely different person than I was 10 years ago. I expect to be a completely different person in 10 years so I'll be in the constant state of build and destroy. I'm actually looking forward to the new developments.


Friday, December 3, 2010


Peace Family

I subscribe to butt load of blogs. Nation, cooking, sewing, life and such. And one of my subscriptions posted a build on the new movie "Colored Girls..." by Tyler Perry. I saw the Original play, read the book and was on the fence about the movie. Tyler Perry has this Christian edge to his movies that I don't like. He's a big time now and doesn't need the ground support that I gave him when he was just getting started.

I suspected that this Original blog author was going clown the movie as Black men tend to do. But he didn't. I was shocked... pleasantly shocked. He said that women would leave this movie with a feeling of supportive sisterhood. Meaning that the movie reinforces the reliance of Black women on other Black women. But this is what he said that threw me. He said, and I'm paraphrasing, that this type of feeling would not lead to the reconciliation between Black men and the Black women.

I know there is a genre out there that makes Black men look bad. Movies and books like The Color Purple and Push/Precious shows Black men at there absolute worse. I have built with Black men why they take such issue with said movies and they say it is because they show them in such a poor light and it's usually at the hands of women that this is done. They feel betrayed by us. Some of the story should be kept hidden so the look good to the rest of the world. That's a load of crap. I see that as "hit dog will holler" syndrome. Black women are portrayed as whores, sluts and money grubbing bitches according to the Hip Hop industry. Women holler all day long for them to stop and they don't. Stop using the argument that only the good stories need to get out there.

I am an advocate that Black men and women need to come together. But it's not women preventing this. And it's not slavery either. I have noticed first in the Christian community now in the so-called conscious community, that when reconciliation is called for, all the sacrifices are asked of the women. Western Black women need to re-check their attitudes. Western Black women need to learn how to be submissive. Western Black women need to open up to polygamous relationships. Why is it all the sacrifices have to be made by the women?

Let me make a bit of knowledge born.... Western Black women still have options. And we know this. We have been holding things down for generations. You offer us nothing in exchange for these sacrifices. We are the most attractive women on this continent. We will still be in relationships and still make Original babies regardless to whether or not western Black men decide to partner with us permanently. So that so-called compromise is not going to work. With those being the only options, I have to ask if you even want it to work?

I'm not sure, but I don't think it's Black women that stopping the reconciliation. I don't think it's Black men either. I think we don't know what we want. We aren't clear of what makes a good functional relationship. We have bought too deeply in the American dream of lust, romance, affection and happily ever after. Those are fairy tales. In my mind, I compare this to the civil rights movement. Folks fought and died for the right to do the things white people did thinking that that would make them happy. It didn't. It wasn't and still isn't right and natural for us. The same principle is applicable to relationships.

I see nothing wrong with arranged marriages. Those folks don't go into the contract (and that's all it is) with the expectation of a fairy tale. They recognize that marriage/relationships are one of mutual respect and they aren't easy. I have been married and as much as I loved my late husband I had a plan to kill him and hide the body. But we had made a commitment that we would stay together. And we did. I now have that same type of commitment with the God. It ain't always easy. It ain't always gonna be easy, but we have agreed to be celestial.

So bring it to a forum, a round table discussion and underground movement. I'll be there taping it and putting it on YouTube.


PS: Here is the link to the Original Post....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Me? A Racist?


I have been accused of being racist. That's funny. Me, and Original woman, living in the Wilderness of North America has been accused of being racist. Actually, that makes me a double minority!

What I find interesting is that people from all over the globe look down on American Black folks like they are the scum of the Earth. If we aren't athletes or rappers then we must all be stealing, drug using, prostituting, project living, uneducated drains on society. But I am a racist.

I'm told that perception is my race's own fault. That that's how we get down. Really? Do you know all of us? That logic implies that white people commit no crime. White people never do anything wrong? Y'all know that there are more white people on welfare than minorities. If it was just us, the government would cut it off. There are more Black men in college than in prison. Statistics can be skewed to support the view of the whoever paid for it. My Culture degree in the 1:10 says that there are 103 million white people in this country verses the Understanding degrees 19 million. That's about 5:1 white to Black. I'm thinking for Black people to commit the level of atrocities that we are blamed for, ALL of us need to be out there working hard at debauchery 24/7. But I am a racist.

I am cool and have been cool with many white people through out my life. I have had some to even save my life. But at the end of the day, I am reminded BY THEM that they are white and I am not. I had a dear friend who I used to go to school with. She and I spoke every day. I used to go to her home and share social equality with her family. That was not easy for me. She resided in a lily white area of Jersey and I had constant unwanted police escorts to and from her home. When I invited her to my wedding, she didn't come to the ceremony. She just giggled and asked if I really thought she would come to Paterson? But I am a racist.

A white man stood in the middle of the highway to protect me and my car from getting hit. Then made a power move to get me to let him come home with me at 2 am. Really? This man was a stranger, a kind stranger, but still a stranger yet and still. The police had to force him to leave me alone. But I am a racist.

As a professor I was insulted by a a student who thought that all Black people had no taste. And that I had to have had a ghetto wedding. When faced with the proof of the opulence of my special day, this child retreated by saying, "Well since I wasn't there, I can't be sure that it actually happened." Really? I would fake a video and pictures so that a white child with less education, less grooming could be impressed? But I am a racist.

I once went out with a group of white friends to a party. This was their party. They contracted with the location. They made the arrange met for food and alcohol. I was an invited guest. There were other white people there. As a matter of fact, most of the people there where white people. There were 3 Black people there. We always count and make eye contact when we are in small numbers like that. I do it just to make sure I have an alibi. Because according to white people, all Black people look alike. Those white people tore the place UP! UP! When the party was over, and the venue was a shambles. Who do you think got stopped on the way to the car? There were white people stumbling and falling on the ground, but the police came to our 3 cars and gave us breathalyzer tests. The owner of the spot ran over to us... and I will give him the benefit of the doubt... after all the police were near us.... and asked us who was going to pay for the damages. I politely answered, "The people who you contracted with." But I am a racist.

I'm racist because I prefer the company of people who are like me and know me and my predilections? I am racist because when I joke to a group of my peers, I'd prefer to not have to explain why it was funny? I am racist because my Nation calls white people devils? I am racist because I enjoy and maintain cultural mores? But when white people do the same thing they aren't racist? Then that tells me that white folks are the ones making those rules. And since I have my own rules, I'm not falling victim to other peoples. So... I cannot be racist.

I am pro-Serenity. I am pro-Precise. I am pro-Trinity. I am pro-NGE. I am pro-family. I am pro-self reliance. I am pro-personal safety And if you have a problem with that, that is your problem. You deal with it.