Thursday, December 9, 2010



I was reading a post on my righteous brother blog ( the joys of customer service in the Black community. I feel like I gotta add on.

I'm not sure if this is some bullshit perpetuated on our people by our people or what? But I get real pissed when I do the right thing and the Black people in the cipher try to explain away their foolishness.

I live in a house. The household garbage comes on Mondays and Thursdays. The yard debris is taken on Tuesdays. The recycling on Wednesdays. Why is it when ever I have yard debris, I have to call them jokers to tell them it's out there? Even with that, they may or may not come when requested. That makes no damn sense to me. If I call and say that there is yard waste out there you come and get it. This morning, after 2 calls, I spoke with yet another person. She said that the reason they miss my house is because I put my debris in cans rather than bags. I have a copy of the paperwork in my wallet. yes I carry it around because I get bullshit like this all the damn time about my recycling. I read to her the passage that said that I could put my leaf debris in a can. She said that the cans had to be less than 40lbs. I said they are... and they are leaves in the cans not bricks. It ain't never going to be 40lbs. Also I pointed out that we leave the lids off so that people can see that it's leaves. These lazy asses mother jumpers just ain't coming through. I only have 2 cans and I'm not buying any more. I bought those cans to satisfy yard and household debris. Which means can't put my trash out because the cans are full. I shouldn't be forced to purchase paper bags for leaf collection. It is environmentally irresponsible (and probably not kosher) to buy bag after bag to dispose of leaves. I listened to her argument, pointed out the passage where it says I can use cans and suggested that her department do their jobs. She hung up, but I had her number. I just called back and placed a complaint against the entire department that chick in particular AND I faxed a copy over and put yet another copy in the mail.

I went to get my nails done on Tuesday. If you get your nails done long term, you know that them nail techs are always wanting you to spend your money on a new set. Which is way more expensive than a fill. I have had the pleasure of harassment from techs after just 2 weeks from a new set. I have been getting my nails done REGULARLY since 1993. I know myself to be the best knower of when I need a new set. Normally the techs do what you ask them to. But Tuesday I rolled up on a tech that was aggressively insisting that I get a new set. I told him not at this present time. Probably later. He got so angry, he raised up on me like he was going to fight me. I laughed, reached for the knife and stun gun. I was going to enjoy that shit. I'm stressed anyway and am looking for a way to release it. What? Unfortunately this chick got between us and said that he was refusing me service since I wasn't going to acquiesce to their recommendations. I left. But guess what? There is a nail solon on every corner. Sometimes 2. I went to the next salon, got my nails did, and went back tot he 1st salon. He saw me and said, "You came back for a full set?" I showed him my freshly done nails, smiled and gave him the finger from each hand. Then I left again. I never said a word.

Last time I paid my property taxes in person, I was a little miffed. I pay a LOT in taxes. I really can't see why. I know people with bigger houses on bigger lots that pay less. Also, a big chunk of property taxes go towards the public schools. I don't have any children. So I'm paying for.....? If I was old I would get a discount. If I had children in private school I would get a voucher. But me with no children, I have to pay. Anywho... I was in there bitching, but I was also in there writing a check. The CSR said to me, "It's your turn. Somebody paid for your education." Really? she gets to speak to me like this? I politely informed her that (a) I wasn't from GA so my education wasn't her business and (b) somebody did pay for my education. My mother! I went to private school ALL of my life. Then I got into her face and asked her for her response. She had nothing.

None of these offenses were perpetrated my devils. That gets a special post. But these are Original people doing there own people wrong. Y'all are SUPPOSED to pick up the trash, I was PAYING to get my nails done, I wasn't asking for anything for free. And I had paid the taxes. Don't get in my face after the fact! I bet if I was a shedevil, folks would be on better behavior and not make me have to deal with your bullshit. Bit I don't suffer in silence. Your ways and actions are dirty, I'm going to make knowledge born.