Monday, December 20, 2010


Peace Y'all,

The previous post got me thinking.... A lot of people have issues with my blogs. I have been accused of writing about people in my blogs. I have been blogging for over 7 years and I really don't know what people expect. It's not the blogging that they have issues with, they all assume I'm talking about them. Well.... So what?

Folks who blog, blog about issues and people in their lives. I'm not shooting from the hip here. I follow and read a lot of other blogs. I see pictures of people's homes, hobbies, children, friends, spouses, food, etc. And y'all know a bit about me too. Y'all know I'm righteous, female, vegetarian, in a relationship with an anemic bear, have an evil boss and co-worker, I sew, cook, my mother is crazy, and so on... Bloggers ALWAYS drag those in their ciphers into the genre. I'm not posting pics of other people or calling specific names. I respect folks. But I do not live in a bubble. And I suspect even if I did, the bubble would bitch.

But it also calls more interesting details into play. Like I previously said, I have been blogging for years, months and days. Why is it only recently folks have issues? I suspect because said folks are new to my cipher. Ironically, these same people lives revolve around the same internet that I move in. I remember a blog I wrote on MySpace sometime ago where I referenced an interaction between me and a friend. I might have put more of her business in the street than she would have cared for, but I didn't call her name. Said friend subscribes to my blog and instantly recognized herself in it. She called me and we talked for a minute. Not a bad conversation but an informative one. We are still friends. And it wasn't a bad blog, nor was it about me judging her for anything. It was about how I felt in a given situation that she just happened to be in as well.

My question is this... Why do people even think they have the right to question me on blog content? I can write what I want. I can see if I misquote a degree or make a typo, that people would make knowledge born. People do. But if you don't like my blogs, don't read them, post your objections or contact me personally if you know me. I didn't realize that this common sense logic would not be obvious to people. Especially Original people.

Blogs are slices of people's lives. My suggestion to those not wanting to ever appear in one, is to stop making friends. And since you cannot control anyone but yourself, end the friendships that you have and become an agoraphobe.

So go on people. Blog about me. I encourage you too! Send me an email to let me know about it. And i will show you how civilized people get down.!