Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What will you do with your Light?

Peace Y'all.

Today, the Wisdom Knowledge day, marks the Winter solstice. For some the winter solstice is a spooky event. I did the knowledge to a few, of many celebrations that are held near this time of year and they all held a similar thread. Folks were afraid that if they didn't 'do' something to mark the solstice, the sun would not return.

Now in 2010, we know that the winter solstice marks the shortest appearance of the sun in a given rotation. It's not even the same day all over the planet. In Australia it's in June. But as the 14:40 says the 85% are hard headed (easily led in the wrong direction hard to be led in the right direction) and the 9:40 says that the 85% won't let the 5% teach them, so they observe these spooky holidays this time of year.

In defense of the solstice, it is an actually astrological event. Due to the Earth's elliptical orbit and her 23.5* tilt, this date marks the date when the Sun shines the least on the particular hemisphere (it's different from north to south).

So many builds can come from that concept. I could say that it represents how women can be fearful that men won't return when they go out to buy a pack of cigarettes. To make sure that they always return they are willing to put up with any type of behavior just to have a chance at some light. I could build that way, but I won't.

I could say that the 23* degree tilt coincides with the God degree of the 1-10. Saying that the Sun works the 23* on the planet, the same way the God works his Queen and Seeds. I won't say that either.

I could say in relationships there is a constant waning and waxing of situations and emotions. There are warm currents and there are cold currents. And just as the Sun sheds his light heavy in certain parts of the Earth at certain times and less at others, The Sun never stops shining and will always come full circle and do it again. The easiest way to renew a circular history is with 1 step. It just keeps coming doesn't it?

I recognize that people like to party. It's innate. They look for any reason to get down. I also realize that most of the world has bought into the okie doke. So they tie foolishness in with their partying. I guess people don't realize that you can party when you want. You don't need a special occasion to build with the people you love. But I do recognize that life can get a little boring without something to look forward too.

Allah's 5% Nation of Gods and Earth does not recognize a higher power than the Black man. And Unless your bornday is December 25th then folks in your cipher probably won't be having any major celebrations.

My cee on it is.... The solstices and equinoxes are legitimate/provable holidays/observance/whatever, that can remind all of us of the special relationship between the Sun and the Earth. That The Earth is the only planet in the solar system that we know of that can support life and does. That we need the Sun for sustenance and the Sun needs us to born his understanding. It ain't nothing but love here.

I will strive to be nice to the God this evening. And allow him to shower me with his... ahem... light and return to him my warmth. It ain't easy. I can be obstinate. Luckily there isn't any football on this evening, but damn if basketball ain't all consuming. We shall see.



Flying Mermaid said...

Plus, there's a full moon full eclipse tonight.