Friday, December 10, 2010



I hate my job.

It's true. It is beneath my abilities. I have a crazy coworker. And my male boss is going through menopause.

I should leave.

I know this, but I have not been able to find anything else. And I have grown woman bills. I Just can't walk out. So I close my mouth, do what is outlined in my job description and get the hell out of here as soon as possible. It's a shame too. I have been working here for 6 years.

The boss is always looking for some reason to engage me. I normally I smile and nod and do the politically correct banter. I wanted to make a tidbit of knowledge born for him; that if he wanted to fire me, I wouldn't be angry. All I want is my letter of separation so that I won't have to wait on my unemployment. If I was unemployed I could get some health insurance through medicaid and food stamps. I wouldn't just linger on it. I'm too fancy for that.

Anywhoo.... We had a bit of a falling out. I took everything that was personal and took it home. My desk looks like it did on the 1st day I started working here. No proof that anyone works here. It looks like the spare server desk. I was so angered yesterday that while he was yelling at me... for being defensive while being yelled at... I had to recite degrees in my head to keep from punching him in the nose (such an easy target). When I got to the Knowledge degree of the 1-14, I paused. Yeah there a lot of degrees in front of that one. Bitch-assed mother fucker.

Why isn't the devil settled on the best part of the planet Earth?
Well what is my best part? My best part are my mental faculties, personality and such. Yeah I look good and got some good parts, but I am so much more and better than that. One of the things that pisses my devil boss off is, he can only control what I do while I'm here to some degree. He did get mad when I went 3/4ths, but that was 3 years ago and legally he can't do anything to me for renouncing Christianity for something else. This ain't no religious job. He has no control over my thoughts. Many times he has stated that he wants me to feel a certain way. Does that sound as ridiculous to anyone other than me? I do my job, I am polite, often friendly and I go home. For that I am paid. Case closed. You don't have the right to ask me to feel anything. As long as I do what I'm paid for, my feelings are my own.

So this is what I got from 120....

Because the Earth belongs to the Original man...
Yes it does. My feelings are shared with the God. No one else has no business expecting any parts of that. And knowing the devil is weak and wicked.... Yes and yes. There wouldn't be any peace among them.... And there isn't. This Earth hates that devil and if he was about to get get hit by a car, I wouldn't clear my throat. Now here is the part that caught my attention.... So he put them on the worst part... I would say that the worst part is that superficial fakeness that is given to people I either don't know or don't like. Pretty much my ass is available for you to kiss if I neither know or like you. So that's what the devil/boss gets. Superficial adherence to the job description that we have agreed upon when I started working here. That's it no more, no less. And the best part he preserved ever since he made it.... That's for my cipher peeps not his punk ass. The best part is in Arabia at the Holy city of Mecca.... I always see that to mean that which is in the core of me. Arabia is a country at the root. And Mecca is a city within said country. So that core of me at the root... my mental, my emotions, that which makes me other than a robot is that part I keep for my loved ones. THE COLORED MAN OR CAUCASIAN MAN IS THE DEVIL.... And don't you forget that! Arabia is in the far east... East in a lot of cultures and systems represents the direction of the mind. And is bordered by the Indian Ocean... A body of water (emotions) that experiences the warmest currents (pleasant feelings) of all the big oceans. On the South side... South is the direction of passion. And for some reason my degree has South and East capitalized. So I put more emphasis on the significance of the directions.

I would prefer for the God to keep me from the devil by earning all the gold we need. But I recognize the world doesn't work like that now a days. I am accustomed to a certain standard of living and I am over-educated. I have had the opportunity to be a 'stay at home wife' and I prefer to have a reason to leave the house. So I don't mind working. I just don't like that I am trapped in this situation.

Sigh.... So you know what I do in my spare time? So if you know of something in the metro Atlanta area... And I cannot make any less than 50K, (Like I said, I got a doctorate and grown woman bills) hit an Earth up!