Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Me? A Racist?


I have been accused of being racist. That's funny. Me, and Original woman, living in the Wilderness of North America has been accused of being racist. Actually, that makes me a double minority!

What I find interesting is that people from all over the globe look down on American Black folks like they are the scum of the Earth. If we aren't athletes or rappers then we must all be stealing, drug using, prostituting, project living, uneducated drains on society. But I am a racist.

I'm told that perception is my race's own fault. That that's how we get down. Really? Do you know all of us? That logic implies that white people commit no crime. White people never do anything wrong? Y'all know that there are more white people on welfare than minorities. If it was just us, the government would cut it off. There are more Black men in college than in prison. Statistics can be skewed to support the view of the whoever paid for it. My Culture degree in the 1:10 says that there are 103 million white people in this country verses the Understanding degrees 19 million. That's about 5:1 white to Black. I'm thinking for Black people to commit the level of atrocities that we are blamed for, ALL of us need to be out there working hard at debauchery 24/7. But I am a racist.

I am cool and have been cool with many white people through out my life. I have had some to even save my life. But at the end of the day, I am reminded BY THEM that they are white and I am not. I had a dear friend who I used to go to school with. She and I spoke every day. I used to go to her home and share social equality with her family. That was not easy for me. She resided in a lily white area of Jersey and I had constant unwanted police escorts to and from her home. When I invited her to my wedding, she didn't come to the ceremony. She just giggled and asked if I really thought she would come to Paterson? But I am a racist.

A white man stood in the middle of the highway to protect me and my car from getting hit. Then made a power move to get me to let him come home with me at 2 am. Really? This man was a stranger, a kind stranger, but still a stranger yet and still. The police had to force him to leave me alone. But I am a racist.

As a professor I was insulted by a a student who thought that all Black people had no taste. And that I had to have had a ghetto wedding. When faced with the proof of the opulence of my special day, this child retreated by saying, "Well since I wasn't there, I can't be sure that it actually happened." Really? I would fake a video and pictures so that a white child with less education, less grooming could be impressed? But I am a racist.

I once went out with a group of white friends to a party. This was their party. They contracted with the location. They made the arrange met for food and alcohol. I was an invited guest. There were other white people there. As a matter of fact, most of the people there where white people. There were 3 Black people there. We always count and make eye contact when we are in small numbers like that. I do it just to make sure I have an alibi. Because according to white people, all Black people look alike. Those white people tore the place UP! UP! When the party was over, and the venue was a shambles. Who do you think got stopped on the way to the car? There were white people stumbling and falling on the ground, but the police came to our 3 cars and gave us breathalyzer tests. The owner of the spot ran over to us... and I will give him the benefit of the doubt... after all the police were near us.... and asked us who was going to pay for the damages. I politely answered, "The people who you contracted with." But I am a racist.

I'm racist because I prefer the company of people who are like me and know me and my predilections? I am racist because when I joke to a group of my peers, I'd prefer to not have to explain why it was funny? I am racist because my Nation calls white people devils? I am racist because I enjoy and maintain cultural mores? But when white people do the same thing they aren't racist? Then that tells me that white folks are the ones making those rules. And since I have my own rules, I'm not falling victim to other peoples. So... I cannot be racist.

I am pro-Serenity. I am pro-Precise. I am pro-Trinity. I am pro-NGE. I am pro-family. I am pro-self reliance. I am pro-personal safety And if you have a problem with that, that is your problem. You deal with it.



usupreme said...

Peace Queen,
Always put God first before anything else.

Flying Mermaid said...

Giggling to see you do like me -- capitalize "Black" but put "white" in lower case -- but then I admit to being racist, generalizing about a huge distrust of white people. Not saying YOU'RE a racist, just admitting I am.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Never said I wasn't a racist. Never said I was. I do not like being classified as such.

Flying Mermaid said...

You're right, you didn't. And I don't much like being classified, either.