Thursday, February 10, 2011

I don't get this


I have been a vegetarian for the last 11 years. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I made it because I wanted to feel better. I do. I wanted to lose weight. I didn't. But still I am a proud vegetarian and love to build on that topic endlessly. Even as much as I love my veggie lifestyle, I don't condemn those that still choose to consume meat. Everything ain't for everybody. Though I wish folks would keep their mouths shut when they try to slam me for my choices. But daily I grow more and more incensed about how meat actually gets to the markets.

Have y'all seen Food Inc.? It's a documentary about how food, all food, gets to the table. It is disturbing to say the least. Yesterday i read a blog about what horse owners do with the horses when they are no longer useful. Horses are bred and worked up to a point where they can't perform well anymore. And instead of allowing said battle weary animal to enjoy a well deserved rest until they die they get sold for pennies (my used car got more money at the dump) for their meat. ***shivers*** The article I read talked more about how difficult it was to slaughter them because they had to use the same devices for cows.

This is my question... And I suppose only people that keep livestock can answer it... But how is it you can befriend animals enough to know their personalities then slaughter and eat them?

That's cruel and Nasty.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Are You Ready?


I have some curiosity….

As I have been striving to get closer and closer to nature… per se. Meaning striving to live in harmony with the planet. Rid myself and my people of harmful impurities that cause premature aging and dis-ease (I sound like one of them don’t I?), I have begun to be more and more interested in the “Prepper Lifestyle”

The God and I were on a nature walk and we got to talking about what is edible out doors and what is not. We all know that the prevalent devil-driven 85% culture is doomed to fail. We know this! What happens when it does come crashing down? No other country is going to come to our rescue. So when EVERYTHING collapses, what will you do?

And don't think the government will save you. Where where they in Katrina and or Haiti? iSht can and will happen. The question is should it happen to you, are you prepared or will you be knocking on my door?

I have long been a proponent of doing things the old fashioned way. I refuse to keep a microwave plugged up in the house. (There is one unplugged in the garage to heat up heating pads, that I refuse to use.) I won’t eat food I KNOW is microwaved. I feel like we need to know where and how our food is made. I make as much as I can from scratch (except bread. Bread is hard. Literally and figuratively) and I strive to keep it natural and pure. I can. I freeze. I save. I recycle. I would compost, but that’s nasty. But up to now I haven’t made a “when-all-hell-breaks-loose” plan.

Have any of you?

That’s why I find these blogs and websites so intriguing. him/devils are certain that when isht happens Original people will slide into savagery. But I’m thinking no…. we won’t. I’m thinking that we will be better prepared than they can dream because certain tendencies are innate. Take that however you want. But it has raised the issue of what should folks just have on hand? Survival kits and such. It’s got me really thinking and planning.


Thursday, February 3, 2011



I wanted to post this build on the Knowledge Wisdom day. But since that’s a Saturday this month I decided to post it today.

Today’s reality is Understanding. Understanding is a clear picture drawn up in ones mind using Knowledge and Wisdom. 1 + 2 = 3. Knowledge being information and Wisdom being actions grounded in Knowledge. But…….. Knowledge and Wisdom don’t always lead to Understanding.

Has this ever happened to you? I KNOW it has happened to me! I’m in school, and the teacher is teaching a concept that I am just not getting. I go home and work on it to no avail. So I resign myself to rote memorization of said concept so that I can pass the test. Did I “Know” the information? Yes, because I memorized it and can parrot it back on demand. Was I able to work the information? I passed a test or proficiency. Did I Understand what the hell was going on? Emphatically Now Cipher!

Another scenario…. I’m at work and the boss tells me to implement a new technique and hands me some documentation on said technique. I read it. I do what he and it tells me to. Do I Understand what is going on? Not necessarily. I may, I may not.

You see where I’m going with this? Knowledge and Wisdom don’t always lead to Understanding. It’s beautiful and complete when it does, and frivolous and dangerous when it doesn’t. I took a LOT of calculus when I was in college. I remember that last course of calculus kicked my ass! But I continued to study and memorize so that I could pass the class (pass meaning at least a B). Ask me some calculus today. You will get the screw face. And I minored in mathematics! That’s frivolous.

My late husband decided that he would hang a lighting fixture in the kitchen 8 years ago. He was not an electrician. He read an online tutorial and got someone to watch him (equally as clueless). Fast forward to today. The God plugs in our beautiful 42” plasma and it blows up because the light was installed incorrectly. That’s dangerous.

And I’m not saying that in everything you do, Knowledge and Wisdom will ALWAYS lead to Understanding. I have a toilet. And I get how you use it. But if it breaks, someone else has to get the gold because I’m clueless. But am I a bad person because I can’t service my own toilet?

But to have Understanding is a beautiful thing. It elevates you to a different level. With Understanding of how the toilet works, not only could I prevent mishaps, but I could actually innovate new techniques and designs to make toilet use more efficient. I could build on what I Understand.

Actually, my thoughts are the 10% teaches the 85% to be illiterate in Understanding. Meaning they give Knowledge and Wisdom, but with hold that bit that would spark Understanding. For without Understanding the masses are stagnant and malleable. They think they Know (and technically they do) but they can’t do anything with the 1 and 2 they have; therefore, they can control them.

So where is the lesson? Decide for your self if just knowing and doing in a given cipher is enough for you. If so, cool. If not, do something about it.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who's Responsiblity is it to do YOUR Knowledge?


Today embarks Black History Month. I almost forgot. Someone posted something in a blog I follow that brought my remembrance to it. Pity, is it not? I suppose I would have remembered when I noticed all the Black themed shows on HBO and lifetime. This is the time of year they pull them out and dust them off. Sort of like how the Ten Commandments is shown every Easter. And Easter has nothing to do with the Ten Commandments unless it’s close to Passover. (I know Easter has to be close to Passover. But then why do they show the movie only on Easter night?) I am all for knowledge of self. And that includes your personal history. But I am not feeling that Black history month for the following reasons…..

When I was a child of about 10, my school was having some type of event connected with the presidential election. The teachers wanted to make sure that we new all the words to the 1st verse of the National Anthem. My mother heard me singing the song in my efforts to memorize the words for a written test that was going to count! She then told me that I was to learn the words to the Negro National Anthem as well. That she would be testing me, it would count from keeping her off my ass and I had to learn ALL 3 verses. I learned both songs in the same week. Two years later, while learning the French National Anthem (which for some odd reason, I still remember) my mothers made sure I still remembered the NNA, by having me sing it in Sunday School. She is crazy, but I learned a valuable lesson from that experience…. It is no one’s responsibility but mine to make sure I know the contributions of my own people. It wasn’t February when said lessons went down. The election was in November and I remember the French thing being in spring. And these weren’t the only things. Mommie had flashcards and assigned reading for us. She wanted my brother and me to know who and what we were and to never be ashamed. Since then I’ve labored to learn about Original people. While going through 120 even much more. And that’s my 1st point. Doing the Knowledge for self.

Think about it… Who is uplifted by the Knowledge of Black People? Black people. It is in the colored man’s interest to withhold said information. It keeps Original people feeling and most importantly, thinking inferior.

I cee this Black History month as a time for white people to learn about the contributions of Original people because clearly they don’t know. They always seem surprised when they find out something new and come at you like, “Let me look into that.” When they teach it in their institutions the premise reads, you only need 28 days to discuss the history of Original people. Hell, they are the ones who have only been on the planet for 6000 years. That shouldn’t take long. And that’s my second point.

The bottom line is the term Black History should not exist. You don’t hear white people calling what they teach white History. It’s history. And Original contributions should be taught year round. Not just in these 4 weeks. And I get annoyed at the Original people that wear this month on a t-shirt acting like they didn’t know. Why didn’t you know? Ain’t like its hidden! Busters……

So I use this month to shame Black people that only feel proud for 28 days.