Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Drawn up to Her Fullest Equality....

Okay... This is a topic that has the righteous community at odds with one another. It should not be an issue because I'm sure that we all agree with the foundational premise. But the manifestation of such is what has folks all hot and bothered. I also can be fairly certain that this debate will never completely go away. But I will put my stank on it so to speak. The Black woman is not a goddess.

If anyone should be on the feminist bullshit (perfect word for it) it should be me. I am far more educated than my male contemporaries, have a plethora of experiences and material possessions. I live alone and support myself as my mother did before me. I am the epitome of an "Independent and Strong Black Woman." BUT I am not a goddess. I am Earth.

There are significantly less women in Allah's Nation in comparison to men. That seems off for Yacub's world manifest. In religious or educational environments (and we are NOT a religion) you find exponentially more women then men. So stands to reason that Allah's Nation should follow suit. It doesn't. One has to wonder why. Is it because women find the prospect of being considered other than God distasteful? That's my vote. Though it could be said that Gods don't do enough to bring women into this Nation. I'd agree with that too. My personal experiences validate both points. But I'm thinking folks not seeing the reality versus what they want to see. Keep reading, I'll explain...

I am Earth not God. That does not mean that I am in any way inferior to God. I'm just not him. I am not a man, or a giraffe or a breadbox or a car. I am Earth. Simply put. God has his role and I have mine. Sometimes it is based on gender, sometimes it's not. But that's in my Universe. It will be different for every couple. The receptionist at a Fortune 500 company does not do the same thing as the caterer. But both jobs are necessary for the company to survive. Maids and butlers do separate jobs. As do directors of operations versus directors of marketing. Everyone has a different job description. But if you miss one of these positions, chaos can ensue. I am not God because I have my hands full being Earth.

Now I Understand why some people want to label the Black woman as a goddess. To many she is. Some people grew up with no Father or male role model to identify with. Mama was all they had and apparently all they needed. Now all women are expected to fulfill that role in their lives. And how do you do that? Gas her up by calling her a goddess. Then she will feel strong enough to go out there and work 15 jobs. Ummmm... Emphatically No! I neither want nor need it like that!

Personally, I think more women need to tap in to their innate femininity. We have lost it trying to be everything to all people. And I'm not saying let out you inner hoe. No. I am saying investigate what is on the internal that makes you, you... and makes your inner little girl sit up and take notice. Again, not advocating being a high maintenance princess. That's hard for the inexperienced to pull off, but I am saying try some things on and see if you like them. Being a feminine woman does not means the same thing to all women, but there are aspects of womanhood that are out of fashion now a days and I feel that we should allow ourselves the latitude to explore our options.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Success in my Undertakings

Ladies and Gentlemen?. Gods and Earths?.

I did it! I have fulfilled my determined idea of becoming a 120 Holder!

Okay... Now that it is complete, and I have stopped celebrating enough to wonder?.. Now what? Now that I have accomplished this goal, what shall I do? Teach a million people? Build for hours at the parliament? When I was under study, it was a very organized process. I knew what I was supposed to do and I knew what was expected of me. Now that I'm on my own (and I'm not really that on my own. I assume my educator is not going to disappear since he is my God) I'm curious about what I will do with 120.

Any suggestions? What are y'all doing with 120?


PS: Y'all wanna see me and my flag? Go on over to facebook and check my profile....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Who Do You Love? ... Are You Sure?

I'm hot this morning. It should be a favorable thing since it's 24* outside. But I'm inside now. This is something I see daily and it pisses me off to no end.

I'm on the train this morning. There is a Black man sitting down with women sitting all around him. There is a woman holding a baby that is giving him the screwface. I get up and offer her my seat. I in turn take her place standing giving this old (maybe 50's-ish) man the fish-eye (a la Aunt Esther). This man acts oblivious to what is going on around him. He begins to strike up a conversation with the only white woman around him. Asking her all these lovely questions using his sweet voice on her. My fish-eye is getting stronger. Then as the white woman is leaving, and she has an ass of luggage for some reason, she stumbles as she is getting off the train. Not stumble to fall, but misplaced footing. The old Black man jumps up to run and help her. Damn to all of us that have been sitting or standing. He actually bumped me! Now I was kind enough NOT to trip this ignorant Black man that was so blissfully helping out a white damsel in distress.... But I did take his seat. When he got back on the train, he asked me to get up. Can you believe that? I smiled and said, "I will.... When I get to my stop." He tried to carry on that young people had no manners. (That was a light compliment I suppose), but and older Black woman read him the riot act telling him that since he loved white women so much he should find a car with an abundance. The tom got so pissed and was about to say something when a MARTA policeman who had been on the train the whole time suggested that it was in his best interest to get off at the next stop and catch the nest train.

I get to work and its too cold to walk all the way to the front door. So I cut through the parking deck and get on the elevator which will drop me off right in the building... and it's heated. I get on in the doctors parking lot. I make sure my badge is out so that I have no trouble with the people that work there. They don't like non doctors getting on that elevator. Two other men get on the elevator with me. When the elevator stops, it stops on a floor that anyone can park on. This non-nurse gets on the elevator. I'm not sure of her ethnicity but I'm certain she's not white. She looks me dead in my eye and says nothing. Then she looks at the white males, gives them a big smile and greets them with an enthusiastic "Good morning doctors!" I rush to be the first one to respond even though I Know she wasn't speaking to me. She gets visibly shaken when I do that, but my tag is hanging out and she looked me up and down when she first got on the elevator. The other doctors giggled under their breath, but since there were two of them and it was just the four of us on the elevator, she heard it. I smiled and said, "I assumed you Knew them. Was I mistaken?"

My problem is with our people who live to kiss the white man's/woman's ass. What is up with that. Why do we hate ourselves so much? What is it about the white man that is so enviable? THEM was right when he made the statement.... He loves the devil because the devil gives him nothing.

I need a moment to calm down y'all....


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Do Babies Feel Racism?

I had the oddest thoughts last night. Seriously, they were odd and I question the necessity. I also wonder what triggered them. Here they go...

Was I treated in a racist fashion as a child? And if so, has it had an effect on me throughout the maturation process? Follow me as I Build on this...

My parents were about as conscious as Black folks could be at that age. I have often said, if they were younger they would have been Panthers. But my parents were born in the 1930's and there is only a certain amount of the water they would trouble. As a child my parents, convinced me that I could do anything I wanted if I put in the work. They also told me to not trust 'Mr. Charlie.' That is the word they used unless they were mad at white people. Then they called them 'Paddyrollers.' I have come to learn that is a truly OLD way to refer to despicable white folks. Anyway... They made sure that I Knew and Understood the contributions that Black people have made to this country and to the world. My bed time stories along with tales also included information about prominent Black people and what they did. We also lived and socialized in a Black community of strivers. Okay. That was home. Lets talk about abroad.

I grew up in an urban environment. My parents did not trust the Paterson public school system. If y'all remember that movie Lean on Me?. That was my town. I did not attend that school, or any of the public school and programs that Paterson had to offer. I attended private, religious based schools. That was another block from my parents being too conscious. They powerfully love/d Jesus. All of my educational experiences were in predominately white schools. This is what prompted these thoughts. Did these white people do something to me when I was defenseless?

Various instances of mistreatment at the hands of white teachers and administrators have been bubbling to the surface lately. Why? Some of these memories are more than 30 years old! They aren't really upsetting me in a way where I want to go out and slap all white people. You know the feeling you get when you watch Roots, Mississippi Burning or any of them racist movies. No? I'm coming down with one of them Oprah "Aha!" moments. Ain't like I can hunt down and slap the people who mistreated me. I don't even want to. But I am being more mindful of my dealings with the devil.

I remember being put in the 'slow' class in kindergarten. Why? I remember taking a test and the people saying that I could be admitted to the school even though I was younger than their cut off for the class. I was the only Black girl in my class. There was a short bus of Black children bussed in from Paterson. We were the only Black children in the school. I mentioned some of the things that were going on in my class to my mother and she, an educator herself, realized that I had been classified as slow. You can't piss my mother off like that. She don't play that. I wasn't slow and she paid money for me to go there. She went up there and set them jokers straight. I was put in a regular kindergarten class and did well. Wasn't delayed at all. So they just decided to put me in that class for their own twisted reasons.

Another memory I have is at a February assembly, the principal made a statement that all Black people in this country should be happy that we taken into slavery. Because if we hadn't we would still be in Africa and starving. I had to be like 6 at the time. I came home and told my mother what was said and the fork fell from her fingers. See, at dinner we had to tell Mommie something new we learned that day. Even in the summer! That was my lesson for that day. She went ballistic and formed a lynch mob with Daddy and her lady friends (all teachers). They took me to school the next day, demanded to see the principal, and demanded that he corrected what he said over the loud speaker to the entire school. And didn't leave until they witnessed it. They did leave me there to deal with the fall out. The older students on the bus on the way home explained to me and the young children what had happened, because they (older children) were tickled and we were confused.

I remember forgetting to put my name on a test once and receiving a '0' on the test that affected my grade in the class. It was an honest mistake on my part. But it was the middle of the year and the class had maybe 9 students and if the other students all had their names on their papers then the teacher had to Know that that was my paper. Again my mother got involved. And the reason they adjusted things (I had gotten 100 on the test, they took 5 points off for my oversight) was because the teacher had filed the test, without the name, in my file. So she Knew that was my test! She just wanted to be contrary.

I remember in the 6th grade, the different, now Catholic school I was attending used to require parental class involvement. My mother worked like 30 minutes away from the school and my father was self employed. So Daddy used to be the one to come to school and participate. He was the only father helping out. The teacher made the comment that it was good to see him participating, and then she put her foot in her mouth and said, "Its probably the only time you see your daughter." Damn. Why it gotta be like that. Daddy was one of the funniest people I have ever met and he could shut you up, and make you feel foolish without making himself look bad. And he did just that. Damn paddyroller.....

I could go on. You could too. When you think of racism, you think of grown folks and not really of the babies being on the receiving end of it. They don't Know when they are being subjected, nor do they Know how to handle it. I was lucky because my parents were extremely supportive, involved, educated and did the Knowledge to my Cipher everyday. But there are parents who don't do this for what ever reasons. Maybe they are busy. Maybe they don't care. Maybe they feel like their children should learn to handle there own issues on their own. Maybe they don't Know how. I don't know. But should I have babies, I will be all up and through. And I will show them how to navigate that foolishness and always let them Know that their parents have their back as long as they are in the right. Though... I would like to think that that foolishness won't exist in the very near future, but you never Know.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Don't Have Children....

I went downstairs to get a little something something for a light snack earlier and I bumped into a chick that I Knew from NJ. It was completely unexpected. We caught up briefly and this is what she told me? Her 19 year old son has a baby on the way. So? I Know she expected me to extend my shoulder to her and say, "I?m sorry" but I couldn't. I see nothing wrong with having babies.

I am going to freely admit, that I used to buy into the okey doke. That there was a proper way and order to do life's most natural things. I bought into the marriage, house, 2 cars, and education type of scenario. And guess what it got me? No babies. I'm not blaming other people. I allowed it to happen. There used to be a time in my life where pleasing my parents was the sole most important thing to me. For them to be cross with me was like a death sentence. I assumed that they had the best for me in their hearts and they did. BUT... The 'Best' is a relative term. Meaning what worked for them wasn't necessarily going to work for me.

Don't have children without a husband. Women have been told this since the instiution got started. And I see the value of having children in a committed relationship where both parties want and agree to share responsibility of said children. But that?s not guaranteed by marriage. Lots of married men bounce and leave their children.

Don't have children until you have been married at least a year. Get to Know each other 1st. Ummm... Why would I need to 'get to Know' a man that I have just married? I mean, did I not Know this man when I accepted his proposal? It wasn't an arranged marriage. I Knew my late DH since I was a little girl. My mother was more practical when she made this suggestion. She said if I got pregnant immediately after getting married, people would think that was the reason we got married in the 1st place. Again... I have to ask this burning question? So?

Don't have children until you finish school. Again, I see the value of educated parents. It is assumed that educated people will earn more over the course of their lives. And it is easier to attend school without children than it is with them. I am not faulting that. BUT... many people go to school and have children at the same time. Yeah it may take them a long time and they miss out on the fun of the 'college experience' but it can be done if you find yourself in that situation.

Don'thave children until you buy a house. This is by far the stupidest rule I have heard regarding the whole baby thing. More renters have babies than home owners. I own and have rented; let me tell you this... purchasing a home is super DUPER vaginally drying. After purchasing our home and realizing how much money it was gonna take to get it the way we wanted it, and taxes, and repairs, and insurance...She-it!.... was enough for my late husband and I to put off having children for a few more years.

So where are my damn children? Here I am... previously married, educated, a home owner, and childless all the while 40 is breathing so heavily on the back of my neck that I can smell what it ate for breakfast. Not a good look. I'm angry. I am exponentially pissed off I'm disappointed that I listened to people and aided them in Building a prison house for me. Yes I call it a prison house, because in prison you give up making your own choices, by your own actions. Your wants aren't honored. I have always wanted children, but I listened to others and what their vision of my life should be now my choices are gone. When was a youngster I wanted at least 9 children. Had there names all picked out and everything. That desire has never passed But the people I respected told me that only ignorant people have that many children. And that Big Mama didn't have a TV back in the olden days and there wasn't anything else to do once it got dark. Okay all jokes aside. I'm upset that I didn't get my heart's desire. And I have to come to grips with that. But don't come at me with that BS current, "Well you can always adopt," or "Not everyone is meant to be a mother." You will get punched in the eye. You better hope I don't have my knife on me. I will shank you. And don't complain that your kids are knocked up either. I am neither your sister or companion in that tribulation.


Friday, December 11, 2009

The Price of Clarity

For a minute I have been humming the last break on Dr Dre's cut "Bitches Ain't Shit" from The Chronic album. Despite how you feel about the misogyny you MUST bare witness that The Chronic is one of the best Hip Hop albums of all time. ALL TIME. If you can't you ain't right and exact with our Koran.

Okay... I have a real bad case of the "Don?t give a fucks." It has been brewing for a minute and I?m not really sure how I caught it. I suppose it has everything to do with my level of dissatisfaction with my life in general and my inability to come up with a solution to make things right. Also there are things that I normally would be worried about, that I have just slapped on the fuck it list. This sounds like a perfect mindset on paper. Unfortunately the flip to that is I'm blocked from pleasant feelings too. All of the little things that used to make me smile and laugh are getting no love from me. I got nothing. It's actually quite frightening. Even though I don't do Christmas, I like this time of year. I like the carols and the television shows. I love the sales. But I just can't garner any excitement for anything. I am scaring my coworkers. That aspect should be amusing, but I'm not enjoying it. I have often suspected that the people I work with, purposefully push my buttons so they can get a rise out of me. Since I don't give a fuck, they push and push and push and all they get from me is nothing. Now they leave me alone; but they don't turn their backs to me. Ironically, it's what I have wanted all along. I never wanted to play in their reindeer games.

Even though the fuck it list is growing, still I find that some emotion is making its way to the surface. Unfortunately it's not the good ones, nor are they coming balanced. Something happened recently and I find a lot of anger is bubbling to the surface like a Coca Cola burp. But it's not being tempered with any Love or compassion or any of the normal neutralizers. I'm still wondering if this is cause for concern. I've not yet decided that. You know why? Yep. It's on the fuck it list.

One true upside I have noticed in being dispassionately unattached to stuff, is that I have a clearer cee on most things. I look in the mirror and can see my face and body, and not what I want to see. I can look at my bank statement and actually see my finances for what they are rather than what I hope they will be. I look at the relationships in my life and timing factors and can see them for the Truth. That has got to be a plus. If only I could get excited to celebrate.

I'm having company this weekend. I'm not cool with everyone that will cross my threshold. But the "I don't give a fucks" don't care. It won't be my intention to pull a Martin Lawrence and through someone out of the front door while screaming, "Get the stepping", but you never know what will develop. Unfortunately the "I don't give a fucks" play no favorites.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Knowledge Cipher

Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge Cipher abbt Knowledge. I'm drawing it up to mean for me? That I must do the Knowledge to my Cipher, twice. First to gain an awareness of what is actually going on in my Ciphers and secondly, to make Knowledgeable decisions based on that information. Example... I need to do some housework this weekend because I'm having a bit of company on Sunday. The Cipher is my home and the Knowledge is an assessment of what needs to be done. Okay. The list is made. But why is the list as it is? Do I really need to rake outside leaves for an inside meeting? Do I really need to go all out putting on the hog for people who probably not notice the effort? See? Its evaluation and re-evaluation. 10:40 asks who is this mystery god? The answer evaluates and re-evaluates. Not only is there no mystery god, its a waste of time searching for that which does not exist. This reminds me of high school algebra. When I would complete an equation, I would do the proof to show and prove that my answer was right and exact. Yeah it was an extra step that wasn't required, but I was always rewarded with good grades (a button to wear on the lapel of my coat) and the peace of mind (free transportation to Mecca) that my answers were correct. Some folks would say that this is a waste of time. Well I say, that is Knowledge for your own personal Ciphers.


Monday, November 30, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We have officially entered Holiday Season. How do I know this? (1)I went to the mall to pick up something for myself and this mall that is usually 1/2-1/3 filled to capacity was overflowing with people, (2) decorations are up in all the streets, (3) the radio station that my boss plays at work has reverted to Christmas music nonstop (4) Santa was at the mall and (5) I had to pull and dust off the office decorations. People... we have hit pay dirt.

The song Little Drummer Boy used to be one of my favorites when I was a child. I suppose it has to do with the fact that when I liked it so much, I was a child and could relate to said song. The big people always had gifts to give to other people and I wanted to also, but had no money so I had to just suck it up. The funny thing is once I became an adult and was expected to give gifts, I wanted to revert back to the little drummer girl. Since I no longer celebrate the holiday, I am not giving gifts (well maybe one to my mother) and I will not accept any gifts either.

But one line of the above mentioned song sticks in my head. "...I have no gifts to bring... ba rum pum pum pum.... to lay before the king..." Why do people feel like it is necessary to give gifts to people who clearly don't need any? I know it's the thought and all that other stuff, but I'm not talking about those people. I'm talking about folks that you share your social Equality with, no. I'm speaking about entities like churches and clergy people.

Have you looked at churches these days, in this economy? I live in Atlanta; part of the Bible belt. I have seen all manner of businesses close down. When you go to a strip mall you will see more closed businesses than open ones. But what I have NOT seen are closed churches. I'm not speaking of churches that have moved on to greener pastures, I'm speaking of churches that have just flat out closed down because the economy has gotten bad. Have you? Go on. I'll wait.

What I have seen is churches that clearly are doing well. Groomed and manicured yards with poinsettia arrangements all over the place. I have seen cars double parked in parking lots and greenery (yes already, after all it is advent season) and lights dripping off the edges of churches. This is my question... What are these churches doing for the community? I mean I can see them breaking ground and acquiring new buildings, but what are these churches doing to improve the quality of life for the community or their members? Churches sell something that has yet to be proven whether it exists. And folks pay big money on the alter of Mammon. And for what?

Churches have become obsolete now a days. In the past they provided social and personal growth and development. People could learn to read at church, there were after school programs at churches. Churches had sports leagues and summer camps. Now churches push the "Gospel of Prosperity"; meaning, you can give your way out of poverty. And that is a lie from the pit of hell (hell = devil civilization). I recognize that churches have bills, but they are spending more on the outward appearances than on the people. Meaning look at what services are provided and that is all you should have in your church. If all you do is meet with your people who are your followers on Sunday from 11am-2pm, then all you need is a 1 room and that's it. If you never cook for the masses, you don't need a state of the art kitchen. If you eat as a group maybe just a few times a year, you can have that catered. Put some money in someone else's pocket for a change. If you aren't teaching anything useful (or at all) then you don?t need those classrooms. See where I'm going with this? What is the purpose of all that property if you aren?t doing anything useful with it?

Why would a little drummer person feel it necessary to give a gift to someone who clearly has more than s/he does? Would said rich person even notice? I had a friend who used to belong to a mega church here in the metro. She was convinced that all her contributions and efforts were noticed by the pastor of said church. After all she had been going to that church for over a decade. She was with the church when it was a normal sized church and she gave a pledge that helped them get into their new 5000+ seat facility. While making plans to relocate (which means she would have to find another church to give her gold to), she fully expected the pastor to personally wish her well. Do I have to tell you that she was disappointed? But what she did receive was a form letter informing her that if she truly wanted to remain a member in good standing with that church she could. They have streaming services on Sundays and she could give her tithe via the website. Damn. That's it. Why not join Fred Price's or Rev. Ike's ministry? And do you know she maintained her membership like that for about a year. Insanity. She was that preacher's little Drummer girl. Or bottom bitch but who am I to speak on it. He had to get his money. Churches don't pay for themselves now do they?

Another practice of the church people is to give gifts/money to their clergy people. Why? These people get a salary? Don't alike it to a bonus that us working people EARN at the end of the year for putting up with crap for 260 days per year (that's 2080 hours per year). Preachers work only on Sunday (that's 52 2-hour days per year) and often get vacations that they are also paid for. And let's not talk about guest ministers that receive love offerings. I say let them have the preacher's weekly salary for that visit. They get other perks too... Anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, dinners, suits, etc. Preachers got the immense hookup. And don't tell me that they do other work like funerals and weddings. When I got married and buried my husband, I had to pay the churches for the pleasure. I and my late spouse were both born and baptized in that church and were members in good standing yet I was billed an invoice for both services payable on receipt. My aunt who is in a nursing home has been a member of her church since she was 15 (she?s 85 at the date of this writing) she has labored and devoted herself to that church for about 60 odd some years, cleaning, cooking, singing, teaching Sunday school, anything they ever needed she was right there. They sent her son a letter stating that they knew she was sick (even thought they didn't visit), but they also knew that she was getting social security checks and that her children should be tithing that money. But since they hadn't, when she dies, the funeral in that church would cost the family approximately $2000. How is that for good Christian love?

I am saying that it is highly and completely unnecessary for people to love (with their money) these institutions that give them nothing. Do they not need their money? Anyone out there who has some money that they don?t need, feel free to send it to me. I?ll take it and do something positive with it.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's this Gotta Do with Me?

I was watching this show on cable called "How the Earth was Made." It is mad interesting if you?re into that type of thing, which I am. The whole time I"m watching the show I'm like, "What's this gotta do with me"? Because I'm Earth. I watched like 3 of them in a row. But the one I will Build on this morning is Asteroids.

Asteroids are heavenly bodies. Usually small rocks, but they can be enormous, that orbit something with a gravitational pull. They aren't just rocks hanging out and something collides in them. They have an agenda, they are in rotation around something. Usually the Sun. They are composed of a space metal like iridium and are usually covered in ice (its cold out in space) and they have no atmosphere of their own. When an asteroid comes in contact with a planet it is usually burned up in the planet's atmosphere, leaving dust to drop from the skies. It's what a shooting star is. But sometimes them jokers are big, or composed of a rock that will not disintegrate. The big ones, sometimes you can see them coming. That's when the issue starts. If it can make it through our atmosphere, then when it hits, there will be problems and situations.

First, the area that the asteroid hits will form an instant crater. The reason that is a problem is because Earth formations usually take time. And that time allows all parties involved to adjust to the changes. But the instant-ness of the asteroid crater (scar) formation creates a problem for the surrounding areas and the underlying areas. It breaks up the mantle of the Earth; allowing something to come to the surface. Sometimes water, other times oil, but even other times, magma.

When the asteroid hits it overturns rocks around the crater. The asteroid disintegrates but leaves fragments of space metal for miles and finally, it levels a sonic shockwave that reverberates across the entire planet. This shock wave can kill, circumferentially. A shock wave allegedly brought down the reign of dinosaurs. It doesn't just kill all the animals and vegetation, but causes earthquakes and tsunamis. That shock wave, very well may be the most destructive part of the asteroid hit, that is, unless the asteroid lands directly on you.

How do I see this in relation to me as the Earth? I see asteroids as external forces that reek havoc on Self. They come from who knows, and try as I might to protect mySelf through my own atmospheric shield; they get in and cause acute, intense and possibly long lasting problems. If they get past my shield, then it's going to leave a scar on my person.

Think of that bad romantic relationship that will forever stay in the back or your mind. That relationship will be part of every subsequent relationship that follows... Forever (space debris). What if a close family member that you depend on dies suddenly? That will reek havoc on you because now you have to scramble to bury that person, deal with the emotional baggage (space debris) of unsaid words and revelations (space debris), and find a way to support yourself. The people around you will be different too (shockwaves). In the case of the bad romantic relationship, people bounce when they see you struggling. They offer no means of escape and often they help the perpetrator because he wants to isolate you from the outside world and they let him. And in the case of a dearly departed folks will get all nosy, wondering how much money you have and how much they can get from you, but they don't offer to share their social Equality with you. Your presence reminds them of your tragedy and that makes folks uncomfortable. And if for their sake you act less unaffected; that's how the rumors get started.

Asteroids can be other people that come into your Universe with an agenda to cause problems. Sometimes you can see the big ones coming. The Earth cannot simply jump out of the way and avoid it. She is locked into her rotation, plus she has to spin on her own axis. Say you choose to involve yourSelf with a man who has kids. That is a big Baby Mama asteroid up close and personal. And ladies don?t trip, you see that one coming. As long as you have a relationship with that man, you will have a relationship with that Baby Mama. I have friends with children. I have witnessed them telling their children that they did not have to listen to "that woman." My own parents were separated and I have been told that I lack Self respect because I was polite to my Father's latest paramour. What kind of debris is that going to leave for that child, or for that woman? This is why I don't date men with children (shockwave). I burn that up in my atmosphere. My overturned rock in that arena is that the pool of remaining men is even smaller.

Broken Earth can be productively useful. The asteroid can break up the mantle of the Earth and bring forth a cleansing (water). It can bring forth a useful skill that can be used to earn more gold (oil). Or it can turn the Earth into a bitch of the highest magnitude (magma). I suppose it depends where the asteroid hits.

But that scar will never go away. It can fill up with water and become a lake. It can become fertile and grow vegetation and support animal life. It will eventually blend into the surrounding environment, but it will never go away. It's there forever. The impact was just that hard.

So for me, I will strive with all my power to not be an asteroid to someone else unless I am certain it will produce a beneficial result rather than set the stage for earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. And avoid all incoming asteroids to the best of my ability. But should one get past my atmosphere, I will be the Earth thst I am and keep on rotating.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Wisdom abbt Understanding

12: Awareness that my actions will be perceived by others

I do this personally every day, but don’t do this every day in my blog. Today I’m feeling particularly contemplative so here’s my 8.

People are always gonna watch you. Doesn’t matter what you do. Even if you don’t leave the house people will take notice of the fact that you don’t leave the house. So what must be done? We must be mindful that the image that we put out there is in line with reality.

Here in the south I have noticed that the native population does not ask appropriate questions. I have no clue why this is. I suppose after living here a few more years the answers will come to me. But right now I have only my observations. Folks look at me and assume I am a Muslim. SMH. I kind of know when folks are thinking that because they will want to show me how informed they are by saying they have Muslim friends or making a comment about Islam, the faith. It always makes me smile and I say, ‘’I’m not Muslim”

Folks own confusion will take over and then they will get their mental minds together to ask me questions regarding my Culture. I have been accused of being the aforementioned Muslim, Black Hebrew, Nuwabian, an A-Rab (a non-NOI Muslim), a Moor and a whole bunch of other things. Being in the south when I say a 5%er, I get strange looks. That’s okay; it’s a moment to Build on who we are and what we teach. Now does this mean that I am proselytizing? Emphatically No. I never have believed in that, even when I was a Bible thumping Christian. People need to come to KOS on their own. But I will stand as a guidepost until they can make their mental recovery.

I ride MARTA with a preacher. I know how he rolls and he knows how I roll. I used to be a devout Christian and know how to interact with the faithful. But I am always mindful to tactfully point out inconsistencies of his comments and beliefs but in a playful manner where he won’t feel attacked. People stop listening to you when they feel attacked. He hears me refer to Nation folk as Gods and Earths. He has come to learn the meaning of what a degree is Ciphers, Supreme Mathematic and Alphabet, Rallies and a plethora of words. Every now and then he will joke and ask me, ‘’How do see today’s Mathematics?” I think (I’m not sure) that this man can come amongst the righteous people and not feel completely out of place. I am aware that he watches me and what I do. I recognize that I am his physical link to Allah’s Nation and more than likely his Understanding of it will come through me. Am I trying to lure him out of the triple stages of darkness? Probably, but I recognize that he is older, strung out on white Jesus and probably not ever going to come in the name. But he can become elevated and more conscious. And just maybe, he may slip and let his children learn a little something about or Culture and who knows? His grand seeds may refer to themselves as God or Earth. You never Know.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

PSA Rant

I am Earth and the Earth is me. So I take it as a huge insult when folks don?t do their part in preserving the Earth.

If you have read any of my other blogs you are aware that I have this inherent crunchiness about Self. It?s not all out Birkenstock crunchiness but it is quite crispy. And I?m always looking for ways to be crunchier. So I have an affinity for environmental preservation. If every body does something? it doesn?t have to be extreme or severely uncomfortable? the planet will heal itself.

2 Chronicles 7:14 reads?? If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land.? Mathematically this says to me that attention needs to the ways and actions that the righteous people set for Culture. People need to be taught to save this planet. It is the only planet that we have (though the devil keeps looking for another to screw over). If it becomes too toxic for life what does that mean for our babies? Because you know if they find a planet to move to they will leave our Original butts behind and that ain?t a bad thing. But I digress.

We gotta do better. For ourselves personally, our families, our Nation and our planet. We have to recycle. If you are having a home built make sure it is eco friendly, with solar panels, reclaimed parts, hygienic paint and all that good stuff. Everything doesn?t have to be brand new. Learn to cook your own food. I mean all of it. Down to the bread and condiments. Grow your own garden. Take mass transit if it?s available or walk or ride your bike. That?s good for you and the environment. Go back to cloth diapers. Don?t patronize businesses that aren?t eco friendly.

The more you do, the more you want to do. I bear witness to that. Also the reverse is true. The lazier you allow the lazier you?ll want. Just make one small change and see how that affects everything in you cipher and will affect other folks cipher?s too.

Example: If I begin to eat raw, and I prepare all the food for the people in my Universe, then the God will get raw and become more vibrant. He becomes stronger and healthier, and then he can shine at the Justice. He earns a raise and a promotion. Now he is in a decision making capacity and decided to make his work cipher more eco friendly. Everyone in his department become healthier. Production goes up and illnesses and work-related illness go down. Now he becomes head of the company and takes over the world! Okay?. I know?. It could happen. Our seeds eat healthy. They shine at school. They never become overweight or obese. They excel at sports and are intellectually dominant. They earn scholarships to college. They continue to dominate academically and athletically. All the students want to be like them, emulate them and elect them as leader. The come up with a fabulous idea that they institute while still in college. They sell it for trillions of dollars and become richer than the Wal-Mart people and Oprah combined. They take over the world?.. I?m just saying.

Do your damn part.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Can an Original Black man under any circumstances be considered devil??

This is a topic that I see goes back and forth on forums that I frequent and I have discussed with a few Gods and Earths before. I love my Nation. One (of many) of the things I love about this Nation is how we are encouraged to think and research a topic until a reasonable answer to that question is established for Self. I have a reasonable answer to the said question.


The Original Black man has many attributes and descriptions (1:10, 1,3:14, 1,16,37:40). But no where does it mention that he is devil. He can aspire to be 10%, but not devil. It's not in him... literally.

There are many descriptions for the term 'devil.' 2:10, 1-10:14, 21:40. My Understanding on this is that to be devil, one must possess an expressed white germ. The white germ is completely recessive. Without that germ one cannot be devil because that germ can only exist in the absence of the black germ (30:40). Oh, an Original Black man can be weak and wicked, do devilment, be snakelike, but only a imitation of said devil. Yacub, who is father of the devil and taught the devil to do his devilshment, was an Original Black man and a scientist. No where in 120 (and I peeked ahead) does it say that Yacub was a devil. And if any Original Black man should be devil, it was Yacub.

So, in conclusion... My logic tells me that Emphatically No! An Original Black man can not be devil... is incapable of being devil... Oh, he can imitate the devil, but that,s unnatural to try to do like the filthy colored man. So never will you hear or read that I have referred to an Original Black man or woman as devil or she-devil. It does bring an interesting point to the surface, though. What of an individual who carries the recessive devil gene yet it is not displayed because a dominant gene masks it? They are still capable of passing this gene on and capable of making devil should they procreate with one. Hmmmmm.... Yet another reason, as if I needed one, to not deal with the devil.


Friday, October 23, 2009

The Interview

I had a job interview last night. Who interviews at night? But.... I dressed in my standard interview suit. Did everything the way I had always done it, but with one small change.... My head was covered.

I already had my current position when I began adding on with our Nation again. So how I looked never came into question. But this time I walked into the office with my understated headwrap and had a long conversation with the boss. Who kept looking up at my head. It was a dual interview and a the second interviewer was looking at my head as well. The interview was after hours and the employees were leaving as I was coming in. They were looking too. No one asked me a question about it. Probably because they aren't allowed. This is a job that I know I can do and do well. AND I have a ridiculous amount of experience. But I wonder if my Refinement will keep me from the gold.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


Does it seem crazy that in this day and age, that the media is patting white people on the back who have a ridiculous amount of children. I just finished watching a "18 kids and Counting" marathon and I just don't get it. And think of the instant celebrity of Jon and Kate and the Octomom.

You think Keisha, Boneqweesha even Big Mama (who is the reason you have 15 aunts and uncles) in the hood would gain such noteriety from having a bunch of kids? Just saying.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Balm of Gilead

I fucked up. Fore real. The pimple busted yesterday. I ain’t gonna get into details or anything but just know. It's a big one. It coincided with yesterday’s Supreme Mathematics. I failed to do the Knowledge, now my way of life and Power will be affected. Not forever. But for a minute. Okay. That’s done. There is nor forgiveness for me or crying on my part. That is my Justice. It is time to recoup. But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about today’s Supreme Mathematics and its application.

Knowledge Power abbt Equality. Knowledge is to Know. Know everything possible. Know the boundaries, capabilities, necessities, etc. Power is the ability to do something. Folks always want to make Power this big strong thing. It’s not always quantity. Power can be subtle. But its effects can be potentiated. Equality is balance.

So for me, today’s Supreme Mathematics says… I need to stop putting my head in the sand ignoring what is going on all in my current Cipher (today’s Supreme Alphabet) so that I can make accurate decisions on what I need to do to move things in the direction that I desire them to go. Because right now I’m dealing in in-Equality at my own hands. And I want to flip that to something elevating.

When I was part of the Christian church, one of the things that was repeated to me over and over was when situations arise that I didn’t know how to control, I should “stand still.” Let white Jesus "Work it out" (I used to sing the hell out of that song, SMH). There is a song that says, “Don’t be discouraged/Joy comes in the morning/Know that God is nigh/Stand still and look up/God is going to show up/He is standing by….” I have left a lot of my Christianity behind. But seems though old habits die hard. Maybe I was waiting for a mystery god to bring me food, or searching for that which did not exist. Maybe this experience is good in that is shining a spotlight on where I need to do some work.

I did the Knowledge (cause I’m doing it all the time now) on the title of this post and found that “Balm of Gilead” is a name given by the authors of the King James Bible. The actual name for the substance was “Balsam of Mecca.” Hmmm….. It is a plant resin used as a perfume and an antifungal medicine. I can see the value of a medicine that smells good and heals you. A healing balm of Peace… I’d use it prophylacticly.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coming in the Name

I come in the name is Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth.......Ooooooohhhhhhh! This is gonna be very unpopular. And remember.... I am only speaking from MY perspective. B.U.T. People need to wait on their names.

In Allah’s Nation we choose for ourselves righteous names. A lot of the times the names come directly out of our lessons or they are attributes. Not Islamic names. Not saying Islamic names are never chosen. Allah said that our names should be different from those in the mosques/temples. So there are Gods and Earths walking around with names like Born Understanding Lord Equality Mathematic God Allah or I’Arabia Wise Earthiasia Reflection Embrace Me True Earth. I am exaggerating. Folks be 1:36ing. Where as I advocate righteous names, (here comes my opinion) I just don’t think one should get one until one Knowledges 120, if one is to Knowledge 120. Some Gods do not think it necessary to teach their Earth’s 120. If that’s the case, then said Gods should be the responsible party to draw up his Earth’s name.

Why? Thank you for asking. I find it hard to ask someone to choose a name with just Math and Alphabet on cap. Just as I think it’s ridiculous to have a 17 or 18 year old make decisions then (like choosing a major) that can affect the rest of their lives.

As I travel through 120, and build with other Gods and Earths, I find that I am not completely comfortable with the name I accepted at the beginning of my journey. I didn’t draw the whole name up. My original enlightener did. I accepted it because it was the best of the lot of names he was suggesting. And it’s not that I don’t like it, I do, but maybe there is a name that reflects me better. But I am now used to hearing and answering to my name as I am my given name. I did adjust my name some when I amicably parted with my original enlightener to add on with my current God. I wanted to reflect him more and my place in our Universe.

I was righteous in Build God -Build for a minute. SMH. That God did not believe in teaching Earths 120. I got Math and Alphabet. Not even all the Alphabet. And the righteous name he gave me was my nickname. No that it was an inappropriate or incorrect righteous name, but it was the same name I had always used and kind of still answer to but I felt cheated because I wanted a big ole Earth name! That was silly on my part and is a testimony to why the Nation didn’t stick back then.

But, I’m not advocating that we act as Muslims in the NOI do and add an X to our names until we figure out what name fits. But there should be no shame in saying, “I’m Sally Mae Jenkins and I’m currently working on Actual Facts.” There is however something amiss with this statement…. “My name is George Bush Jackson and I Knowledged 120 in God Build.” Yeah. Not a good look homie.

To put a finish on this post because I can go on and on, and there is no rule that says that you have to draw up a name as soon as you’re eligible. But I will advocate for anyone other than my children (they get righteous names at birth) that I am involved with their curriculum; that they wait until they 1 120 to choose a name. Because then they will have all the information at hand to choose one that most closely reflects their attributes. But again, that's me.


And So On...

Is post is an add on from my last post. You know where I was questioning whether or not I was representing my Nation or even if there was a need for me too.

This morning I was riding the bus with a bus friend. As bus friend is a person that you only see on the bus. And since you tend to ride the bus with the same people, over time you get friendly with them. I have been riding MARTA for 4 years now, on and off. I like riding because it’s good for the environment and saves on gas and aggravation. But I digress…

This particular bus friend is a female, and we ride all the way to my train stop together. We got to talking. She was telling me about something that went on in her church and asked me how I saw it. Okay. In my head I’m like, “Yeah. I must not be repping the Nation well at all that this chick who she and I been cool for a few years doesn’t realize that I am not a Christian.” I politely told her that I didn’t, couldn’t have an opinion because I don’t attend church. She looked at me like I just slapped her mother. I was fully expecting a tirade on how I need to repent from my wicked ways. But she said, “Oh you’re Muslim, right?” I can see getting confused for a Muslim. I don’t wear pants and I cover my head, though not the way Hijabis cover their heads. But no cigar. Although this morning, my hair was half exposed. I am wearing a beret and half of my locs are hanging from behind. I felt French. I told bus friend that I am an Earth in the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths. I received a blank stare for the effort.

I’m a bit spoiled. I am originally from NJ and in NJ folk know who and what the Gods and Earths are. Here in Metro Atlanta, not so much. I expect that from most people. And this conversation sparked another conversation that lasted until I got off the train. I explained what and how we teach. It’s is really hard to explain to the 85% that in calling the Black man “God” does not attribute to him the powers of their mystery god or that I have become some second class citizen by calling myself ‘Earth’ and not goddess. But I labored on, speaking to bus friend like a child, simply because that’s what she needed.

I am not sure what she got from the conversation. Time will only tell. But what I got was illuminating. And maybe that’s why it happened. She said that by just looking at me she would have never thought that I was anything different. That was kind of funny! She said I looked like everyone else. I was initially put off, but she explained it to me like this. She said that yes I cover my body, and she did notice that I cover my head, but I don’t do it in a way to make people uncomfortable or like I am an isolationist. Okay. I can live with that. She pointed out that even in what I am wearing today (A black skirt, a pink twin set and some boots) doesn’t look out of the ordinary; even with the beret!

This got me thinking. Am I supposed to look different? I know the only person who can answer that question is me. I’m good with how I look. I stopped wearing pants even before I was righteous. And I covered my head on and off for years. It’s the lack of weave and make up that was the most jarring, but folks (outside the Justice) haven’t had too much to say about it. So Do I feel like I’m representing the Nation? Yes I Do! I suppose I’m done with this issue. Until the next time.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Billboards and Such

The God said something to me last week that had to marinate within for a minute. He told me that I am on the DL with my “Nation-ness” in comparison to his “poster child-ness” for Allah’s Nation. Hmmmmm…..

Him: Either wears a flag or a Nation shirt wherever he goes. Seriously. The only other paraphernalia he wears reps his alma mater. But even when repping SU, there is a flag on his lapel. And when we go out... A crown on his head.

Me: I have not earned a flag…. Yet. Working on it, but no cigar. I went to Show and Prove with the expectation of getting my own Nation paraphernalia. But the selection for girls left me wanting. Not saying there wasn’t anything for Earths; just not Earths with my particular… ahem… needs. BUT… I am refined and all that goes along with that soooooo….. Am I not repping the Nation?

I don’t hide my affiliation; but I don’t have “EARF” tatted on my forehead either. I do's what I does and if you have questions you are welcome to ask as long as they are respectful, and I will do my level best to lead you in the right direction.

But does my lack of advertisement mean I’m not ‘bout it ‘bout it for my Nation? In my heart/mind no, but I suppose folks will have their own opinions. I had never given much thought to it prior. When I was a Christian, I didn’t go around carrying a Bible, wearing crucifixes or proselytizing either. I wish I had a big sister Earth or an Earth mentor to talk to sometimes.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Showing myself Friendly

I am a great friend. It’s true, I am. BUT I am not a patient friend. I don’t see that as being a prerequisite either. I have no time for the bullshit or pettiness that often comes when women befriend each other. I say women because for some reason I don’t have these types of problems with my male friends. You just can’t get drunk around male friends be cause they will try you. But I digress. I also have a vicious temper. Every single friend that I have knows about this quality. If you don’t know, then we probably aren’t good friends. So for the most part people who know me… really know me… don’t fuck with me. One thing I have no patience for is inactivity; meaning you can’t go ghost for no damn reason and show and get in my good graces. Nope.

A friendship is a relationship. I would not allow my man or my children to disappear and not hear from them for a minute. The same goes for friends. I’m not saying that we have to speak daily or have tea weekly. Nope. But I am saying that with all the technology out there, you can drop me a text message to let me know that you haven’t returned to the essence.

People make time for what they consider important. So if you and I have gotten to the point where we consider each other ‘friendly’, then we need to build on the regular based on the level of friendship that we have. If we tight, that needs to be demonstrated. If we at the level of associates and speak maybe quarterly, then that is cool. But don’t act like we homies when you call, because you will be informed of the realities. If we are work friends, do not call me outside of work unless it has something to do with the job. And understand that when that line of convo is over the call will be dropped. You see where I’m going with this? Don’t expect all the caveats of friendship if you not keeping up your end (11:14). And you get what you deserve…. i.e. Justice.

This is the south and southern people are notorious for expecting folks to be nice to them for absolutely no reason. I will be respectful to strangers, but not nice. Nice is something to be earned. And why do you want folks to be ‘nice’ to you anyway? Because it make your life easier; damn the other folks. I ain’t here to make your life easier for yourseld. I will meet you in the middle. I ain’t southern and I care not if my cell never rings, I do as I does. And I expect the same.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Free Transportation

"Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings. Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation. Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." -- Mal. 3:8-10

I was watching an indie religious public access television a few Sundays ago. I watch the indie programs because those people are hilarious. But the topic was “tithing.” The above Biblical scripture is familiar to any of y’all that ever belonged (notice I did not way ‘went’) to a Christian church. It is an Old Testament passage that was always recited when it was time to give the protection money… i.e. the offering. But the indie Black Hebrews were speaking on tithing. The main gist of the program was focusing on what a tithe is.

The dictionary defines a tithe as 10% of your income. It’s funny that 10% is the percentage chosen is it not? But I digress. The indie Black Hebrews said that no where in the Bible is a tithe defined as money. I beg your pardon? What?.

When I was a Christian… I was a devout Christian. That (and other reasons) meant I tithed. 10% off the gross. (That freed me from having to tithe my income tax refund!) I bought into the whole ‘curse with a curse’ threat; and that is why I refer to it as protection money. But these indie folks could not be right because I was certain of what a tithe was. I grabbed my Bible (Yes, I still have all of them) dusted it off, and began my search. I was looking for proof that a tithe was money. I was unable to find proof.

Here are some scripture for you to check Genesis 14:20, Hebrews 7:6, Leviticus 27:30-31, Deuteronomy 12:17, 2 Chronicles 31:5-6, 12.

No where in the Bible is a tithe listed as money. It is an offering of what you put in action or your abilities. Meaning a tithe is something that you labored and devoted yourself to. How can you bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there may be meat in my house? It doesn’t say deposit your money in our accounts so there will be can cook dinner. The most quoted aforementioned scripture is asking for food not money. I have been looking for 3 weeks and have been unable to find the passage that clearly states that a tithe is cash money. They got me. I will waste no more time.

Back to the Bible, evening the New Testament, the new dispensation, there is no mention of cash money payments.
42They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles. 44All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. 46Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.
Acts 2:42-74

I guess this information is bad for business. I suppose churches are building and not the people that use the buildings. Because people need food clothing and shelter. And buildings need funds.

But what does that have to do with me today? Just because I am no longer affiliated with a ‘church’ does that mean I have no responsibility to give anything to anybody? All I do and all I have is for me and me alone. I am not bound to do anything for anybody outside my cipher? Y’all free to answer that for yourselves, but my answer is NO. Yeah I don’t go to church but I have abilities that I can share with people and I will still labor and devote myself for the betterment of others. Not to my detriment, but service is service. And if we say that we are concerned for others then we have to DO something. Display the Wisdom we claim to have. What is the duty of a civilized person? And If a civilized person does not perform his duty what must be done?

I guess the transportation is not free, because at the end of the ride, it must be paid forward.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A PSA and a Damn SHAME!

I have often said that if it's not cool to ingest pork, it should not be cool to use it for other things. So here I am on my mission to eradicate pork and animal products from my life. I'm going to have to cease or decrese my use of, apparantly, various items....


I will be adding more and more links to the list.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Let's see.... 1712 + 300 = 2012


I'm knocking off a little early.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Question of Religion?

I have been thinking about a lot of things abstractly lately. One of the things that has been on the contemplation circuit is whether or not the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths is a religion, rather than just a culture. The quick answer is no. We do not advocate the belief in a mystery god (10:40) therefore we cannot be a religion. Is that all to religion and religiousness? We do have a document (SM, SA, 120), a symbol (flag) and a song and a method that we use to conduct ourselves. We have God. We have practices. But there is no governing body, or National spokesperson. Just a bunch of strange acting Negroes, with strange names, who will give you the fisheye when you eat a pig ear sandwich.

But are we a religion? I have perused a few definitions of ‘religion’ and a lot of the definitions can be applied to us…

A religion is an organized approach to human spirituality which usually encompasses a set of narratives, symbols, beliefs and practices, often with a supernatural or transcendent quality, that give meaning to the practitioner's experiences of life through reference to a higher power, God or gods, or ultimate truth It may be expressed through prayer, ritual, meditation, music and art, among other things
The term "religion" refers to both the personal practices related to communal faith and to group rituals and communication stemming from shared conviction. "Religion" is sometimes used interchangeably with "faith" or "belief system," but it is more socially defined than personal convictions, and it entails specific behaviors, respectively.
A lot of what is said above is applicable to our Nation. All with the exception of belief, spirituality and mystery god-ness. Does that make us a religion?

When y’all build with the 85%, 10% or devil; do you say that this Culture is a religion? I know folks would say, “Emphatically Now Cipher!” But listen… Say you are a female and your boss is a devil and has no knowledge of our Nation and customs. The boss has no knowledge that s/he is a devil. You really want to be the person telling them that? They hold your financial future in their hands. Say you have a very public job like a college professor. Are you going to stand in front of your class or you colleagues wearing a wrap or crown? Or do you just want to be free to follow your Culture as you see fit? I ask this because I deal with this. My boss didn’t ask right away why I stopped wearing make up and started covering my head. I took the “don’t ask, don’t tell” route. He got bold enough to ask questions around Christmas. I mentioned that I no longer celebrated Christmas and didn’t elaborate on why. He assumed that I converted to Islam. Again, I said nothing. He keeps asking questions here and there. The reason he doesn’t come out and ask his questions is because he can’t. In this country we allegedly have religious freedom. And this is also why I don’t come right out and tell him. But what we live is a Culture is not a religion. Technically, he could let me go for the changes I’ve made to Self. If I got a tattoo on my forehead he could let me go for that and any other perceived drastic changes to my appearance. But I allow him and all my other co-workers to think that I have had this religious conversion. Am I in violation of the 11-14?
Lots of religions are Cultures as well as religions. Jews are not just a religion but also a Culture. They have a way that they live and they force those that co-exist in their ciphers to recognize it. So do Muslims. The outsider has to deal with their restrictions. But what about us? I have found that a lot of us can be loud on that 4th Sunday afternoon, but come Monday morning we are mealy mouthed. Do we make folks in our ciphers deal with us on our levels? Do we allow our parents to have access to our children when we know they will give them a hot dog? Do we accept and give Christmas presents? Do we let our children go to religious private schools? Do we insist that our young moons cover their heads? Do we maintain 3/4th ALL the time? Do you see women who call themselves ‘Earths’ with perms and makeup and say nothing? Will you go to church with Mama and 'nem on Easter and family reunions? Do you know Gods with babies who know nothing of this Culture who are active in the cipher and we say nothing to them? What about Gods that do not take care of their babies? Do you always read the labels? Will there blood be required at thine hand? Are you 100% sure you are shining/reflecting right and exact?

I say all this, for you to ask yourself as I constantly ask myself, what is my level of righteousness? Am I/Are you willing to deceive others so I/you can be comfortable? Does discussing the particulars of this Nation make you uncomfortable? How much are you willing to share with the devil? Or will you just give an answer that makes everyone happy even if it’s not quite the truth?

At the end of the day, I’m sticking with the short answer. NO. But that’s easy for me. My cipher is easily controlled with very few surprises. My boss is easily confused, my family lives far away from me, I have no children and my friends are in check. What about other Gods and Earths whose lives are more convoluted? Do they take the religion pass? I’m curious….


PS: Sorry I couldn't get this formatted just the way I wanted it

Monday, August 17, 2009


Wanna know what turns me on? What gets me going? What will make my heart as well as other parts skip a beat? What will always make me take a deep exhaling breath? What will hit my spot every single time without fail? What I dream about as I fall off to sleep? Fashion....... I love it. My childhood dream job was to be a designer (and a back up singer!). I used to design doll clothes for my friends. (I didn't play with dolls myself) Mommie told me to get a grip. "That's not a job for Black people" she would say. But even she acknowledges that I have a eye for fashion.

I know I said I wasn’t going to keep talking about my clothes. But I’m obsessed; and it is part of 'Serenity's Cipher'. I should start a blog called “The Refine-ista!” Serious fashion buffs get that. But 3 blogs is a enough for me to handle here at Blogspot.

It’s that time of year. Fall… The time of year where you stop thinking about sandals and start thinking about boots. The time of year where you start thinking about tweeds and coats. Hats and gloves. The time of the year wear the new clothes becomes foreplay. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

My favorite season is Summer hands down. And Spring is my close second. I like to be warm. BUT… Fall is the best clothing season hands down. It makes up for the cool weather. If you venture into department stores they have begun to mark down summer clothes. The fall stuff is coming in a few weeks! When I was in high school and used to work in retail, I would go to work early every time I had to go just to see what was new in the store. They only put the prettiest and best dressed girls in the new section. I used to step my game up so that I was That Girl. I was an assistant floor manager so if I looked the part, I had the clout to trump all them other chicks if I wanted it. No one wanted to work in the back where the sale merchandise was. All the greedy bargain bin heifers were back there and you had to work like slaves keeping those racks neat. The front racks were lovely and elegant. Even had space around the racks. Good times. Though you’d have to pay me a grip today to stand on my feet in heels, for hours at a time working retail. No sir.

But that was just the beginning of my obsession with fashion. The September Vogue is the Bible for the fall fashion. It can have over 750 glossy pages. I have all the September Vogues on my bedroom shelf of the Vogues since I moved to Allah’s Garden in 2000. I have the September issues, somewhere, since 1984. I’m telling you, this ain’t no joke to me. I start stalking the stores in August for the September issues of the big fashion magazines. Elle, Bazaar, Lucky (surprisingly), W, etc. I used to subscribe to Vogue, but they consistently sent their subscribers the September issue last. Sometimes you don’t get it at all. I don’t like that. But it is cheaper to subscribe ($12/year) than to buy every month ($3.99/month). I’ll just buy it and if I should get one in September, I’ll give the extra away.

Once I decide what I want, what will be the fashions that I pull from for that particular season, I go through my wardrobe and pull out anything that may match it. The joy of having such a large wardrobe is that I’ll probably already have most of the trends already. And I have purses for days. Love them…. I will augment the staples with trends that suit me. Don’t get it twisted. I won’t wear anything that doesn’t flatter me or that I don’t advocate. And if I have a favorite item I will rock it whether in or out of style. But I will not be unfashionable.

Example: Short shirts seem to be in all the designer’s collections. I won’t wear them. It violates the ¾ clause and I don’t care for my knees. See? Another example…. Stretch pants. I don’t wear pants; therefore, you won’t see me in any. Y’all getting how I do? Y’all should have known me when I was still and 85’er and took it all the way to hair (weave), make-up and fragrance. I am more than serious about this. This is one of the things that makes me me! And I’m certain folks be on that, “It’s not that important” or “You shouldn’t care about appearances” stuff. But if that was true then explain the reason for bathing or changing clothes every day without blowing your whole argument. I ain't shamed of my fetish. I would love to name my babies Halston, Chloe, Versace, and.or the twins Ralph and Lauren. Something tells me the God won't go for it.

I’m glad tonight is Monday. There is nothing on TV and nothing pressing for me to do tonight other than curl up on the bedroom sofa with my magazines, a legal pad and prepare myself to make frequent trips in and out of the closet. Sheer Bliss!



Attention all movie goers! (if y’all still exist!) Attention all bootleggers! Attention all pirates! I have something that y’all should add to the lists. Attention all movie goers! (If y’all still exist!) Attention all bootleggers! Attention all pirates! I have something that y’all should add to the lists. Food Inc. Attention all movie goers! (If y’all still exist!) Attention all bootleggers! Attention all pirates! I have something that y’all should add to the lists. Food Inc. The movie!

I went to see this movie last night. It was amazing. I’m a vegetarian making the move to crunchy militant veganism. I was prepared to be horrified over the mistreatment of animals. And I wasn’t disappointed. But the mistreatment of farmers was unexpected to say the lease. People they have been genetically modifying food for longer than you think. It has been going on since the 60’s! Damn! That means my entire generation has been raised on ‘Franken-Foods.’ Wow! And I know folks my age who are grandparents! That’s a goddamn shame.

Monsanto (and probably some other companies) are mob-like in their determination to monopolize the market on what we eat. My question is why? What could they possibly have to profit in owning all the food? That sounds like something different than just financial profit. Them folks want something else.

Assume all food is modified. Even the food you plant in your garden. And the foods that are without a doubt mixed diluted or tampered with are… Soybean (that means tofu and anything made with soy), corn (you know they make batteries out of corn?), canola oil, papaya, zucchini and cotton (although I don’t know how that can be dangerous, but I know its coming!).

Frankly I find it disturbing that food that works it way from my mouth to my behind, and influences every process in my body has some gene marker and it’s patented! That just ain’t right. Ain’t right at all! And folks just eating this food and are being led to the slaughterhouse like those poor animals. I cannot stand it.

So what am I gonna do?
I will limit my use of processed foods even more than I already do
I will become efficient at gardening even if it kills me
I will buy produce from farmers markets or them folks that sell stuff from their gardens on the side of the road
I will increase the amount of bean products I prepared
I will make my own bread
I will buy organic
I will eat in season as much as possible
No more fast food
I will network with home gardeners and start canning
I will keep blogging until folks know what’s going on.

I have a question for the bootleggers... Why don’t y’all keep a stash of conscious flicks on board. I asked my bootlegger for a copy of Religulous, and it took him 2 months to get it. He had Obsessed the day it came out. Now I know he’s got a hustle going, and it’s all about the paper. But every time we transact some business, he gives me one of his slow moving flicks. Why can’t y’all be a little more conscious with your hustle and pass out extras that will free the minds of your customers. And actually keep them alive longer to buy your product?


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who Owns the Hood?

I live in a predominately Black neighborhood by choice. It was ALL Black when I initially moved here, but I noticed the white folks creeping in. It is not what folks think of when they think of a predominately Black neighborhood. It’s not a rich neighborhood, but it is a striving one. Folks keep their property up; there is no graffiti, no sofas in the front lawn and such. Even if you have a non running car in the yard, you keep it washed and presentable. Folks who visit from out of town often seem surprised that it is predominately Black hood. Anyway….

As much as I live amongst my people…. As much as my people are not completely and obviously destitute…. Why is it, none the businesses in my neighborhood are not owned by people that look like the people that live in my neighborhood? Let’s look at it shall we?…. There are gas stations…. Middle Eastern people. Nail Salons….. Asians. Restaurants… Asians or Middle Eastern people. Car repair…. Asians. Beauty Supply Stores…. Asians. Cleaners… Middle Eastern, Asians. There is a tire place owned by Jamaicans and the braid salons are owned by Africans. You see where I’m going with this? Where are the Black American owned businesses? And why are we so content as a people to work for other folks rather than ourselves?

Now some would argue that all the people I just mentioned are Original people. And I don’t dispute that. But I’m speaking about my neighbors. I am aware of who lives in my neighborhood and I have yet to see any Asians or Middle Eastern folks cutting the grass. When I ask my neighbors about there jobs, they are proud to tell me that they are preachers, got on at the post office, teachers, work for this big company and so on. Why are American Black folks so scared to go into business for themselves?

I may have an example to show varying differences in mind sets. My parents. Different as day and night. My father was the type of guy to try anything. He would try one career, didn’t like it, shake the dust off his boots and move on to the next one. He had absolutely no shame in mopping floors during the in-between. He eventually found his niche as the sole proprietor of his own insurance agency. He worked that job until he died at age 71. He would work that job all night long and just to calm down when he was stressed. He had no insurance outside his VA benefits (Mommie floated him a bit), nor did he provide any for his employees. Wasn’t all gravy. There have been times that he ran into financial straits and had to declare bankruptcy. He moved things around in our names for a few years until he got back on his feet. He had no retirement, but didn’t need any because he planned to work until he died… and did. He did not die broke. His business still stands today.

Mommie took the opposite approach. My mother worked for the government in the name of the public school system as a media arts specialist. She worked when they told her and was off when they told her. She was extremely satisfied with a predictable paycheck. We had the state’s insurance and my mother retired at age 60 with a fat pension and all that goes along with it. She’s not broke either. Far from it. But she also does not have anything to show for the 40 years that she labored for the government. Which one of my parents had a better life?

Hard to distinguish ain’t it. I suppose it has everything to do with what you want. But I want more than getting by. Paying bills ain’t as satisfying as it sounds.

Where does that put me? My brother inherited my father’s business. And he should have. I never had any real interest in it, and when I did work for him, I was a big screw up. That wasn’t my shtick. But I have never been happy working for other folks, yet I crave security in a big way. My brother has Daddy’s business and he works for that state. We are two mixed up individuals. I learned a trade that should have allowed me to open my own practice. But I found out after learning this trade that I didn’t like it that much. My dream is to open my own holistic facility in my own neighborhood and employ and empower folks that look like me to do the same. At the same time, I also want to be a college professor. I can do both. I don’t have to be at the center 24/7, but I will need to shower my baby with my attention (that includes resources) until it can stand on its own two feet. Hmmmm……. I guess we are both cut from the same cloths.

***whisper*** I gotta go. The white man that signs my paycheck is coming!


Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Equality. I see that to mean ‘balanced relationships; dealing fairly with people. The way it’s slapping me upside the head is how certain people expect from you what they are not willing to give.

If you know me in the physical, you know that I don’t have a good relationship with my mother. In fact it has been said that the two of us are like fire and lighter fluid. If we weren’t related, we would not be friends. I have taken the avoidance approach. Meaning I rarely visit, hardly call, and if I am forced to visit, I don’t stay overnight. My mother doesn’t like me either, but she will refuse to admit the fact. She, however, takes the direct opposite approach. She is confrontational. She constantly calls, (I don’t answer) and sends dirty emails, makes requests she knows I’m not going to agree too and tells anyone who will listen how I ruined her life. She often claims in anger that she should have aborted me.

One of her biggest complaints is that I don’t appreciate all that she has done for me. I mean what is that supposed to mean? Yes she took care of me. Isn’t that what mothers do? Am I supposed to spend the rest of my life trying to pay her back for something that she was supposed to do? I don’t get this. She made sacrifices. Don’t all mothers do that? She says that she stayed when my father left. Ummmm… She ran him off and he didn’t go away. My father lived walking distance from my home and I could see him any time I chose. Also, little known fact that she never mentioned…. My father continued to pay the mortgage until they officially divorced years later. My mother proclaims she paid for me to go to college. Correction. She paid for 3 semesters, my father paid 4 semester and I paid 1 semester (then my father paid me back). My parents made too much money for me to qualify for financial aid at that school.

I’m not trying to slam my mother. But she was not the perfect long suffering mother that she pretends to be. I will not accept the yoke that she puts on my back. I see other folks with their mothers. I know this is not normal. My mother is unreal in the requests that she wants. When I say no, and stand my ground, I get slammed not only between her and me, but through the entire family and up and down the eastern seaboard. I once met some one who upon hearing my name asked me if I was her daughter. When I confirmed the information this man proceeded to rip me a new one 5 minutes after meeting me. A woman, who once heard me sing, heard her speak at a different venue. She went over to my mother and asked her if she was my mother. My mother responded by saying, “What did she do now?” Come on, is that fair? She proceeded to tell this woman exaggerated personal information. And of course she spins it to make herself feel like a victim. Hell even writing this is pissing me off.

I don’t want to hear foolish advice like, “Why don’t you guys sit down and talk about it.” What you never thought in all my decades of life I hadn’t thought of that? If I had a dollar for every time I heard that bullshit statement, I could take a road trip around the world buying only high test for my SUV.

Oooooh…. And I hate folks that come at you like, “She’s your mother” and “You only get one” or “You’ll miss her when she’s gone.” Really? I don’t wanna hear that shit anymore. If you love and have a functional relationship with your mother, great! Y’all drink some international coffee and braid each other’s hair and be happy. Because you could have mine! If she is not willing to deal with me in Equality, I’m out.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Bedtime Stories

Last night I was watching Farrakhan on public access cable. Despite the fact that he is a clergyperson he knows our lessons and speaks the truth. (I ain’t sending him no money though, nor am I buying a Final Call or a been pie) One of the things that he said that got me thinking was a comment that I admit I must paraphrase, regarding our children and education. He said that we and our children have picked up the “Mark of the Beast” as written about in Revelations chapter 13.

As a former Christian, I am aware of the prophecy. Some how, some way we will be required to get 666 tattooed on the forehead and the right hand. And then we shall be doomed to an eternity of damnation. If we refuse, we will just be damned until we die. But that death will come faster and more painful than those tattooed. This is really what children’s nightmares are made of. I spent many a night waking in sheer terror because of some Bible story. Lazarus used to scare the hell out of me. “Mommie Jesus sent zombies to get me!!!!” LMBAO! This prophecy was no different. Mommie assured me that never getting a tattoo would remedy my concerns. She funny.

But Farrakhan made a few good points that I must agree with. First he defined what a “beast” is. Essentially, the nature of white folks. We knew that already. Our lessons describe beast as being synonymous (sort of) with a savage. Farrakhan has these same lessons. So beast refers to the devil’s culture. We as Original people in this wilderness have consciously and unconsciously (mark on the head) adopted a lot of their customs. So much in fact that a lot of them starts to be Our default. I suppose KOS is throwing off their default programming.

Another characteristic is the boundless greed and disregard that colored people have for anything or anybody. Including their ownselves. They are wasteful and greedy. And we, who know better, are following suit. Grills, rims, red-white-7-blue weave. Really? Can you think of a more useless waste of income? This is the hand mark.

Their days are numbered. We and they KNOW this. But they aren’t going out by themselves. And why should they? They didn’t enter this world by themselves. Rastafarians consider this country to be Babylon. We call it the wilderness. Those people of this world can be considered whores because they are furthering the un-civilization. By internalizing what the ideals of the colored peoples of this country, we are having virtual sex with them. Sounds nasty right? That’s because it is.

So what do we do? Leave? Insist on a separate land so that we may govern ourselves? Come on. That didn’t work before, it’s not gonna work now. Look at the poverty and backwardness of a lot of previously colonized Original countries. They never threw off the mental shackles of the devil. And are we even ready for that? Can we handle that? If most of us come up on 5K, how will most of us spend it? You know the answer already. On nothing. We will just give it back to the devil. What are we doing to upgrade or situation now? I’m not saying run or do nothing, but we have to get ourselves to a point where we will not perish due to another’s foolishness/lack of Knowledge. According to their own Holy Books, they going out by fire. I don’t like it hot like that.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

For my Ladies....

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Find me... Serenity Earth.


The Wrapping Earth.... Da-Ha Da-Ha

This is a serious quickey.

I get mad compliments on my head wraps. I have no clue why, since I always wrap them the same way. I tried all the intricate styles I see on other Earths but the fall off my head. So I’m thinking maybe it’s not my technique but the fabric that I wrap my hair with. So I will share my wrap favorites….

I have come to learn through trial and error… and there were some bad errors in the early days… natural fabrics make the best wraps. Cotton is your friend. Cotton will stay on your head and not become deformed and slip off as other fabrics will at the most inopportune time. For some reason they will fall off your head while you are talking to someone. And now your sitting/standing there, probably holding a bag and trying to maintain a conversation while re adjusting the wrap. Insanity!

Another thing… I find the longer the fabric (notice I said longer and not thicker) the better. Get at least a yard in a half. I have a big head and I like 2 yards, but that is just me. And you don’t need anything deeper than a ½ yard. 1½ yards long ½ yard width. A yard is 36”.

I like to get cotton scarves if they aren’t too expensive, that change in color over the course of the fabric. Makes for an interesting completed wrap. Sometimes I sew 2 dissimilar pieces of fabric together. That looks mad hot when wrapped. If I have a synthetic scarf that I'm certain will set my outfit off, I will wrap it over a neutral fabric, then add the synthetic fabric as an accent. And old 70’s shows like Good Times (my favorite for wraps and natural hairstyles) and Pam Grier movies are wonderful for wrap ideas. Youtube has a lot of wrapping tutorials.
I have not noticed that the headwraps have damaged my hair in any way. And I don't line them with anything. But my hair is locked. Maybe that has something to do with it. And like I mentioned, I only use natural facrics... cotton, silk, etc. I do notice that pulling my hair back with a rubberband bothers my temple edges. I know it's the rubberband because all I have to do is take it off and the pain stops. And I be using the Goodys bands too!

The last and most important comment I want to make is have fun with it. Headwraps are not meant to be punishment for being born female. Enjoy!


PS: BTW the above book is an excellent book!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Duty to My Ownself

Okay… I know I said I wasn’t gonna dwell on clothes. And I haven’t for awhile, but… well… you know… just a small visit can’t hurt.

Yesterday I had on a skirt. A blue skirt if that helps. And a skirt that I have worn several times before. I had this skirt before I had KOS. Not saying that the skirt violated the refinement clause, just giving you some background, ok? Anywho… The skirt wasn’t all that tight. I have never been found of tight clothes, but it was fitted. Also it wasn’t that long. I haven’t worn a mini skirt since the early 90’s. The skirt was blue, fitted and came to my knees. I was miserable the entire day. Miserable and uncomfortable. I kept pulling at it. Hoping miraculously that it would become longer and looser. You know what hope gets you? One of my coworkers saw me putzing with it and said, “That skirt looks fine. Leave it alone.” I was more of an order rather than a suggestion. I couldn’t wait to get out of that thing when I got home. It was the 1st thing to come off. Even before my nametag.

Here is my comment…. Why is it, now, I’m all sensitive about clothes. It’s not just my clothes either. I now notice all kinds of clothing folks (usually women, but sometimes men) put on their backs. I didn’t used to. Yesterday, while uncomfortably commuting, I saw a young pregnant woman. Let me explain why she stood out. Although she was NOTICABLY expecting, she had on a dress that barely covered her ass! It could have been a shirt. Her weave was almost as long as this dress. It was see-through to boot. I could see that she had on yellow granny panties through the floral dress. She was a thin woman and after passing me, she made a turn. An old man approached her from behind and lasciviously ogled her. I could tell he didn’t know she was pregnant. She didn’t look pregnant from behind. When he realized that she was, in fact, pregnant, you could see a moment’s hesitation then he shrugged his shoulders and made a very distasteful comment. We both were horrified. She asked him why he would speak to her like that. All he did was make the nasty-man-laugh and continued on his way. I felt sorry for her, but that’s all I felt for her. I couldn’t be as angry with the man as I wanted to be because she did have on a whore’s uniform. And that made me angrier with her. Some would say she had it coming. Others would argue she has the freedom to do whatever she wants. I agreed with both opinions.

I consider myself a civilized-person-in-training so…. I grit my teeth and went to speak to her. She was nearly in tears. We chatted, I tried to console her. She was REALLY young. And I suggested that maybe she needed to be wearing pants since the dress was so short. I felt more uncomfortable having this conversation with the pregnant 85er than I felt in that skirt. I was trying sooooo hard to not be judgmental. She said that she thought she looked nice. All I could think of was 10:36. Yeesh. When we parted she assured me that she would look into proper maternity clothing. (Here comes the judgment…) Though I doubt that because maternity clothes are expensive and she was already 7 months along.

Today I am way more comfortable in a loose flowy maxidress. I feel like my ownself.

I have said all this to say… KOS has completely affected everything about me. Even things I thought I knew about myself. And I’m not sure I like this clear full body reflection. But what can be done now? I might as well get used to it, because unless I come down with amnesia or someone shoots me with the “Men in Black” light, its here to stay.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Universal Observances

I got into the office EARLY today. I wanted some time alone to get down my thoughts. The office, when no one is here and when I am not on the clock is a very peaceful place. Lately, I have been pondering the Universe its relationships; especially those pertaining to the Earth. You surprised? Get ready. This is a long one.

I began contemplating the relationship of the Earth alone. Asking myself if the Earth could exist all by itself. The answer is yes. But it would not be Earth as we know it. I am not absolute regarding the origin of planets. I’m not at the Solar Facts yet. So I am basing this premise on the Earth existing as is. It would just be a rock. It would not be able to bare or support life. Since the axial rotation of 1037 1/3 mph (7:40) is an Earth function, lets say that the Earth is still rotating on her own axis. But to what purpose? Without a source of light it would not even be seen which asks a different question. If it cannot be seen than does it truly exist? It would have no atmosphere, no water, no Sun to guide its orbit, no reason to rotate, just adrift aimlessly in whatever space it occupied. Not a pretty picture. I see that to represent females with no KOS. They do not have any sense of themselves and what there role is. And no goals that would further that revelation. Just moving from here to there with no purpose, reason or rhyme. This is sad image.

Then I think of the Sun-Earth dynamic. The Sun has attracting powers on the Earth. The Sun gives the Earth direction by locking the Earth in its orbit; giving it direction. The Sun sends light and heat to the Earth. It is this light; heat from the Sun, with water from the planet is the building blocks of the atmosphere. Once all the different layers of atmosphere (8:40) are in place (troposphere where weather takes place, the stable stratosphere that protects the Earth by absorbing rays from the Sun, also the ozone exists here, mesosphere that burns up meteors and rock fragments, protecting the Earth and her inhabitants from being struck, thermosphere/ionosphere where the lovely auroras show themselves and the thin upper limit of the exosphere) life can exist on the Earth. Very nice. This, in comparison to the above description of the Earth sans the Sun, says to me that the relationship that the Earth has with the Sun is the primary external relationship that the Earth has. For without the Sun, the Earth cannot perform all the functions that are listed in her job description.

And what of the Sun without planets in his gravitation? What is he? Yes he shines but on what and why? What use is all that shining without anything to shine one? Since nothing is present to bear witness to the light and heat, meaning that it couldn’t shown and proven without satellites, does that mean that the Sun is really not shining? I’m not getting in to this since it doesn’t reflect me.

And the Moon…. The moon has no atmosphere, no water, no life. It is said that the moon was once part of the Earth. I’ll reserve judgment on that for now. Even with all that it lacks compared to the Earth, the Earth found this satellite important enough to lock into its own gravitational field. The moon does not spin on it’s own axis. But it does rotate around the Earth. The moon was once way closer to the Earth than it is now. The Moon’s effect on the Earth is in relation to the water on the Earth. The Moon draws the water in what we see as tides. This effect is so strong that it causes the Earth to bulge at different points where the tides coalesce. When the moon was closer to the Earth, the tidal waves were bigger therefore the Earthly bulge was bigger. The moon has various observed phases and has long been a source of fascination for the people of Earth.

I see the Moon as children and the Moon-Earth dynamic as the Mother-Child relationship. In our Nation we call young girls ‘Moons’. But for the sake of this build I will use the term comprehensively for all children. The very 1st phase (new Moon) can be the bulge observed when the Mother is gestating. Also, hormonally these women are all over the place. And this is before the child physically enters the Cipher. Children cause all kinds of emotional disturbances to/within their mothers after they get here. The younger they are the more their mother fuss and fret over them. This is right and exact. During the baby phase, children are helpless. The more attached their mothers are to them the better off they fare. I have seen mothers hear their babies hiccup from different floors without a monitor. Babies clearly hold the reigns on their mother’s emotions. And it doesn’t really matter how old the baby is. (I’m a grown baby still trying to break free from my ole Earth’s gravitational field) As the baby becomes more independent they move further and further away from Mommy. Eventually breaking free of their mother’s gravitational pull and they become Suns and Earths in their own right. Capable of running their own Universe.

The Universe (21:SA) can not exist singularily. Meaning that in order for there to be completion in the Universe, there needs to exist more than 1 entity. A universe is a family, not just a Sun or Just an Earth or just a Moon. It is everything (9:14)

There is order in the cosmos. There is an ancient saying… “As above so below” and vice versa. I see this phrase to agree with what we advocate as a Nation. We are a Nation that strives to live in Equality without surroundings. And I don’t think that cosmic, Earthly, Solar or natural relationships should be ignored.

Yes these are the musings of an Earth in the crux of a hormone imbalance. If you read all the way to the end…. I appreciate it.