Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Wrapping Earth.... Da-Ha Da-Ha

This is a serious quickey.

I get mad compliments on my head wraps. I have no clue why, since I always wrap them the same way. I tried all the intricate styles I see on other Earths but the fall off my head. So I’m thinking maybe it’s not my technique but the fabric that I wrap my hair with. So I will share my wrap favorites….

I have come to learn through trial and error… and there were some bad errors in the early days… natural fabrics make the best wraps. Cotton is your friend. Cotton will stay on your head and not become deformed and slip off as other fabrics will at the most inopportune time. For some reason they will fall off your head while you are talking to someone. And now your sitting/standing there, probably holding a bag and trying to maintain a conversation while re adjusting the wrap. Insanity!

Another thing… I find the longer the fabric (notice I said longer and not thicker) the better. Get at least a yard in a half. I have a big head and I like 2 yards, but that is just me. And you don’t need anything deeper than a ½ yard. 1½ yards long ½ yard width. A yard is 36”.

I like to get cotton scarves if they aren’t too expensive, that change in color over the course of the fabric. Makes for an interesting completed wrap. Sometimes I sew 2 dissimilar pieces of fabric together. That looks mad hot when wrapped. If I have a synthetic scarf that I'm certain will set my outfit off, I will wrap it over a neutral fabric, then add the synthetic fabric as an accent. And old 70’s shows like Good Times (my favorite for wraps and natural hairstyles) and Pam Grier movies are wonderful for wrap ideas. Youtube has a lot of wrapping tutorials.
I have not noticed that the headwraps have damaged my hair in any way. And I don't line them with anything. But my hair is locked. Maybe that has something to do with it. And like I mentioned, I only use natural facrics... cotton, silk, etc. I do notice that pulling my hair back with a rubberband bothers my temple edges. I know it's the rubberband because all I have to do is take it off and the pain stops. And I be using the Goodys bands too!

The last and most important comment I want to make is have fun with it. Headwraps are not meant to be punishment for being born female. Enjoy!


PS: BTW the above book is an excellent book!