Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm Blessed

Yes I live in the Bible belt. I know it's hard for some folks to think differently from what they have been traditionally fed. It's hard and frankly unfair (though necessary) to remove the conditioning. Not everyone can handle the change. But some folks a re too old to change (I have a blog entry planned on this). Well like the devil did with Christianity, I am going to use what I’m given, to further my goal which is civilization of the uncivilized (at my level). I will take their terms and use it back on them.

A preacher came into the Justice today and said two things that I’m certain he didn’t mean for me to take. He said he would make his January appointment “God willing”. Since he is an Original man, I said, “Indeed, God, indeed.” I wish y’all could have seen the look on his face. (Teehee) Then the same preacher said, “Be Blessed”. My Supreme Alphabet converter adjusted this to, “Bringing Love and Equality into existence will Save Self.” Okay. I can get in board with that. I replied, “Same to you” with a big cheesy smile. I love it when Christians think they got you. Too funny!

Not trying to be argumentative (def: when you are right, but no one wants to accepts it) or incendiary (def: what other folks call you when you piss them off because they know you’re right) but I have the right to live on my own terms in this world. And I’m a do it till the wheels fall off!



Lord Hashim (M7)Allah said...

Peace 17. We go thru those same degrees down here in Sudan(Dallas)and its funny how you found a way thru supreme mathematicsto deal with the maddness. Forever your brother in mathematics M7. Peace

Olu Graphic Designs said...

very nice, the current of air being manifested on the post entitled "done" almost scared me,

Continue taking the best part for your self queen