Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Universal Observances

I got into the office EARLY today. I wanted some time alone to get down my thoughts. The office, when no one is here and when I am not on the clock is a very peaceful place. Lately, I have been pondering the Universe its relationships; especially those pertaining to the Earth. You surprised? Get ready. This is a long one.

I began contemplating the relationship of the Earth alone. Asking myself if the Earth could exist all by itself. The answer is yes. But it would not be Earth as we know it. I am not absolute regarding the origin of planets. I’m not at the Solar Facts yet. So I am basing this premise on the Earth existing as is. It would just be a rock. It would not be able to bare or support life. Since the axial rotation of 1037 1/3 mph (7:40) is an Earth function, lets say that the Earth is still rotating on her own axis. But to what purpose? Without a source of light it would not even be seen which asks a different question. If it cannot be seen than does it truly exist? It would have no atmosphere, no water, no Sun to guide its orbit, no reason to rotate, just adrift aimlessly in whatever space it occupied. Not a pretty picture. I see that to represent females with no KOS. They do not have any sense of themselves and what there role is. And no goals that would further that revelation. Just moving from here to there with no purpose, reason or rhyme. This is sad image.

Then I think of the Sun-Earth dynamic. The Sun has attracting powers on the Earth. The Sun gives the Earth direction by locking the Earth in its orbit; giving it direction. The Sun sends light and heat to the Earth. It is this light; heat from the Sun, with water from the planet is the building blocks of the atmosphere. Once all the different layers of atmosphere (8:40) are in place (troposphere where weather takes place, the stable stratosphere that protects the Earth by absorbing rays from the Sun, also the ozone exists here, mesosphere that burns up meteors and rock fragments, protecting the Earth and her inhabitants from being struck, thermosphere/ionosphere where the lovely auroras show themselves and the thin upper limit of the exosphere) life can exist on the Earth. Very nice. This, in comparison to the above description of the Earth sans the Sun, says to me that the relationship that the Earth has with the Sun is the primary external relationship that the Earth has. For without the Sun, the Earth cannot perform all the functions that are listed in her job description.

And what of the Sun without planets in his gravitation? What is he? Yes he shines but on what and why? What use is all that shining without anything to shine one? Since nothing is present to bear witness to the light and heat, meaning that it couldn’t shown and proven without satellites, does that mean that the Sun is really not shining? I’m not getting in to this since it doesn’t reflect me.

And the Moon…. The moon has no atmosphere, no water, no life. It is said that the moon was once part of the Earth. I’ll reserve judgment on that for now. Even with all that it lacks compared to the Earth, the Earth found this satellite important enough to lock into its own gravitational field. The moon does not spin on it’s own axis. But it does rotate around the Earth. The moon was once way closer to the Earth than it is now. The Moon’s effect on the Earth is in relation to the water on the Earth. The Moon draws the water in what we see as tides. This effect is so strong that it causes the Earth to bulge at different points where the tides coalesce. When the moon was closer to the Earth, the tidal waves were bigger therefore the Earthly bulge was bigger. The moon has various observed phases and has long been a source of fascination for the people of Earth.

I see the Moon as children and the Moon-Earth dynamic as the Mother-Child relationship. In our Nation we call young girls ‘Moons’. But for the sake of this build I will use the term comprehensively for all children. The very 1st phase (new Moon) can be the bulge observed when the Mother is gestating. Also, hormonally these women are all over the place. And this is before the child physically enters the Cipher. Children cause all kinds of emotional disturbances to/within their mothers after they get here. The younger they are the more their mother fuss and fret over them. This is right and exact. During the baby phase, children are helpless. The more attached their mothers are to them the better off they fare. I have seen mothers hear their babies hiccup from different floors without a monitor. Babies clearly hold the reigns on their mother’s emotions. And it doesn’t really matter how old the baby is. (I’m a grown baby still trying to break free from my ole Earth’s gravitational field) As the baby becomes more independent they move further and further away from Mommy. Eventually breaking free of their mother’s gravitational pull and they become Suns and Earths in their own right. Capable of running their own Universe.

The Universe (21:SA) can not exist singularily. Meaning that in order for there to be completion in the Universe, there needs to exist more than 1 entity. A universe is a family, not just a Sun or Just an Earth or just a Moon. It is everything (9:14)

There is order in the cosmos. There is an ancient saying… “As above so below” and vice versa. I see this phrase to agree with what we advocate as a Nation. We are a Nation that strives to live in Equality without surroundings. And I don’t think that cosmic, Earthly, Solar or natural relationships should be ignored.

Yes these are the musings of an Earth in the crux of a hormone imbalance. If you read all the way to the end…. I appreciate it.



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Peace to the Earth,

Good build. We'll revisit some of these perspectives in the Solar Facts. I think it's key what you said about being seen and heard. Is the Sun really the Sun if no one sees it shine, is the Earth really an Earth if it produces no life (literal and/or figurative)? So what we have here is the form and function, and whether you can really have one without the other........

I'll leave this with what you've heard me say many times already, if you God then show and prove it. If you Earth then show and prove it. If you can't then you've got more studying & learning to do until you can. Until then leave the titles for those said persons of that ABILITY.

Precise Infinite Peace Allah