Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"I'm So Glad We've had this Time Together..."

I am having problems at work. Not because I'm not following the job description to the letter. Nope. My boss admits that I consistently exceed expectations. No, the problem that I am having at work is my appearance. Or shall I say what his perceived view of my appearance should be.

When I began this job 5 years ago, I was not righteous. I came into KOS approximately 2 years (rounded out) ago. Before KOS, I wore makeup, weaves (in various colors and textures) and whatever the hell I wanted. Those days are gone. I now display 3/4th, cover my head and wear no makeup. I don't see what the problem is. I am still the same vain person I was before and my vanity will not allow me to leave the rest unless I look good. I am not dressing like a Mormon. I still consider myself extraordinarily professional. I stopped wearing pants 4 years ago. But since the reason for that change affected nothing else, my boss was cool. Like he had another option.

Today I have on a dress that I have had and worn for at least 3 years. The difference between the way I wear it now and the way I wore it then, is I have removed the belt and the corresponding loops. It's not a sloppy look. The belt showcased the girls a little too much for my comfort. Even when I wore the belt I didn't pull it tight. That's it. But he has a problem with that and said as much. He says the biggest problem that he has is with my head wrap. Its the only thing he can point to for complaining purposes that won't get him in trouble with the law. I wear my head tastefully wrapped. Not saying that I never don the big wraps, but I save those for the weekend. This man's argument is weak!!! He is just being argumentative.

There are 3 other people working here besides myself. One male and two females. The male has no problems whatsoever with how I do. Not that I've ever asked him. But we get along the way we always have. Lately we have been getting along better. Go figure. There is a chick who whispers in the boss' ear about the way I am. But she bitches about everything I do and has done that since I started working here. AND she is a Christian. One of them Christians who always has all her paraphernalia surrounding her. Like her Bible, her highlighter, her books and her WWJD bracelets. Always hollering, "Thank you Jesus" for any reason. Yeesh! I could complain about her, like she does about me, that her stuff makes me nervous. But then I'd be falling to her level of foolishness and I'm not about to do that.

The lone person here who has bothered to ask me what is going on with me is an older woman. She didn't ask right away, she felt me out first. She asked questions I could respect. Questions that weren't accusatory, but sincere questions because she wanted to understand me. Her questions have been answered. And answered right where she is so that she can understand it and pass it on to folks who feel most comfortable going around, rather than to the source. I know that's how my coworkers roll.

It's time to leave here. I see the writing on the wall. I just wish the economy wasn't so shitty. Or I'd have been out on the 1st thing smoking. I know Gods never face this problem. There appearance usually doesn't change. But does any one have any experience with this level of bullshit? I'd like to consider it....