Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who is the Boss?

Y'all pay this Build close attention. Some how, some way, this is a message that has gotten lost throught the recent generations....

It is not cool to have ill-mannered children!!!!

Most of my friends and associates who want children have them. I like well behaved children. I do. I even like michevious children. I do not like, nor will I share my social Equality with ill mannered children. Children who are rude and do not know there place.

I am very close to the Cuture decade of my life. When my mother and her friends are having a conversation, I don't speak unless spoken to. I answer said question and then I bounce. Its rude to get in grown folks conversation. I strive hard to appear like I'm not listening. I know I'm grown, but they are growner.

I say yes ma'am or yes sir to adults. I don't call people who are old enough to be my parents by their 1st name plain. It ain't gonna happen. I was raised better than that. Hell... I was raised. And I ain't no worse for wear. I am not shy or withdrawn. I recognize that there are rules and boundaries that everybody has to observe.

Many women with children tend to fall victim to the habit of indulging their children at all times. If I had a dollar, a nickel even for every time I have been on the phone with a female friend and she, without notice, interrupts the conversation to yell something to or at her children, I could retire right now. That is fucking RUDE. I don't play that. That is one of my pet peeves therefore a boundary. I will call you on it the 1st time and every subsequent time after that, I will end the interaction.

I remember when I was a child, my mother would get on the phone and have marathon conversations with her friends. And that was before cordless phones. She was confined to a limited area. We knew to be very quiet and only interrupt her with emergencies. You know... fire, bleeding, police... stuff like that. The worse thing you could hear from my mother was, "Girl let me go. I gotta go beat these kids." My mother was not the kind of woman to promise an ass whipping and not deliver. Even if she had to wake you up to do it.

Another thing my mother despised was us embarassing her in public. On the way from the car to the store my mother would give me the speech. Folks over 35 know the speech... "Don't you ask for nothing, don't you touch nothing, if you do I swear to God I will...." And again, I knew she meant it. There was no running ahead. There was holding her hand until SHE let it go.

Now i must admit I was a handful as a child. I was not the beautifully behaved child that I expect to have one day. That is why I can accept micheivious children. But I knew how to act at home and abroad. I am proud to say, though I have had plenty of spankings, I have never been beaten for the same reason twice.

I was with a friend this past Sunday. Her young son was just running his mouth and doing precisely what he wanted. All the friend was doing was threatening him. Oh she talked a good game but never made good on the threats. This child went as far to say "Whatever" when she threatened him loud enough for it to interrupt a conversation we were having. Ummm.... Emphatically Now Cipher! That child was close enough for his mother to slap the whatever out of his mouth, but she just ignored him. I ducked so she would have room to make her theats come true. Nothings.

When we got out of the car that little boy grabbed a bunch of shit out of the backseat (some of it wasn't even his shit) and he took off for the door. I asked his mother if he had been here before and she said no. Y'all can see that this ain't gonna end well. After we were in the spot a minute, the little boy drops all his stuff on the floor and runs off to play with some other children. Folks know that we arrived together and bring the dropped items to me because they can't find him or his mother. Now I'm carrying bunch of crap and can't enjoy myself. Guess what? I'm 'bout to whip some ass.

I found the little boy and gave him his possessions back. He tells me to hold them. SCREECH. I grabbed tht little boy by the shoulder, dragged him outside and told him that he was gonna hold on to that shit and if when we left he was missing one article I was gonna whip his ass. And neither he, nor his punk assed mother was bad enough to stop me. I jacked him to proove that I was serious. He started to cry and I told him to suck it up because I wasn't his mother. I don't get paid to love him.

Then what happened? He had all his stuff when we left the venue. But that still didn't stop him from cutting a fool. When we got outside, his mother mentioned that he had to go to school the next day and he had a coniption right there in the parking lot. Again I threatened this little boy to behave. This time his mother was standing there and he borrowed some courage. You think that stopped me from slapping this child across his ass? Hell No. I told him the next thing I wanted to hear from him was Good-bye Ms Serenity. And if he tried soemthing I was gonna try something back. He was quiet until I got out of the car when he politely said. Goodbye.

Parents know their children are ill mannered. You can see it all over their faces. When their children begin cutting up they hide. I also acKnowledge that babies are the greatest, but they must be taught. They don't just organically learn to behave. To make devil or to make God, you must first go to the foundation. And that foundation is Knowledge. Children that are raised with proper Knowledge/information grow up to effectively reflect our Culture.

Fucked up children = Fucked up parents.

I'm not caring if you agree with this or not, but children that make it to adulthood and are knuckleheads should go home and live with their parents. Because they are the ones who authored that Koran. If someone becomes a sniper, stripper, pimp, drug dealer, thief or what ever illegal unsavory career they choose for themselves, it's their parents fault. For not instilling in said children the need for accountability and honest work. My mother is in he rmid 70s with all the problems that older, swine-loving, Original people fall vicitm to and guess what? I'm still scared of her and hate to disappoint her. She might be able to still kick my ass. I didn't have children when I was a teenager, I have never smoked weed or have been to jail. My brother neither. We respect our mother because she parented us. And she never (and still doesn't) try to be our friends. She will call a spade a spade regardless of whom or what. Yeah sometimes I resent her for it, but so be it. I have learned the value of hard work and earning my way in life rather than hustling. I was raised with Knowledge.

Consider how you are raising your own children.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Interfering with my 196,940,000 square miles

I have been doing the Knowledge on indigenous birthing traditions. Not for any particular reason, mostly out of curiosity. In my various and sundry trails via internet, I have found that governments of most (I would say all because I have yet to come across a country that is completely cool with homebirth, but I suppose one exists) countries would prefer that the women labor in a hospital. Why? I'm thinking the reasons aren?t as altruistic as folks wanna believe.

Why is home-birthing and free-birthing such a hot issue? Women did it for generations. That is why there are people on this planet right now. Thanks to good old fashioned midwifery. Why does the government need to be all up in my and all women?s vagina? Can I not make my own decisions about how I choose to give birth? If I decided to do my own car maintenance no one would blink an eye. But if I decide to do my own prenatal care and birth at home I am an unfit mother? that's tricknology. Neither of my parents was not born in a hospital. Nothing was wrong with them. Yes women died during childbirth then, but they die now in childbirth now. So what's the deal?

Is it because the government is in bed with the doctors? Did AMA lobbyists force the government to pass laws restricting such a natural right? Think about this; I?m grown, yet I didn?t get a social security number until I needed it. I was 8 my brother was 16. Mommie was big on getting things together instead of making 2 trips. Before that, all my mother needed to claim us on her taxes was names and dates of birth. Now mothers need these kids' socials to get tax money back. That's stinks of government intervention to me.

Did you know that there are some states that do not allow a midwife to attend a birth? I did because I live in one. They don't say that I cannot birth a child at home, just if I choose to do so I'm on my own. Follow me now... To get a birth certificate for said child (you don't want him deported now do you, and the little ooger has to get a job eventually) you have to 1st prove that you were in fact pregnant (I guess pictures and a newborn aren't enough) via a signature from a doctor or midwife (so you cannot get passed a doctor), as well as an notarized affidavit with all the details. Oh! Child services has to come out and make a visit because if you birthed a child at home because clearly your parental fitness is in question. WTF?

I had a student once who claimed she didn't know she was pregnant until 5 minutes before the little devil was birthed into her own hands. When the paramedics got there and saw this messy baby still attached via cord and its mother was all she needed. They took them to the hospital to be seen by doctors, get all indoctrinated and felt up. This is fine with the government. She had no prenatal care, drank and smoked weed the whole time. But this is a fit mother. SMH.

Now I have not had the privilege of birthing a child. But it looks like one of the most natural things you can do. I have a medical background. I can and have read with a discerning eye. Labor and birth will happen regardless of the intervention. Most animals birth progeny without all the hollering and screaming (Pandas scream). If a woman just lay on the bed and didn't move, didn't push, nothing... that baby would slither out on its own. And if it doesn't, it kills mother and child. This may sound off the cuff, but that is natural selection simple and sweet. There might not be need for all this intervention if the women with deformed pelvises died out or didn't reproduce. Not Eugenics y'all but a natural weeding out process. Survival of the fittest. It would be eugenics if someone manipulated nature. I don't know... Like hospitals!

One of things I find interesting is that women who regularly choose to give birth at home are indigenous populations. They actively choose not to go to a hospital because of the poor treatment they receive there. They have their own traditions and customs. Yes more women who go to hospitals leave on their feet holding babies, but they are insulted sometimes tied down, kept away from their families and possibly surgically altered. Also women who birth in hospitals generally have less children. Hmmmm?. Wonder why this is? With all that hospital intervention, one could come down with an iatrogenic infection. Often times hospital will surgically neuter poor women by confusing them and gaining consent in the throes of contractions. Yo! I don't trust people like that.

If and when the time comes that I get to add on to the Universe, you can best believe it will be in the bosom of my loved ones. The old ways are the tried and true ways. What happens if a nuclear bomb or a asteroid hits the planet. How will the survivors reproduce?

I'm going to give you some fuel for your outrage. Take care of yourselves and your own people.


PS: Don't worry. I'm a vegetarian. I won't be eating my placenta. Even freeze dried. Hey! what do hospitals do with the placenta anyway?

What and How this Earth was Made.....

I come from a family of preachers (men) and evangelists (women). My people love Jesus. A lot. They do not understand how I turn my back and walk away from their faith. Let me tell you what and how this Earth was made...

I bought into all the religiousness of my people. I went to church whenever church opened. I fasted, I prayed, I sang, I tithed, I traveled. I read the Bible cover to cover. Could quote all kinds of scripture. I never 'caught' the Holy Ghost, but I have run through a church or two. Religion governed every aspect of my life. That's how it's supposed to work. But religion didn't keep its promises.

The promises of religion, and I am speaking, right now, of Christianity, is that if you follow the rules, God is supposed to bless you. But when trials and adversity come, somehow it is the 'believers' fault. Does that sound fair to you? All the good comes from God, but the bad is due to some fault in me, or maybe the devil is being busy. Hmmm... Yeah....

I kept up my end of the bargain.

I went to Catholic and Christian schools for my pre-college education. My mother thought it was important for me to always be immersed in Christianity at all times. When I hear people complain that there is no prayer in schools anymore, I have no frame of reference. I used to pray all the time in school. Rosaries, devotions, masses, stations of the cross. My mother used to ask me to explain things to her regarding the Bible and the hows and whys since I was getting a formal religious education. It was impressed upon me not only the importance of worship, but the importance of good form while worshipping. Our Religion grade would suffer if we were sloppy with the rosary, or misbehaved in mass. Think about this... If you fail religion, there is no summer school for that. The diocese of Paterson did not teach summer school. If you had to go to summer school, you had to attend one of the public ones. Public schools don't teach religion. Therefore; if you failed religion, you got left back. And trust me, It happened and still does.

Catholic school taught different dogma than I received in church. I would ply my school teachers with questions, my Sunday school teachers with questions, the preacher with questions, and my mother with questions until they were sick of me, Then I learned the value in keeping my own counsel. The information was contradictory. Why did the Catholic Bible have 72 books versus my Bible that had 66? Why did the nuns tell me not to read the Bible and my pastor said read it all day everyday? Why did I have to get dressed for church and be in there all day on Sunday while them Catholics could go to any number of services, be in and out of there in 30 minutes WITH communion and wear whatever they wanted, even shorts? Why was I told by my pastor to stay away from alcohol, but them priest drank and smoked? The priests didn't appear to be more holy than the average Joe. I would read books but the confusion continued.

I, finally, had a teacher (he was a priest) in high school that said I needed to look inward to make up my own mind. This priest taught us not to just accept what we were being told but to question everything. In the end all answers lead back to God. He even said that other religions weren't all wrong, and that we could learn something from all faiths. That there was a kernal of truth in all religions. That was completely different from what I got on Sunday. If you weren't a Christian? a Methodist Christian, you were doomed to go to hell. Thank you Father Bradley. That was good advice, although very self-serving on his part. Later I found that he was sort of a half priest. He had an apartment and possessions and he didn?t live in a monastery. I guess he took the obedience and chastity vow but not the poverty one.

With Father Bradley's advice on cap, I started looking at all folks' belief systems. My step-father's people were Jehovah's Witnesses. Mommie would only allow us to talk to his folks. Everyone else would get chased away. Why chase them away? Weren't they also spreading the good news? I lived very close to a synagogue. They used to have activities for neighborhood children and I would go and have a good time. They liked me because I knew more religion than the public school kids. I would win all the prizes. I had a friend whose people were practicing pagans. They were Hispanic/latino/whatever the pc term is. It was kinda like Santeria, kinda not. I was invited to attend their rituals and celebrations. That was fun too. And my own people... these preachers and evangelists... practiced some kind of conjure-rootwork. I didn't realize everyone didn't do this but I was cognizant of not telling folks. Because according to my mother, what happens in our home is our business and she heard anything got out she knew it was one of us telling and she would kick our little Black asses. Mommie is so sweet, is she not?

You know a lot of Gods and Earths who don't understand the lure of religion, don't have a lot of experience with it. Some aspects are actually a lot of fun and make you feel good. I describe it as an 'emotional orgasm.' ever notice it's mostly women who get 'slain in the spirit'? If it was all miserable then folks wouldn't do it. People know that smoking is bad for you and will probably kill you. I mean the companies put it on the box. But that doesn't stop people from lighting up.

So what did I do with all this mishmash of faith and belief? I finally let it go. It took a minute but I have come to learn it doesn't matter what it is, if it's a belief in a mystery god you will be disappointed every time. And you know why? Because it is not real! It can do nothing for you.

When I was a good Christian, I did everything I was supposed to do. But when my late husband, father, brother-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and grandmother became ill, all the praying fasting, tithing, missionary work did nothing to save their lives. I begged he mystery god and so did they. Nothing. And every person that came to me with, "It was God's will" ducked a bullet big time. Why would not 'God' spare my family's life? They were all good people. Good Christians who followed all the rules. Because s/he/it doesn't exist; therefore it has no power. I have been sick, broke, have had all kinds of wants and desires that didn't materialize. I bet you have too. And no mystery god ever rode up on a horse or in an Escalade with the hook up. You know why don't you?

Think about it... If these mystery gods are as all powerful as is claimed by the 10% then really we shouldn?t have to work or do anything. God should provide food, clothing and shelter for us all the days in our lives. But instead we bust our asses, to provide for self and our families and give the credit to the mystery god. Crazy.

Now if you NEED religion to be a good person, then by all means work it like a part time job. If you need the threat of divine retribution to keep you from being savage, do it. If you need a book tell you that you are supposed to help the less fortunate, then read it. If you need a list of rules to keep you from cheating and beating on your wife, jump on them. But if you can do right and be right without any external influence then we can have a conversation.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Knowledge your Equality

I was riding the bus this morning with a friend of mine who was complaining about his son's lack of street smarts. He says that his 20 year old son makes a lot of careless errors. And has him (father) questioning the son's maturity. He says his son has not gotten his driver's license yet and leaves his cell and wallet around indiscriminately. The son takes chances that he would prefer him not to, like taking rides from strangers and walking these dark Georgia roads at night. Real talk y'all: there are no street lights along the road from the bus stop to his front door. The whole time he was speaking to me I was thinking about today's Supreme Mathematics of Knowledge Equality abbt God. This is a youngster who has yet to Knowledge his own Equality.

The 28:40 degrees speaks that Yacub's followers would marry by age 16. 16 is the age of consent for sex with other minors. 16 is the age that children here can get their driver's licenses in a lot of states. 16 is the age where churches want you to either join or request baptism. 16 is the age where a lot of Gods and Earths expect there children to made a decision about whether they plan to live our Culture. 16 is a very important age. It is at this age you have completed your mental dependence on your parents and now you must stand on your own square. You are leaving one Cipher and entering another. It is the age where you claim your birth right as God or Earth by acknowledging your own Equality.

It seems now a days that there is an epidemic of children who mange to make it to adulthood with little or no maturity. Who shall I blame? Society? Schools? Parents? The economy? The answer is a little of everybody. Polite society sends the message that the world is too hard and too violent for parents to send their children into. And it might be, but this is the world that these children will have to live in. It was different for us than it was for our parents. And so will it be different for our seeds. But just because it frightens us does not mean that we have the authority to handicap our children.

Schools have removed all accountability from children?s shoulders. If a child fails, it's not them who failed it was the teacher, school district or parent. No child left behind is a joke. Some children need to be left behind. Failure may be painful, but it teaches valuable lessons. These children reach maturity after having been taught the whole time they are in school that the world will be concerned about them, and get disillusioned with reality. This is how snipers are born. When you are grown there is no one to blame or who cares.

Yes this economy is not good for young people to go out into the world, but they have to learn how to maneuver ir sometime. My best friend while growing up had a mother who did absolutely everything for her. She never did a lick of housework, never had to work, never had to walk to school, never cooked, couldn't fight, couldn't do her own hair, couldn't do anything. I was jealous of her and was not shy about telling my mother. My mother told me I was going to be more prepared for the future than she was. And my mother was right. My friend's mother died as soon as she graduated from college. My friend snapped and went a little psycho. She didn't even know how to write a check or that the due date on bills is not just a suggestion. Her mother had planned and paid for her own funeral. Even left the dress and wig at the funeral home and picked out her own casket, bought her own plot and wrote her own obituary. All my friend had to do was show up. To this day, this chick is sketchy. There is a whole lot that she has had to learn late. All the rest of us know how to do xyz and she is still working on lmnop. She has latched on tight to a man that does a lot for her. And she is frightened that he will leave her. I suspect her fear is not him leaving her because he no longer loves her, but that she still doesn't know how to manage her affairs well.

So what do we do? The mission doesn't change. Through the process of civilization will teach these children to think for themselves. And we as the parents have to be better with giving our children no only privileges but responsibilities. It is better that they learn gradually how the world is rather than being all slapped upside the head by reality at once.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Knowledge the Cipher

This is the 1st time in a LOOOOOOONG time that I am not observing Lent. I stopped being a Christian about 3 or so years ago(it’s funny that I can’t really even remember it like that and it used to be so very important to me). But I have observed Lent annually since I was a freshman in high school. When I started studying other modalities I came to learn that the Asiatic and a lot of other calendars started their years with the spring equinox. That is usually around Easter/Passover. Easter is actually the 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon after the spring equinox. So I kept doing Lent because I wanted to cleanse for the New Year. This year, I gave it no consideration. It didn’t even register on my radar. I realized last week that it was the Lenten season. A patient came into the office talking loudly about his upcoming bornday of March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day always falls within the Lenten season and that’s what made me check the calendars. So I missed my normal entry. Oh well…

Last year the God hipped me to the concept of “Raising the Rod.” He was very ‘bout it last year. Last year I just observed him, since I had already performed my 3 week juice fast for the Asiatic New Year. So I have decided to join him for the month of May. I actually think that is a very good decision (though it’s not really a decision but a consequence at this point) because I hate fasting when the weather is cold and this is something we can do as a family.

So… not paying attention to the cipher has caused me to draw closer to my God and my Nation… I deserve that Justice. Teehee.


Monday, March 1, 2010

One of my favorites....

The God asked me in December, which degree in 120 did I like the most. I answered 37 and 38:40. I equally like those degrees for different reasons. Depending on the day you ask, you are liable to get one or the other. And it is the truth. I love both. But for a long time, my favorite degree was 1:40. Probably because I hadn’t really put those last degrees tightly on cap of the 1-40 since I had to go all the way back to Knowledge for someone. Yeah… I still ain’t over that. But I suppose it was circumferential necessity.

The reason I like the 1:40 so much is because it says a lot abut the God-Earth dynamic. “Who made the Holy Koran and Bible?” The original Black man who is Allah, Supreme Being, Blackman of Asia, the all Wise man from the east, made, not wrote, history. A lot of folks want to say T.H.E.M. was uneducated with his word play and didn’t know better. But if you do the Knowledge to a lot of what he said, it’s right and exact. Devils wrote the history down, but they have only been on this planet 6096 years; therefore, they could not have made what we call ‘history’. And what they wrote down was wrong. But what do you expect? They are devils and people will always strive to either make themselves look good or make themselves look like martyrs. The word ‘martyr’ probably comes from their own trick-know-logical language. I see no value in becoming a martyr.

“The Earth is the home to Islam.” Yet another reason why I like this degree set. This degree set is very in tune with the Earth and her measurements. That statement can be taken so many different ways. I cee home as defined as a fixed residence for a family or household. The 14:14 describes all kinds of duties designed for women and girls to maintain this Culture. “Keep a home” is one of them. So The Earth is the Home to Islam, to me says, (queue the Luther) that a house is not a home if the Earth isn’t there. If there is no Earth, the God/Sun has no home. No circumference to match his history. Sweet…..

“And when his history lasts for 25,000 years, he renews it for another 25,000.” It is so easy for Gods and Earths to renew their histories together because they are based on one another. The God’s history versus the Earth’s circumference. All the God has to do to renew at the end of a cycle is to take 1 step. Since the God is the Supreme Being, he is the one to take the initiative. Circumference means circle. When you come to the end point on a circle (if you can find it), you just take another step to start all over again. As opposed to finding another planet and having to terra-form all over again.

I’m not sure if the God remembers this, but the 1st thing I said to him when I picked him up from the airport, after I stopped being cross with him for not recognizing me (church hat indeed!), was “Welcome home.”

See? That’s a beautiful degree….