Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Knowledge your Equality

I was riding the bus this morning with a friend of mine who was complaining about his son's lack of street smarts. He says that his 20 year old son makes a lot of careless errors. And has him (father) questioning the son's maturity. He says his son has not gotten his driver's license yet and leaves his cell and wallet around indiscriminately. The son takes chances that he would prefer him not to, like taking rides from strangers and walking these dark Georgia roads at night. Real talk y'all: there are no street lights along the road from the bus stop to his front door. The whole time he was speaking to me I was thinking about today's Supreme Mathematics of Knowledge Equality abbt God. This is a youngster who has yet to Knowledge his own Equality.

The 28:40 degrees speaks that Yacub's followers would marry by age 16. 16 is the age of consent for sex with other minors. 16 is the age that children here can get their driver's licenses in a lot of states. 16 is the age where churches want you to either join or request baptism. 16 is the age where a lot of Gods and Earths expect there children to made a decision about whether they plan to live our Culture. 16 is a very important age. It is at this age you have completed your mental dependence on your parents and now you must stand on your own square. You are leaving one Cipher and entering another. It is the age where you claim your birth right as God or Earth by acknowledging your own Equality.

It seems now a days that there is an epidemic of children who mange to make it to adulthood with little or no maturity. Who shall I blame? Society? Schools? Parents? The economy? The answer is a little of everybody. Polite society sends the message that the world is too hard and too violent for parents to send their children into. And it might be, but this is the world that these children will have to live in. It was different for us than it was for our parents. And so will it be different for our seeds. But just because it frightens us does not mean that we have the authority to handicap our children.

Schools have removed all accountability from children?s shoulders. If a child fails, it's not them who failed it was the teacher, school district or parent. No child left behind is a joke. Some children need to be left behind. Failure may be painful, but it teaches valuable lessons. These children reach maturity after having been taught the whole time they are in school that the world will be concerned about them, and get disillusioned with reality. This is how snipers are born. When you are grown there is no one to blame or who cares.

Yes this economy is not good for young people to go out into the world, but they have to learn how to maneuver ir sometime. My best friend while growing up had a mother who did absolutely everything for her. She never did a lick of housework, never had to work, never had to walk to school, never cooked, couldn't fight, couldn't do her own hair, couldn't do anything. I was jealous of her and was not shy about telling my mother. My mother told me I was going to be more prepared for the future than she was. And my mother was right. My friend's mother died as soon as she graduated from college. My friend snapped and went a little psycho. She didn't even know how to write a check or that the due date on bills is not just a suggestion. Her mother had planned and paid for her own funeral. Even left the dress and wig at the funeral home and picked out her own casket, bought her own plot and wrote her own obituary. All my friend had to do was show up. To this day, this chick is sketchy. There is a whole lot that she has had to learn late. All the rest of us know how to do xyz and she is still working on lmnop. She has latched on tight to a man that does a lot for her. And she is frightened that he will leave her. I suspect her fear is not him leaving her because he no longer loves her, but that she still doesn't know how to manage her affairs well.

So what do we do? The mission doesn't change. Through the process of civilization will teach these children to think for themselves. And we as the parents have to be better with giving our children no only privileges but responsibilities. It is better that they learn gradually how the world is rather than being all slapped upside the head by reality at once.