Monday, March 1, 2010

One of my favorites....

The God asked me in December, which degree in 120 did I like the most. I answered 37 and 38:40. I equally like those degrees for different reasons. Depending on the day you ask, you are liable to get one or the other. And it is the truth. I love both. But for a long time, my favorite degree was 1:40. Probably because I hadn’t really put those last degrees tightly on cap of the 1-40 since I had to go all the way back to Knowledge for someone. Yeah… I still ain’t over that. But I suppose it was circumferential necessity.

The reason I like the 1:40 so much is because it says a lot abut the God-Earth dynamic. “Who made the Holy Koran and Bible?” The original Black man who is Allah, Supreme Being, Blackman of Asia, the all Wise man from the east, made, not wrote, history. A lot of folks want to say T.H.E.M. was uneducated with his word play and didn’t know better. But if you do the Knowledge to a lot of what he said, it’s right and exact. Devils wrote the history down, but they have only been on this planet 6096 years; therefore, they could not have made what we call ‘history’. And what they wrote down was wrong. But what do you expect? They are devils and people will always strive to either make themselves look good or make themselves look like martyrs. The word ‘martyr’ probably comes from their own trick-know-logical language. I see no value in becoming a martyr.

“The Earth is the home to Islam.” Yet another reason why I like this degree set. This degree set is very in tune with the Earth and her measurements. That statement can be taken so many different ways. I cee home as defined as a fixed residence for a family or household. The 14:14 describes all kinds of duties designed for women and girls to maintain this Culture. “Keep a home” is one of them. So The Earth is the Home to Islam, to me says, (queue the Luther) that a house is not a home if the Earth isn’t there. If there is no Earth, the God/Sun has no home. No circumference to match his history. Sweet…..

“And when his history lasts for 25,000 years, he renews it for another 25,000.” It is so easy for Gods and Earths to renew their histories together because they are based on one another. The God’s history versus the Earth’s circumference. All the God has to do to renew at the end of a cycle is to take 1 step. Since the God is the Supreme Being, he is the one to take the initiative. Circumference means circle. When you come to the end point on a circle (if you can find it), you just take another step to start all over again. As opposed to finding another planet and having to terra-form all over again.

I’m not sure if the God remembers this, but the 1st thing I said to him when I picked him up from the airport, after I stopped being cross with him for not recognizing me (church hat indeed!), was “Welcome home.”

See? That’s a beautiful degree….



Precise said...

Yes, I remember. :D