Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grafting from the Blackman

T.H.E.M.'s book, The True History of MFM, made a comment that I found relevant to today's degree in "the meat". It refers to the Blackman's possession of a brown germ. I know that degree 30:40 is not today's but follow me. I promise you I'm going there.

The book goes on to say the reason that grafting was even possible is because the Blackman has possession of a Black and a Brown gene. The Black gene is perfect but the brown gene is faulty. Had the Black man had 2 Black genes then the devil would not exist. The brown gene brought the possibility of making devil. Hmmmm.....

This is how I equate this gene with the 25:40... This faulty gene demonstrates the Equality of free will in 2 Ciphers. We are given 2 Ciphers to choose from. Righteousness and foolishness. This gives us Equality in making choices. Yacub made it his life's work to choose the foolish Cipher. We can make that same choice or we can choose to be righteous. The devil was taken and still takes form the Original Nation. But that scale is still balanced because we have the ability to cease and desist. We don't realize how much Power we have. We can Shut it down as soon as we realize it. Allah is God. Always has been always will be.



BSMALLAH said...

Peace Serenity! It's not that the Brown germ was/is faulty...when Yahub 'seperated' it from the Black germ, that's when the problem arose cause it no longer had the Black germ to keep in check. Peace...thas my 3!