Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taking Back Jerusalem

Today's Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Understanding abbt to Power. Today's Supreme Alphabet is Wisdom. I cee Wisdom in this Build, as emotions, Understanding as a clear picture drawn up in one's mind and Power as ability (active and dormant).

People have to be control of their own emotions in order to maintain their own Power.

Every one falls victim to emotions. You come home and find your home burned to the ground, some emotion will fall out. You stand on the grave of a dear loved one some emotion will spill forth. You see your baby win a gold medal in the olympics or score a doctorate degree... Yes there will be emotions. Emotions are within every one. But we do not need to lend our emotions out and become manipulated by them. That's handing over your Power to someone other than self. And we know that to be wrong.

Folks famous for being all touchy feely with our emotions are.... clergy, consosrts, children, opponents, etc. The reason why folks run all through the sanctuary and give money they know they cannot afford or agree to spend all fo their free time doing the "Lord's Will" is because a charismatic person (usually a man) has gotten up higher than every one else and plucked the emotion strings. Children will get your last dollar for something frivolous because they know how to play the same tune. Bosses will make you feel guilty about leaving at your appointed departure time or have you miss luch or breaks because we hand them over the Power to do it. Your lover will have you sweating over a hot stove making some technique sensative dinner just because he has a taste for it. And that chick at your job knows just what to say or even look at you for you to be looking around trying to decide wht to shank her with.

Externals hold sway over folks emotions. I freely admit this happens to me sometimes. I worry about money, if I will lose my job today, what the God is doing at work, if I'm a good daughter, have I done enough for the people in Haiti, and the list goes on. But there comes a point when you have to shout "ENOUGH!!!" and mean it. Some folks say the solution is to shut down all emotion. Well I disagree with that. Some emotion is very satisfying. Like the feeling you get when you awake in the arms of the person who loves you. Or when you hear children playing and having a good time. No, the answer is not avoiding all emotion. I'm grown. I say reclaim ownership of said emotions. That way you can pull them out and use them to your advantage rather than allow others to manipulate you.