Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to be Devil Free!

Peace Y'all!!!!

I have been having issues with the devil infiltrationg the borders of my queendom. I know. It's been annoying. These devils have been very very sneaky and efficient, coming at me in a warm current and putting on the full armor of God. But as always, I turned to Supreme Math and Alphabet and120 for my answers.

One of the things that I have noticed about SM and SA vs. 120 is that SM and SA do not make any references to the devil. Folks like to say that the Devils number is '6', but my SM says Equality. And the SA equates 'D" with Divine and 6 corresponds with the attribute 'Father.' But 120 is loooooaded with devil references. I draw that up a few ways. Since SM is the foundation that is followed by SA, that means there is no devil in my foundation. He/She came along after the foundation had already been laid.

The very 1st degree of 120 which is 1:10... and all G's and E's agree and have this as the 1st degree... there is no mention of the devil. Only the Original man and his Earth. So as far as the devil is concerned, s/he is secondary. But just because they are secondary does not mean they aren't problematic.

I have noticed that when you examine these devil degrees there is two kinds of references. Information on how to spot said devils, information on how to prevent them from becoming problematic and finally, information on how to dispense with them. AND.... There is more information on identification and prevention than dispensing. Let's dance, shall we?

2:10 is the 1st devil degree. It tells us who devils are and/or what they look like. (I'm not going in order either) 4:10 lets us know they aren't a civilized nation, just a people. 1,3:14 lets us know they reside on the poor part of the planet Earth. 10:14 tells us they are sneaky and snake like, reptilian if you will. 2:14 tells us they are so savage, that even the hybrids are savage. 4:14 the make trouble amongst Original people, and that they have been taught to lie, steal and master us. 8,9:14 lets us know they are personally filthy and messy and need to clean themselves up. 1:14, 32:40 tells us they are mentally and physically weak and wicked. 33:40 Lets us know they are weak from their root and and 34:40 tells us they are incouragible. I probably missed a degree or two. You can feel free to add on. We family. (And if we not... I'll let you know) There is no reason why we shouldn't readily be able to identify devils when they approach.

The next category 120 gives us (my perspective) is preventative measures. 16:40 lets us know that we need to dispel foolishness by teaching truth. 2 & 33:36 and 11:40 tell me not to depend on others to help. That I need to be willing to walk and work all by my self. 9:40 says not to take anything on face value. 28:36 and 7:14 says don't fall for the okeydoke. They will lie to you and about you to get what they want. 10:40 says drop the mystery god. 25:40 lets me know that I can't be fooled once I stop being illerate (6:14). 4:10 tells me that they come in numbers and I gotta dispence with them in such- 10:14.

Well. Now that I got all this information on board, and I can identify and cee these devils for who and what they are, It's clobbering time! (Come on, I can't be the only person who watched the Fantastic 4!) B.U.T.... there is less erradication information. Hmmmm..... Why is that? I'm assuming because if we bud-nip these infidels then we shouldn't have need for a bunch of erradiction methods.

1. Don't deal in their cipher
35:40 lets me know they have expired. I don't fool with expired produce. It's no good for me and could possible harm me. I ain't fooling with no expired individuals. It can only do me harm.

2. Don't offer assistance
2.34:40 tells me... me... that there is no point in trying to civilize the devil. Folks have tried and were unsucessful. I ain't no prophet. Plus I can't care that much.

3. If they get in, give them the business so they run the fuck out. i.e.... take them off to hell
10:14 says kill them, all of them. 39:40 says send them to hell; but first, I must prepare (fast) for it and build with the righteous Original people (pray).

So what am I to do with this interloper that has made it's way onto my planet? I have already put that plan in motion. I do not share social equality with said devil. I ignore and have no dealings with them. And if they persist, I am prepared to bring the wrath of hell on them. And in the future, I gotta be more careful!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Duty of a Civilized Person

Peace Y'all,

I have a dear friend that I have reconnected with after like 20ish years. She and I grew up together. There was one house that separated us. I don't ever remember meeting this friend. One of the reasons we grew apart is because she had a God that moved her to his direction in a way that excluded her non-righteous friends. I too at the time had a god (notice the lower 'g') that did the same thing to me. But I got out of that situation by going away to college. My friend walked her situation until she arrived at the predictable destination of 'over'. And of course she had a seed.

This morning I was wondering, since she had been so hardcore with her Earthdom back in the day (me, not so much), if she had taught her Sun anything regarding our culture? Now be mindful, she and the 7 broke up either right before or right after the child was born. Her answer was initially she tried to teach her Sun Supreme Math and the Enlightener.

Don't go judging the Queen. We old. Back in the 80's this Nation was a different genre. Women weren't expected to Knowledge 120. Hell we weren't even encouraged to learn. At least that was my experience (you gotta qualify that for people). She was taught Supreme Math and Alphabet and the Enlightener. She didn't even get a true name. She was called 'Queen' since her bornday fell on the 17th. SMH. That actually is kind of funny. (I didn't get a name either. god called me Angel which is my name... sort of. And I only got math) And since that's all she had, that's all she could teach to her Sun. She did her duty.

Now as the story continues... No God would touch her with a 10 foot dick after she broke up with her original God. You know what happened... She got born again and had other children. She went to church, so the children went with her. Her Sun, who has a clearly righteous name, became a Christian with his family. His father took him to maybe 2 rallies (as per the mother). She said he said he wouldn't be still at the rallies. Babies aren't still at church services either. It's a baby thing.

Superficially, blame could be placed at her feet. Superficially. I suppose she could have found another God if she truly wanted to stay in this Nation who would teach her and her seed. We lived close enough to Mecca for her to get it if she wanted it bad enough. But y'all know how that goes. I'm still wondering why did not the seed's own father teach him? He still rests in northern NJ. Does not the Knowledge Build degree of the 1-40 ask what is the duty of a civilized person? Since we know, does that mean our children are born knowing? Her God is well known and respected in the city that we grew up in. He has taught loads of G's and E's.... But not his own Sun? That does not sound right and exact to me.

Do you know why religion has the numbers it has? Because they focus on families. Not just individuals, but everyone. Everyone gets to know about the mystery god in all his incarnations and everyone is included. When families get involved it becomes a generational thing. You have people who participate in religion for no other reason other than that's what they have always done. They go to the same churches that their great grandparents went to and said great grandparents are buried in back of the church. I'm not sure how Muslims do, but Jews don't proselytize. They increase their numbers literally making new Jews. Here in Atlanta the Megafest has to be held in the same arena were the Falcons play. Standing room only, because stuttering T. D Jakes called them here on their own dime. And those are only a few Black Christians. So why is Allah's 5% NGE coming up short? We say we are about the babies but are we really?

We teach babies are the greatest. Can't go to a rally, Parliament, Earth Cipher, Seed Cipher, 120 Class, Civilization Class, whatever and not hear that from everyone present. So why is it a challenge for God's to teach their children. Yes, I'm putting this squarely in the God's court. Women teach their children what they have. If you don't teach your woman anything, then you bounce how is she expected to teach your children the what and hows of this culture. Chances are, said Gods leave a bitter taste in the woman's mouth and she wants nothing to do with us.

Precise was telling me about a God who's daughter he met while working who had very little information on our culture which is her birth right. These aren't isolated cases. I know lots of former Earths who have children by current Gods. And the children have little to no information on how we do. All they can say is my mother and I never got into that.

Most of the Earths I currently come in contact with either have 120 or are striving to get it. I do build with one or two who seem to be sorta on the fence about 120 about it but still are actively adding on... sorta. And most of the Gods I come in contact with, to my knowledge, don't seem to be the type of God to hold out. You never know, though. But I don't get why a God would not want their woman to knowledge 120. Not talking about women who don't want to add on. But I'm speaking about women who get denied 120 on purpose.

If me and the God had children and he left us, I'd be comfortable raising our children in this culture. I met him in this Nation. It's not like he brought me here like the trader. I'd make sure they knew what I know and lived like I live. Like Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc. mothers do. Although I'm certain he'd take the initiative to teach his own children.

So why are we doing all this converting? Meaning why are we primarily bringing KOS to people outside of our Nation. Should not the primary focus be raising our own children within this culture? I don't care that you have taught 100+ people if your biological children don't know Supreme Mathematics. Why are we allowing these babies to be solely influenced by something else? In 40+ years seems like Harriet Tubman should be bursting from the seems with all the people wedged in there on the 2nd Sunday of June.

And yes I'm calling out the Gods, but I recognize that not all Gods are faulty. There a lot of Gods that proudly give this culture to their children. I've seen babies that are too young to pronounce their own names still greet me with Peace. But a lot don't. It's them Gods I'm calling out. And don't do the hit dog will holler thing. Just go to where ever your children and do your duty.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I rub people the wrong way. I know this. I don't care. Let me tell you why....

When people first meet me, I seem aloof. I make no apologies for that. In the past, coming in a warm current has never served my needs. In fact it often produces an outcome that is undesirable to me and possibly dangerous. I have learned through my experience to approach new ciphers and individuals with caution. So I do.

The problem that stems form this method is people will bristle when they meet me. Okay. I own that. Now you could assume that I have no friends. It would be an incorrect assumption. I don't have many friends, but I have good ones. The friends I have, decided to delve past the surface layer and learn me for my own self. And what is my own self? I'm a nice person. I am not an emotionally frivolous person and I have little patience of foolishness. But still a good person. But you have to take the time to know me. I'm funny too; just like my Daddy!

Does this sound like I make people work to know me? I do. And people work to know all the people they share energy with. that way you never come up with the "I didn't know" face when those people turn out to be ax murders. But I reciprocate. I refuse to call a person my friend and I have not gotten all up in their mental mind. I need to know who and what I am dealing with.

I have an eclectic assortment of friends. They don't go together. And at parties it's awkward, but a friend is a person I would go all out for. Bailing them out of jail and still helping them flee the jurisdiction. I'll hand them the rock to throw through the window of whoever's house/car and give them an alibi to boot.

Friends know you and you know them. A few months back I was talking with an old and dear friend of mine and we were talking about me and the God's LDR. I was telling him how some people feel that, since he is the man, and has/had a more stable job, I should move to where he lives, since I grew up near there. My old friend was like, "Hell no. You don't like cold weather." I grinned from ear to ear. This is a friend that knows me.

I have a friend who is a hoe. I ain't talking shit about her. She will sleep with anything. But she is fiercely devoted to her children and raising them right despite her proclivities. And she has a wealth of information about a plethora of different mundane situations. She is my go-to person when I am having ordinary issues. Also she has a bunch of children and I can get a meal when I go over to her rest. I don't judge her for her actions (which is different from agreeing with them) and she knows around me she can just be herself and I won't try to change her. Its working for her.

See where I'm going with this? I know I come off aloof and abrasive. But that is for people who deal superficially. Most people who make the effort to learn me are pleasantly surprised. And lets be real, I do not lose time fooling around with people who have eyes but don't see, ears but don't hear, a mouth but doesn't say anything, or a heart that only moves blood around.


Show and Prove 2010

Peace Good People!

I had a great time at Show and Prove. Not so much at the function itself, but the whole weekend turned out to be pleasnat and productive. I got a chance to reconnect with one of my oldest friends and share in her insight of what it meant for her to be an Earth even though she isn't anymore. I got a clearer perspective of what the Nation looked like in the 80's from a woman's standpoint. That was cool. The 7 and I shared social equaility with my physical brother's family. I really enjoyed that. My nephew is sooooo cute! S&P was hot and I got a migraine but it is always good to see G's and E's from different walks of life come together in peace. Yet another paver was laid for mine and the God's future. And on the 15 hour drive home I had time to work out certain personal issues and make decisions with regard to my future. It was a productive weekend if I say so myself. I'm happy and in a good place.


Monday, June 7, 2010

1037 1/3 mph

One of interesting things I find about this degree in the 1-40 is that it doesn't mention "Earth" at all. All the preceding degrees ask about the "Planet Earth", yet this one does not. I see this to mean that women are all busy. Whether they are righteous or not.

I have seen women take on multitasking like it is some type of Olympic event. Eyes behind their heads, seemingly clairvoyant, knowing what their children are doing or about to do. I have seen women reach into the toilet to retrieve a child's lost toy or wipe an old man's shitty ass without flinching. Simultaneously cooking, cleaning , exercising what the hell ever.

There is a commercial for the military, I forget which branch, that says we do more before some damn time than most folks do all day. That is so freaking true for women. All women. You know this is true (1+0+3+7=11). Teehee.

I'm not ignoring the Gods on this the God day. Just saying there are multiple perspectives on the math. God is.... Always has been always will be. So God goes without saying. There is no Earth without the Sun. God is implied.

I want to shout out my sisters who always got something going on whether it be domestic, work or drama. Keep rotating on your own axis!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Refinement...... Again

Peace Family,

This is another one of them venting blogs. I find it interesting how people choose to insert their ideas and values on others. Here's what had happened....

I was building with a female friend of mine. (Her name is Antionette) We met at Whole Foods. We hadn't seen each other in a minute. She was only in town for a little while. She looked at the way I was dressed, 3/4th, in a matching dress and headwrap that I made my self, and shook her head. She said she thought it was depressing that I should be altering my appearance based on what a man thought.

This damn argument again? Really?

Okay... Once and for all. I don't do this for a man!

I asked my friend why she felt like this. Was there something I had said or done to lead her to believe that I was following some man's orders. She did a lot of backtracking. She knew me before I went under instruction. I asked her if I wore revealing clothes before. She said no. I asked her if I had an exhibitionistic type of nature. She said no. I asked her if I readily listened to other people. Again, she said no. then I asked her why she thought I did this for a man. She said, because your a Muslim and everyone knows that that's how Muslim's do. How can you argue with foolishness? It just makes me tired.

It kills me how someone will look at me and tell me, not ask, but tell me that I am a Muslim. When I correct them, they get confused and tell me Muslims double talk like that. It's frustrating. I have been call a Muslim, a conjurer, a Rastafarian and a number of other things.

Now I know that Our Nation is unfamiliar to a lot of the masses. Especially here in the south. We, me included, have to work to change that. But why is it so hard for people to accept that they haven't come across everything? A man came into the job asking me all manner of questions. I don't like to get into my culture like that with patients because in the Bible belt "folks is very close to they 'ligion." I have had patients quit the practice because I work here. Saying they will return when the heathen is gone. But this dude was persistent. I gave him some information (from that he could have gotten off the web himself and he went running with it. Now he tells me I'm a Nuwabian. SMH. His woman is mad at me because he was looking for a reason to stop going to church and I gave it to him. Now he's walking around saying "Peace God" to everyone. Too funny. And he won't this 5% teach him or even lead him to a real God for civilization counseling.

Back to the clothing issue, for the last few months I have been doing the Knowledge on indigenous people all over the planet Earth. I have found that most indigenous women cover most of their bodies. There are some exceptions, but most Original women all over observe 3/4th whether they realize it or not. It's what's most natural for us. In places where you find people walking around half dressed you also find temperatures of like 140* on the reg.

I just finished reading the book, Black Indians. It was very informative and had lots of pictures. Whenever the media portrays Native Americans, the men are shirtless and the women are wearing these tiny little outfits with fringing. That's bull. From the pics in the book as well as my Internet research on specific clothing of Native American tribes, they were always covered up. Head to toe. You would be hard pressed to find them with their arms out. My point is that the media is sticking pins in our head by telling us that our people are uncivilized savages and the proof of that is that they don't wear clothes. B.U.T. You can find pics of heavily pregnant colored people in bikinis? Y'all feeling me here?

Since my friend loves colored people so much and has adopted a lot of their ways and actions, I can see why she feels like I am limiting myself. Why should I not have the freedom to show my ass to everyone if I want to. My point is, I don't want to. Me. I don't want that for myself. And nobody ordered me to feel this way. But I find it annoying and aggravating that folks have such a hard time looking outside there self proclaimed boundaries.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Quitsies!

Peace Y'all,

Me and 'Cise was building about the demise of Al and Tipper Gore's relationship. I'm not one of those people who hangs on everything celebrities do, but the breakup seemed out of place to me. Political people tend to stay married unless one of the parties publicly fucks up. Then that is the "get out of jail free" card for the other party. Along with a book deal, all the family's assets and some nice jewelry. As Evana Trump once said, "Don't get mad. Get everything." But squeaky clean political couples tend to stay hitched because family and morals are what earns them their gold.

The God said that the problem must have been (conjecture since we don't personally know the Gores), they must not have been giving each other the proper affection. I'm being gentle in my choice of wording. Y'all know he got the screwface on that. But as I give it thought.... I am remembering a bit of advice my late mother-in-law gave me.

My late husband and I found an apartment right before we got married, and moved into it like 2 weeks before the wedding. His whole family helped us move into the apartment. It was a big party. Once we were done and my husband and his brothers were returning the trucks, I found myself alone with his mother and sisters. His mother said to me the best way to keep friendly relations between husband and wife is to make sure there is plenty of sex. That seemed strange and self serving for a woman to be giving her new daughter-in-law advice that would benefit her son. But I had to listen and consider the information because at the date of that koran, she and her husband had been happily married for 51 years.

My MIL said it doesn't matter whether I'm in the mood or not t the onset, once I'm in the moment I'll be in the mood. And a little sex never hurt anyone in marriage. Her daughters were sitting next to me all nodding their heads. I had no words. I'm not saying I took her advice. What I am saying is when I heard the same thing coming out the God's throat, I have to think there is more to the process. It's not like my MIL has returned from a physical death to possess Precise.

My mother used to warn me that having sex would make me sick because the man would rob me of all my energy and leave me to drained to be any use to anyone. She said women need the strength they get from holding out. My father used to tell me I don't have any business being that strong. Y'all can read in between the lines to know that my parents marriage ain't make it. It have witnessed that when you are physically involved with an individual if you're doing it right, essences of each other go back and forth. The man gets interested in sewing and the woman will watch a race. Taoism says as much. You have seen couples that laugh and giggle long past their honeymoon time and you have seen couples that should not be together because their natures aren't compatible but the sex it too good to leave it alone. The lure of the power U or the divine king is so intense they can't stop themselves. So maybe there is something to this sex your man/woman to death concept.

Maybe the Gores should try sexual counseling before they call it quits? They will have to make some changes.... Al is gonna have to lose some weight and become clean shaven. For a minute he looked like a bear. And Tipper is going to have to loosen up and channel her inner Beyonce. Tipper, embrace sexually explicit hip hop, It's soothing and educational.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Muslims, Bitches and Niggers

Damn! That title is inflammatory, is it not? It was meant to be to get your attention. Please read on.

As I was meditation on 120 during my morning walk I came across the term 'Muslim'. This is something me and Precise get into periodically. Discussing how I feel about that term and how it's defined and so forth. I've been to rallies or just imformal gatherings where Gods will build and use the term Muslim with bile and acid. I get it that when a lot of G's and E's use it, it's meant to be an insult. It's meant to imply a religious affiliation. My apologies. I just don't get hot like that for the word.

The Oxford dictionary on my desk, defines a Muslim as... a follower (another word folks dislike) of the religion revealed by Muhammad with Allah as God. Nice and neat definition. Some definitions read a follower of Islam. Clearly we, Allah's 5% Nation of Gods and Earths, are not a religion. That's on the front page. But the term Muslim is found with in our lessons and we say our Culture is Islam or Peace.

As a woman, I have affectionately used the term "Bitich" to joke and tease my female or gay male comrades. When I say it, they know I'm teasing. Women do that frequently. Also an Original person, I have used the term "Nigger" to joke and play with other Original people. There are arguments on both sides about whether this is an appropriate form of teasing.That ain't what this blog is about. But both women and Black people know that I am jesting because by referring to said people using said word maliciously, that would be calling my own self the same words. And I don't insult myself.

So where does that put me in the Muslim argument? I recognize that in the purest definitian fo the word that it does not apply. But when you consider who is using the word, what his mission was and the time that the degrees were written I see why T.H.E.M. used that particular term. It was important for the Nation he was building. When Allah left the mosque he did not remove the word "Muslim." He removed Skunk form the 1-10.... Or is that an urban legend?

I get it that if a rightoues person comes to me a mean an surly and calls me a... Muslim, I will know that I have been insulted. But that is applicable to people who come at me withthe same emotion and call me a bitch or a nigger. But just bandying the terms around in jest? Nothings. Stop letting words have power over you.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Decide or Agree

I'm done with my Master Allah Why fast and can now get back to this blog. I feel like I have neglected her in my quest to feel better. But better I do feel and now I can give my thoughts over to the Math....

I have stated before that I have 2 sets of degrees. I have the set of degrees that I was working with my 1st educator. And I have the set that I completed with Precise. (A predicament peculiar to Earths I suppose) I had completed the 1-40 before abandoning the 1st set to take Precise?s 120. Sometimes I get confused about the exactness of my degrees simply because I have more than 1 set rolling around in my dome. Where as most of it is the same, there are words here and there that don?t match.

I was at a rally waaaaaay back in March and I listened to a God build on 10:40 and 34:40 saying that those were the 2 only spots in 120 where it says we agreed. Of course my alarm went off. I was thinking the words were decided and not agreed. That screwed with me until I got be to the rest and checked both sets of degrees. The 1st set said ?decided? the second set said ?agreed?. Dilemma solved. But was it?

Since that rally, I have been pondering the difference between the 2 words. Agreed vs. decided. Oxford defines agreed as? to hold a similar opinion; consent; to be in harmony with others. I defines decided as? coming to a resolution if used as a verb. If used as an adverb it means unquestionable. Hmmm?? Interesting

If you agree it means that you are doing so with other people. If you decide you are doing this solo. Depending on the word that your degree has changes the entire flavor of said degrees.

I can see value in knowing who you are and having clarity in your Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding. But within this nation one must work with others. You cannot be in this solo; because our mission is resurrecting the 85% from a state of mental death. So there is merit in both words.

I still may be slightly salty that I had to redo 120, but since I?m done I can look past it. And the best part is, I have 2 different perspectives to consider.