Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to be Devil Free!

Peace Y'all!!!!

I have been having issues with the devil infiltrationg the borders of my queendom. I know. It's been annoying. These devils have been very very sneaky and efficient, coming at me in a warm current and putting on the full armor of God. But as always, I turned to Supreme Math and Alphabet and120 for my answers.

One of the things that I have noticed about SM and SA vs. 120 is that SM and SA do not make any references to the devil. Folks like to say that the Devils number is '6', but my SM says Equality. And the SA equates 'D" with Divine and 6 corresponds with the attribute 'Father.' But 120 is loooooaded with devil references. I draw that up a few ways. Since SM is the foundation that is followed by SA, that means there is no devil in my foundation. He/She came along after the foundation had already been laid.

The very 1st degree of 120 which is 1:10... and all G's and E's agree and have this as the 1st degree... there is no mention of the devil. Only the Original man and his Earth. So as far as the devil is concerned, s/he is secondary. But just because they are secondary does not mean they aren't problematic.

I have noticed that when you examine these devil degrees there is two kinds of references. Information on how to spot said devils, information on how to prevent them from becoming problematic and finally, information on how to dispense with them. AND.... There is more information on identification and prevention than dispensing. Let's dance, shall we?

2:10 is the 1st devil degree. It tells us who devils are and/or what they look like. (I'm not going in order either) 4:10 lets us know they aren't a civilized nation, just a people. 1,3:14 lets us know they reside on the poor part of the planet Earth. 10:14 tells us they are sneaky and snake like, reptilian if you will. 2:14 tells us they are so savage, that even the hybrids are savage. 4:14 the make trouble amongst Original people, and that they have been taught to lie, steal and master us. 8,9:14 lets us know they are personally filthy and messy and need to clean themselves up. 1:14, 32:40 tells us they are mentally and physically weak and wicked. 33:40 Lets us know they are weak from their root and and 34:40 tells us they are incouragible. I probably missed a degree or two. You can feel free to add on. We family. (And if we not... I'll let you know) There is no reason why we shouldn't readily be able to identify devils when they approach.

The next category 120 gives us (my perspective) is preventative measures. 16:40 lets us know that we need to dispel foolishness by teaching truth. 2 & 33:36 and 11:40 tell me not to depend on others to help. That I need to be willing to walk and work all by my self. 9:40 says not to take anything on face value. 28:36 and 7:14 says don't fall for the okeydoke. They will lie to you and about you to get what they want. 10:40 says drop the mystery god. 25:40 lets me know that I can't be fooled once I stop being illerate (6:14). 4:10 tells me that they come in numbers and I gotta dispence with them in such- 10:14.

Well. Now that I got all this information on board, and I can identify and cee these devils for who and what they are, It's clobbering time! (Come on, I can't be the only person who watched the Fantastic 4!) B.U.T.... there is less erradication information. Hmmmm..... Why is that? I'm assuming because if we bud-nip these infidels then we shouldn't have need for a bunch of erradiction methods.

1. Don't deal in their cipher
35:40 lets me know they have expired. I don't fool with expired produce. It's no good for me and could possible harm me. I ain't fooling with no expired individuals. It can only do me harm.

2. Don't offer assistance
2.34:40 tells me... me... that there is no point in trying to civilize the devil. Folks have tried and were unsucessful. I ain't no prophet. Plus I can't care that much.

3. If they get in, give them the business so they run the fuck out. i.e.... take them off to hell
10:14 says kill them, all of them. 39:40 says send them to hell; but first, I must prepare (fast) for it and build with the righteous Original people (pray).

So what am I to do with this interloper that has made it's way onto my planet? I have already put that plan in motion. I do not share social equality with said devil. I ignore and have no dealings with them. And if they persist, I am prepared to bring the wrath of hell on them. And in the future, I gotta be more careful!