Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Duty of a Civilized Person

Peace Y'all,

I have a dear friend that I have reconnected with after like 20ish years. She and I grew up together. There was one house that separated us. I don't ever remember meeting this friend. One of the reasons we grew apart is because she had a God that moved her to his direction in a way that excluded her non-righteous friends. I too at the time had a god (notice the lower 'g') that did the same thing to me. But I got out of that situation by going away to college. My friend walked her situation until she arrived at the predictable destination of 'over'. And of course she had a seed.

This morning I was wondering, since she had been so hardcore with her Earthdom back in the day (me, not so much), if she had taught her Sun anything regarding our culture? Now be mindful, she and the 7 broke up either right before or right after the child was born. Her answer was initially she tried to teach her Sun Supreme Math and the Enlightener.

Don't go judging the Queen. We old. Back in the 80's this Nation was a different genre. Women weren't expected to Knowledge 120. Hell we weren't even encouraged to learn. At least that was my experience (you gotta qualify that for people). She was taught Supreme Math and Alphabet and the Enlightener. She didn't even get a true name. She was called 'Queen' since her bornday fell on the 17th. SMH. That actually is kind of funny. (I didn't get a name either. god called me Angel which is my name... sort of. And I only got math) And since that's all she had, that's all she could teach to her Sun. She did her duty.

Now as the story continues... No God would touch her with a 10 foot dick after she broke up with her original God. You know what happened... She got born again and had other children. She went to church, so the children went with her. Her Sun, who has a clearly righteous name, became a Christian with his family. His father took him to maybe 2 rallies (as per the mother). She said he said he wouldn't be still at the rallies. Babies aren't still at church services either. It's a baby thing.

Superficially, blame could be placed at her feet. Superficially. I suppose she could have found another God if she truly wanted to stay in this Nation who would teach her and her seed. We lived close enough to Mecca for her to get it if she wanted it bad enough. But y'all know how that goes. I'm still wondering why did not the seed's own father teach him? He still rests in northern NJ. Does not the Knowledge Build degree of the 1-40 ask what is the duty of a civilized person? Since we know, does that mean our children are born knowing? Her God is well known and respected in the city that we grew up in. He has taught loads of G's and E's.... But not his own Sun? That does not sound right and exact to me.

Do you know why religion has the numbers it has? Because they focus on families. Not just individuals, but everyone. Everyone gets to know about the mystery god in all his incarnations and everyone is included. When families get involved it becomes a generational thing. You have people who participate in religion for no other reason other than that's what they have always done. They go to the same churches that their great grandparents went to and said great grandparents are buried in back of the church. I'm not sure how Muslims do, but Jews don't proselytize. They increase their numbers literally making new Jews. Here in Atlanta the Megafest has to be held in the same arena were the Falcons play. Standing room only, because stuttering T. D Jakes called them here on their own dime. And those are only a few Black Christians. So why is Allah's 5% NGE coming up short? We say we are about the babies but are we really?

We teach babies are the greatest. Can't go to a rally, Parliament, Earth Cipher, Seed Cipher, 120 Class, Civilization Class, whatever and not hear that from everyone present. So why is it a challenge for God's to teach their children. Yes, I'm putting this squarely in the God's court. Women teach their children what they have. If you don't teach your woman anything, then you bounce how is she expected to teach your children the what and hows of this culture. Chances are, said Gods leave a bitter taste in the woman's mouth and she wants nothing to do with us.

Precise was telling me about a God who's daughter he met while working who had very little information on our culture which is her birth right. These aren't isolated cases. I know lots of former Earths who have children by current Gods. And the children have little to no information on how we do. All they can say is my mother and I never got into that.

Most of the Earths I currently come in contact with either have 120 or are striving to get it. I do build with one or two who seem to be sorta on the fence about 120 about it but still are actively adding on... sorta. And most of the Gods I come in contact with, to my knowledge, don't seem to be the type of God to hold out. You never know, though. But I don't get why a God would not want their woman to knowledge 120. Not talking about women who don't want to add on. But I'm speaking about women who get denied 120 on purpose.

If me and the God had children and he left us, I'd be comfortable raising our children in this culture. I met him in this Nation. It's not like he brought me here like the trader. I'd make sure they knew what I know and lived like I live. Like Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc. mothers do. Although I'm certain he'd take the initiative to teach his own children.

So why are we doing all this converting? Meaning why are we primarily bringing KOS to people outside of our Nation. Should not the primary focus be raising our own children within this culture? I don't care that you have taught 100+ people if your biological children don't know Supreme Mathematics. Why are we allowing these babies to be solely influenced by something else? In 40+ years seems like Harriet Tubman should be bursting from the seems with all the people wedged in there on the 2nd Sunday of June.

And yes I'm calling out the Gods, but I recognize that not all Gods are faulty. There a lot of Gods that proudly give this culture to their children. I've seen babies that are too young to pronounce their own names still greet me with Peace. But a lot don't. It's them Gods I'm calling out. And don't do the hit dog will holler thing. Just go to where ever your children and do your duty.



I.G. said...

Peace, Valid points u bring up. Not knowing both sides of his/her stories as actual fact the question still arise as to Y the seed(s) doesn't have the knowledge. Unique scenario where both parents have KOS and seed(s) do not. The fault is laid at both their feet. Knowledge born degree speaks on the science of not perfoming one's duty. In short, and the same man/woman shall die in there own iniquity.Peace