Monday, June 7, 2010

1037 1/3 mph

One of interesting things I find about this degree in the 1-40 is that it doesn't mention "Earth" at all. All the preceding degrees ask about the "Planet Earth", yet this one does not. I see this to mean that women are all busy. Whether they are righteous or not.

I have seen women take on multitasking like it is some type of Olympic event. Eyes behind their heads, seemingly clairvoyant, knowing what their children are doing or about to do. I have seen women reach into the toilet to retrieve a child's lost toy or wipe an old man's shitty ass without flinching. Simultaneously cooking, cleaning , exercising what the hell ever.

There is a commercial for the military, I forget which branch, that says we do more before some damn time than most folks do all day. That is so freaking true for women. All women. You know this is true (1+0+3+7=11). Teehee.

I'm not ignoring the Gods on this the God day. Just saying there are multiple perspectives on the math. God is.... Always has been always will be. So God goes without saying. There is no Earth without the Sun. God is implied.

I want to shout out my sisters who always got something going on whether it be domestic, work or drama. Keep rotating on your own axis!